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When do you think we will get these trailers? In November?

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OblivionPain & GainStar Trek Into DarknessFast SixThe Hangover 3After EarthWorld War ZKick-Ass 2White House DownPacific RimThe WolverineR.I.P.D.300: Rise of an EmpireElysiumIf you know or want to predict when they come out, do it here, and if they come, let me know.

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I thought Oblivion would've been released with The Bourne Legacy to be honest. I think this will be released with Red Dawn.Pain and Gain will probably be with Jack Reacher.Star Trek Into Darkness, Fast Six, After Earth and Pacific Rim my guess, will be with The Hobbit.The Hangover 3 will probably be with Gangster Squad.World War Z will be this weekend with Skyfall, as well as White House Down.Kick-Ass 2, I thought would be with The Man with the Iron Fists, but now I don't think it will come till Jack the Giant Slayer.

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Need Star Trek into Darkness Trailer!!! (Probably in front of The Hobbit)after seeing the were their advertising for "The Wolverine" I'm very interested to know what the trailer will be like. (Life of Pi maybe?, Hobbit?)Oblivion sounds intriguing.. but I need to see that trailer so I can get a better feel for what it's like (Hobbit? is Skyfall too early?)Pacific Rim (Hobbit I'm betting) & And R.I.P.D sound interesting too. (Les Mis possibly there both universal.)

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Oblivion - :DPain & Gain - Next weekStar Trek Into Darkness - Next Monday new trailerFast Six - Early FebruaryThe Hangover 3 - Last week of DecemberAfter Earth - :DWorld War Z - :DKick-Ass 2 - Good question.... I say FebruaryWhite House Down - This monthPacific Rim - 3 HOURS!!!!The Wolverine - Early JanuaryR.I.P.D. - Late February300: Rise of an Empire - Late MarchElysium - Early April

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