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CAYOM-Year 3-Oscar nominations-Winners to be on Thursday.

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    Now here is the nom count:

    Black as Night: 12 Nominations*

    The Coming Storm: 12 nominations*

    Genesis: 12 nominations*

    Dodge City: 10 nominations*

    Fatal Rendezvous: 6 nominations

    Love in Poiters: 6 nominations

    Red Rabbit: 6 nominations

    The Summer Story: 6 nominations*

    El Libertador: 3 nominations

    Fable: 3 nominations

    Leimotif: 3 nominations

    The Morrow II: 3 nominations

    Prodigy: 3 nominations.

    Thane of the Flies: 3 nominations

    8AM: 2 nominations

    SpellForce: Breath of Winter: 2 nominations

    *=Best Picture nominations

    Okay including films with 1 nomination (so I can see the users by nom count since I'm kind of intrested right now):

    Ag3nts: 1 nomination.

    Animal Farm: 1 nomination.

    Barco De Oro: 1 nomination.

    Bartimaeus and the Golem's Eye: 1 nomination.

    Blue Heart: 1 nomination.

    Bobby: 1 nomination.

    The Dead in the House: 1 nomination.

    Divergent: 1 nomination.

    Election 2000: 1 nomination.

    Frosty the Snowman: 1 nomination.

    Into the Breach: 1 nomination.

    Jungles: 1 nomination.

    Karate Kong: 1 nomination.

    La Follia di Gesualdo: 1 nomination.

    Nadia: A Perfect 10: 1 nomination.

    Planeswalkers: 1 nomination.

    Vault Break: 1 nomination.

    Was Kilroy Here?: 1 nomination.

    Wolves of the Deep: 1 nomination.

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    Noms per user:Rich: 26 nominations.Creator: 24 nominations.48: 20 nominations.Impact: 14 nominations.Electric: 6 nominations.Silver Shark: 5 nominations.Alfred: 3 nominations.Andrew the Alien: 3 nominations.Blank: 3 nominations.Frank: 3 nominations.Water Bottle: 2 nominations.Darth Dev: 1 nomination.You know-I don't think we have ever had a year where every player that year had a Oscar nominated film! (Or maybe we have, still impressive)

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    How many nominated films per user: Rich: 7 films.48: 6 films.Impact: 5 films.Andrew the Alien: 3 films.Alfred: 2 films.Creator: 2 films.Silver Shark: 2 films.Water Bottle: 2 films.Blank: 1 film.Darth Dev: 1 film.Electric: 1 film.Frank: 1 film.

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    I'm leaving on Friday.

    Ah. Well perhaps someone else should do the Oscars to be on the safe side then?There's usually a short gap between Oscars and Part 1 and Part 1 runs long so you'll be back in time to get involved...
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