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  1. Theres no question a lot of people had problems with TLJ, you can't just chalk it up to a bunch of angry bearded internet culture warriors review bombing it. It was easily one of the most controversial movies of the last decade along the likes of Prometheus and Man of Steel.
  2. Lol they added the consensus to The Last Duel when it was at 74% with just 26 reviews, imo it needs to be tweaked a bit. They really should wait until at least 50 reviews
  3. This gonna finish in the low 60s when the floodgates open. The takeaway for Marvel is gonna be don't stray away from the same movie we've been making for 10+ years
  4. metacritic only includes top critics from well known publications Rottentomatoes, for better and worse, includes everyone from top critics to some rando bloggers nobody has ever heard of Rottentomatoes is the one people actually look at, nobody outside of film nerds knows what metacritic is
  5. Fellowship ends with a climactic battle between the fellowship and Saruman's hunting party, the death and redemption of a major character, and the break up of the Fellowship of the Ring. The Two Towers ends with a huge battle(the most spectacular ever filmed at the time, and in many ways still is) and the Ents destroying Isengard, effectively nullifying the chief antagonist of the first 2 movies, ending the union of The Two Towers. The last scene of the movie is Sauron's tower and Mt. Doom underneath a fiery hell-like sky of lightning upping the stakes even more for the third and
  6. It may have been the great reviews hes been getting as an entertaining horny lord in The Last Duel that got us sad Affleck back. Ben is uncancelled! Did they get banned or did they realize that their gimmick will no longer work in a post covid world where Avatar 2 doesn't make anywhere near as much as the first movie? Anyways, this has always been my favorite excerpt on RT for that movie.
  7. I've never been a Nolan superfan, but to me Tenet is his first movie where he really stumbled, I literally LOL'd during it... its so ridiculous and plays out exactly like the caricature his detractors have long made of him. And I really like Interstellar even though it gets silly sometimes because I really love space travel movies. I do like Villenueve a lot though and hes easily one of my favorites. After seeing Bladerunner 2049 and Dune, in many ways he feels like the aesthetic successor to Ridley Scott. And now he wants to do a Cleopatra historical epic? Sign me up.
  8. I enjoyed it overall even though it never truly soars. Really enjoyed the world it created and I want to see more of it. And yeah, the score fucking sucked and even got irritating at times. Bladerunner 2049 is a much better film. B+
  9. Nah, I'm not comfortable going back to a crowded theaters yet. The only reason I saw The Last Duel is because it flopped and I knew I'd be the only one in the theater on a weekday. Plus, if the movie is genuinely great and not just a technical achievement like Avatar or Gravity, I don't think the size of the screen matters much. Oh and its free 😀
  10. whoa this is premiering tonight on HBO instead of tomorrow? word glad i can watch this from home
  11. The Tim Burton Batman movies are also campy shit though. As for the Modern era, Nolan is incorrectly credited for introducing the serious superhero approach. It was the first 2 X-Men movies, particularly the second one with its heady themes and handful of gnarly scenes for a PG-13.
  12. A really good 8.5/10, maybe a 9/10 Quick thoughts: -The anti-Gladiator, not an action movie at all and people going in expecting that are gonna be disappointed. -Everyone was really good in this, especially Ben Affleck and Jodie Comer. A nomination for either wouldn't surprise me. -The Rashomon structure was clever and worked really well, I never felt liked it was dragging or got repetitive with the changing perspectives and added and/or changed scenes in each chapter. The movie got progressively better as it went along. -Some shots in this were really
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