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The Dark Alfred

Alfred's Year 3 Top 25

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I think three of my 4 films are top 25 worthy :) Obviously they are not icluded on this list. You might find a few huge surprises on the list, because I'm judging my by imagination and potential of the film, so even a very short stories made the cut.25. The Perfect 10 24. Hercule Poirot’s Christmas23. Ninja 22. Jungles 21. Love In Poitiers20. The Poet19. Was Kilroy Here?18. The Dead In The House17. Into The Breach16. The Haunting In Wisconsin

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"This engaging spy-thriller blends historical facts with fiction perfectly"

"The book was a slow read, but the film has great pace thanks to the strong and confident direction that puts Red Rabbits among Niccol's finest work "

6. Red Rabbit

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