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Ezen Baklattan

Y4 - Critical Consensus (Updated With Alfred's List)

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Here, we tabulate all the top 25 lists and put them into a general consensus.



    [*]The Good Die Young - 175

    [*]The Road Home - 171

    [*]The Glass Castle - 158

    [*]Alesia - 156

    [*]Wenan - 155

    [*]Sylvarius - 130

    [*]Spark - 126

    [*]Citizen Hughes - 119

    [*]Nirvana - 116

    [*]The Flowers Of Arkiva - 108

    [*]Miracle Kids - 94

    [*]The Triple Nickels - 86

    [*]Never Say Goodbye - 84

    [*]LoveBytes - 70

    [*]Death Of A Salesman - 67

    [*]Our City- 62

    [*]The Simulation - 61

    [*]Call Of Duty: On Their Own Accord - 57

    [*]Divisions - 53

    [*]Ready, Player One - 52

    [*]Island Of The Blue Dolphins - 51

    [*]Comedians - 45

    [*]TIE: In The Line Of Service / Lord Madship - 41

    [*]The Last Six - 37

    [*]Columbine - 29

    [*]The Bellringer Of Notre Dame - 26

    [*]TIE: The Flash / Insurgent - 25

    [*]Student Film - 24

    [*]Best Friends Forever - 23

    [*]Taking Names - 18

    [*]TIE: Bohemian / Booster Gold - 17

    [*]Dawn Of Souls 2: Rebirth - 15

    [*]TIE: On The Set / Unbalanced - 12

    [*]TIE: Martian Manhunter / The 39 Steps / The Suicide King - 10

    [*]Once Upon A Mattress - 9

    [*]Remember Flight 175 - 8

    [*]Giant Spiders - 7

    [*]The Sketchbook - 5

    [*]Invaders Must Die! The Tale Of Doogie Rounds - 5

    [*]The Conundrum - 3

    [*]TIE: Defiance / Pokemon: Rise Of The Rockets - 2

    [*]A Stark Night - 1


NEW FEATURE! In this part, we track the number of times a certain film has appeared in a top 5 list. This may be an interesting indiciator of what's playing for a best picture nomination. Note that these are making the assumption that people vote for their top 5 choices as BP nominees.

6 Lists (Locked For A Nomination)

    [*]The Road Home

5 Lists (Should Be Nominated)


4 Lists (The Odds Are Looking Good)

    [*]The Good Die Young

    [*]The Glass Castle

3 Lists (Battling For The Final Spots)

    [*]Never Say Goodbye



2 Lists (Unlikely, But Not Impossible)


    [*]Citizen Hughes

    [*]Miracle Kids

    [*]The Flowers Of Arkiva

1 List (One Nod Is Better Than None)



    [*]The Triple Nickels

    [*]Our City


    [*]Most Points Without a #1: The Glass Castle

    [*]Least Points With A #1: Never Say Goodbye

    [*]Most Points For A Comedy: Ready, Player One

    [*]Most Points For An Animated Film: Sylvarius

    [*]Most Points For A Major Blockbuster: Nirvana

    [*]Earliest Release To Recieve Points: A Stark Night

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My full list (Crunching the Numbers) for easy reference:1. Wenan2. The Glass Castle3. The Good Die Young4. Never Say Goodbye5. The Road Home6. Alesia7. LoveBytes8. The Simulation9. The Triple Nickels10. Spark11. Citizen Hughes12. Sylvarius13. The Flowers of Arvika14. Miracle Kids15. Nirvana16. The Bellringer of Notre Dame17. Ready, Player One18. Death of a Salesman19. Call of Duty: Of Their Own Accord20. Comedians21. The Suicide King22. Divisions23. Our City24. Martian Manhunter25. Island of the Blue Dolphins

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Wow, could we have no film with 2 number one mentions.Also, quite surprised (and delighted) that Road Home has the most Top 5 mentions and is second on the CC. Good job for the film. I'm 99% certain it and The Good Die Young (and possibly Alesia) will be nominated for BP

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Impact's list continues the trend of not repeating #1 mentions. A 3-way tie for 2nd place and The Good Die Young with a comfortable 18 point lead. Speaking of which, Spaghetti when films are tied for the same place you should use the same number for them to make it clear it's a tie. Alesia, The Road Home, and Glass Castle are all 2nd, and Spark and Sylvarius are both 6th. We have 2 people to go now. Hope Creator and darth can finish up by the end of the weekend so I can start Oscar picks Monday.

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Yeah, this was making the assumption that everyone would choose their top 5. And who knows? Opinions may change over time. :)Anyways, I really hope to get a BP nod. Glass Castle and Spark actually stand a solid chance, though.

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For easier acess than what you'll find in my theadCREATOR'S CORNER (YEAR 5)1. Never Say Goodbye2. The Road Home3. LoveBytes4. The Flowers of Arvika5. The Glass Castle6. The Good Die Young7. Alesia8. Wenan9. Bohemian10. Comedians11. The Simulation12. Sylvarius13. Nirvana14. Citizen Hughes15. Call of Duty: Of Their Own Accord16. Spark17. Divisions18. The Triple Nickels19. Miracle Boys20. Death of a Salesman21. The Suicide King22. Island of the Blue Dolphins23. Our City24. Ready, Player One25. The Bellringer of Notre Dame

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There's a new Least Points with #1 and that's Never Say Goodbye. I don't understand why that's not over 100 points.As an added note: This year there were 8 lists, last year only 7. This year no film repeated at number one on any list. Last year Genesis had 3 number 1's and Black as Night had 2. This year's top film has 175 points. Last year's top film (Black as Night) had 158 points. The most points a film could get this year is 200 points. Last year it was 175 points. The Good Die Young has 87.50% of the total number of points available this year. Black as Night had 90.29% of the total number of points available in its year.I will try to do this each year so we can get a comparison of the best received films of the decade. If we look at 2nd place for each year:Year 3 - Genesis: (144/175 = 82.29%)Year 4 - The Road Home: (171/200 = 85.50%)NUMBER 1Year 1: Rapture (97/100 = 97%)Year 2: My Life to Waste (67/75 = 89.33%)Year 3: Black as Night (158/175 = 90.29%)Year 4: The Good Die Young (175/200 = 87.50%)NUMBER 2Year 1: The Wings of Icarus (93/100 = 93%)Year 2: Eternal Sleep/U.S.S. Seawolf (tie) (66/75 = 88%)Year 3: Genesis (144/175 = 82.29%)Year 4: The Road Home (171/200 = 85.50%)

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