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Weekday Numbers (3/9/2020 - 3/12/2020)

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1 hour ago, Minnale101 said:

Rip onward 


reminder that good dinosaur first 5 days were 54 million 


onward at 42 million after 4 days 




5day Thanksgiving against normal weekend! No possible comparission.


Good Dinosaur 2nd weekend was 15.3M. Onward will easily outgross that, to around 20-24M. In fact, Onward will surely outgross Good Dinosaur. Not that finishing around 125M DOM would be great for the film.



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12 minutes ago, john2000 said:

true but 2018 had black panther holding strong and 2016 had zootopia

Again, hence his comment that early March is generally stronger. Better / Heaftier grossing films makes a difference. Last year with Cap Marvel being the only real outlier unless Easter happens wayyyy early in the calendar (and never 1st weekend of March). 

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4 minutes ago, narniadis said:

Spring Break effect being seen with that hold being better than -80%


Small benefit of the calendar when all else is meh right now 

wait so onward drop is normal ?

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6 minutes ago, john2000 said:

wait so onward drop is normal ?

Yes, take a look at the march calendar. Animated films typically drop over 80% during the school year so -76% is both "better" and indicative of the slight padding of spring break. 

Deadline reported the % of schools out earlier last week it was over 10% starting yesterday if I remember right. 

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