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Weekend Thread: Free Guy 28.4, Don't Breathe 10.6, Jungle Cruise 9, Respect 8.8, TSS 7.75

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On 8/15/2021 at 10:25 PM, RamblinRed said:

A someone who is not a comic book guy, this is sort of how I feel. The first trailer for Eternals was pretty meh.


Neither SC or Eternals has really caught my eye to this point. SC will definitely be a watch when it gets to streaming. Eternals, we'll see how the pandemic looks when it is coming out and whether the promotion gets any better for it, probably a maybe at best for me right now. Bond and Spider-Man two most likely films I might see assuming the COVID numbers are under control by then.


Also, just wanted to say how happy I am to see FG's numbers. The promos for that movie looked like alot of fun. I feel like that should have a good run in the theaters. 


TSS numbers have to be really disappointing for WB. With less than 25M in WW gross this weekend will it make it to 200M total? The promotion for that was not very good. From a distance I feel like the uber fans loved it, but everyone else was much more mixed.



Frankly I have no idea what people are mixed on about it. It's funny, entertaining, well-crafted, pretty well-written, and has enough heart not to become obnoxious. 


As far as the box office, another example of simultaneous strategies hurting more than helping studios, particularly WB. I think the $30 price for PA makes it so Disney films can still make money in theaters. But those going straight to HBO? Pfff. Only GvK made it to 100mil and that was due to "return to theaters" buzz among audiences. Conjuring 3 and Suicide Squad could've crossed the mark were it not for the MAX deal. And how many subs are they really adding per movie? Probably not many. 

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