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Purple Minion

Mexico Box Office | What do Spider Man, Shrek, Ice Age, Avatar, Toy Story, Coco and the Avengers have in common?

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2 hours ago, manny1234 said:

What will that mean for Incredibles 2 run in Mexico since it is those two genres combined into that movie?

I'm really curious about it. I've said before around here that besides Toy Story is the best aged animation in the country, mostly due to that superhero boom the recent years and buzz is really strong right now, teaser is the only one along with IW's trailer that surpasses 1M reactions on a FB spanish-speaking Latam page and spots and ads are starting very early to create even more awareness. @Purple Minion and i keep expectations on par with other Pixar sequels like MU and Dory ($20M-$25M) but i think it has everything to go for $30M+ USD.

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3 hours ago, Thanos Legion said:

Even with Star Wars out of the mix we just have Disney fighting Disney. :rofl:

Isn't anymore about which studio owns the highest grosser but about which Disney division owns the highest grosser :sparta:


This makes @Proxima Olive and @Fullbuster happy 

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Solo's midnights are embarrassing, such an awful decision. Is also getting way less screens than i thought, maybe 2,200-2,500, very low for a blockbuster, my local VIP has the same amount of shows than DP2, Overboard and... Book Club! 


In other things, if I2 can open with $140M+ in the US then i think here it can aim to be highest Pixar opening with $200M+ ($10M+ USD). I want to dream with it surpassing Minions record but that's a long stretch, PS will tell us if have the chance.

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