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3.3 "A Light in the Shadow"

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I know we're still on Week 2 and have The Challenge coming up, but just so everyone can go ahead and start thinking about their predictions for this week's game, I'm posting Week 3 today as the games always go up on a Wednesday.

Game 3.3


Predict the following:

1. The difference in opening weekend grosses between Chasing Mavericks and Fun Size (don't give me their weekend grosses. Take the higher and subtract the lower from it. E.g. Mavericks 5m, Fun Size 4m, 5-4=1, so 1m would be the answer).

2. Cloud Atlas's combined Saturday and Sunday gross (do not include its Friday gross)

3. The difference between Silent Hill 2's opening weekend and Paranormal Activity 4's opening weekend from last weekend (29.00 million). Again, take the higher and subtract the lower from it, and that should be your answer.

4. Paranormal Activity 4's Friday gross

5. Argo's Sunday gross

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I think I'll do well this week, I only screwed up question 1, those sorts of questions are really hard because you have to get both predictions really accurate to get the difference right and the difference can be really small or really large so it is almost a shot in the dark trying to get it right.

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This game went better for me... I was really close on 4 out of the 5 questions... Hopefully the actuals arrive today and we get our score also.

I put down 4m for question 1 thinking that both would dissapoint but one far more than the other, in the end it looks like both turned out to be a BO joke. :lol:

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I only missed that question with around 200k I think...

I really messed up with Sat+Sun CA gross... I put down 9m - the amount it grossed from Fri-Sun -.-

I was also surprised - Was thinking that Fun Size was the one to bomb most... Chasing Mavericks went to take that title.

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I had three questions at 95%, one at 85% and one at 55%... Cloud Atlas gross one... fuck dat-.-

80% average...better than my combined first two rounds scores lol.

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"A Light in the Shadow" - Game 3.3

Four teams have been erected. Another 9 players left to be cast onto teams. This week we'll get our next teams.

So far, we have the following teams: Rich Boy Swag, Ice Ice Baumy, The Annihilators, and The FireEaters. The teams consistent of star players, but some star players stand ready to be cast onto teams as well. And this week may just unleash such an opportunity.

It was a close week. Many scored in the same general area, but a select few stood out above the rest. The gap between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd was really close. And so, without further ado, this week's scores.


Cjohn: 80.87% +2 (+1 80%+, +1 above average)

Goffe: 76.33% +1 (above average)

AVG: 78.60% +3


Alfred: 69.63% -1 (-1 below average)

XenoZodiac: 69.32% 0 (+1 highest Question 2, -1 below average)

AVG: 69.48% -1


Baumer: 47.41% -1 (-1 below average)

Iceroll: 56.30% -1 (-1 below average)

AVG: 51.86% -2


Rich WS: 82.90% +6 (+4 2nd place, +1 80%+, +1 above average)

riczhang: 75.03% +1 (+1 above average)

AVG: 78.97% +7

acsc1312: 82.34% +4 (+2 4th place, +1 80%+, +1 above average)

CEDAR: 82.87% +6 (+3 3rd place, +1 80%+, +1 highest Question 3, +1 above average)

ChD: 84.35% +8 (+5 1st place, +1 80%+, +1 highest Question 1, +1 above average)

DoctorWho: 60.04% -1 (-1 below average)

Fakhir: 73.38% -1 (-1 below average)

iTz Only ED: 70.93% -1 (-1 below average)

JackO: 74.11% +1 (+1 above average)

Tawasal: 75.55% +1 (+1 above average)

Totem: 74.08% +2 (+1 above average, +1 highest Question 5)

AVERAGE: 73.58%

Now you will notice there are 3 names in gold. The top 3 scorers get to choose partners this week, or two may choose to partner with each other. ChD gets first pick, then CEDAR, then Acsc. However, Acsc scored 4th individually, while RichWS scored 3rd individually. But the overall score for "Rich Boy Swag" was lower than that of Acsc, so Acsc gets to pick a partner. Rich, however, is immune from The Challenge.

ChD gets to rank for the Challenge.

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Guys, everyone could you please just let me know how many immunities you'd be willing to buy now. I don't have point counts up yet and won't till tomorrow but I need immunity purchases swiftly. If you cannot afford immunities, then you won't get them so it's safe to call anyways. Please just say if you'd buy the max amount of immunities you can afford, or if you'd buy only 1. Some of you won't be able to buy any, but I don't know who yet so just say.

Those who are immune: CEDAR, acsc, and RichWS.

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