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Year 5 Actuals

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January 2-4:Of the new two movies for Year 5, only Beast managed to make it onto the Top 10, with all the other films being holdovers from last year. WWE almost made it up, but fell just a bit short. Beast received an A- CinemaScore, while WWE had a rather low B-. Many fans complained the PG rating of WWE didn’t allow it to reach its full potential.1. Lord Madship: 36,950,608 (2nd week)2. Alesia: 22,395,977 (3rd week)3. A Series of Unfortunate Events: 20,004,305 (3rd week)4. Miracle Kids: 11,920,387 (3rd week)5. The Road Home: 8,029,407 (5th week)6. Death of a Salesman 7,995,047 (5th week)7. Beast: 6,913,247 (1st week)8. In the Line of Service: 6,774,096 (2nd week)9. The Bellringer of Nortre Dame: 5,401,296 (4th week)10. Ready, Player One: 4,402,329 (4th week)--WWE: 4,103,259 (1st week)January 9-11:It was no… shock… that Shocker did good business, as it was the only new movie coming out this week. It couldn’t take down Lord Manship, but managed to get a solid debut for second place. Both the films from last week fell off the Top 10. Shocker had an A CinemaScore… it connected with its target audience.1. Lord Madship: 20,771,026 (3rd week)2. Shocker: 15,517,209 (1st week)3. Alesia: 15,001,105 (4th week)4. Unfortunate Events: 11,410,009 (4th week)5. Miracle Kids: 7,880,015 (4th week)6. Road Home: 5,501,307 (6th week)7. Death of a Salesman: 4,801,026 (6th week)8. In the Line of Service: 4,211,105 (3rd week)9. Wenan: 3,099,037 (7th week)10. Citizen Hughes: 2,793,048 (7th week)--Beast 2,691,653 (2nd week)--WWE 2,025,164 (2nd week)January 16-19 (MLK weekend):In a race almost no one predicted, Game Hunt narrowly beat out Escalator for the weekend, with the gap increasing slightly when adding Monday to the mix. Shocker took a somewhat steep hit, but that was partially mitigated by the MLK Weekend.1. Game Hunt: 20,923,201/24,102,223 (1st week)2. Escalator: 20,805,113/23,166,227 (1st week)3. Lord Madship: 11,308,068/14,403,430 (4th week)4. Alesia: 9,001,307/11,205,788 (5th week)5. Shocker: 6,827,752/7,903,226 (2nd week)6. Unfortunate Events: 6,705,155/8,591,927 (5th week)7. Miracle Kids: 5,115,430/6,412,106 (5th week)8. Road Home: 3,918,307/5,001,043 (7th week)9. Salesman: 2,799,408/3,405,588 (4th week)10. Service: 2,698,308/3,358,333 (6th week)January 23-25:With the Friday Numbers showing 13.2 million for Rise of the Dead, many thought it could hit 30 million. But a blizzard striking the Northeast hurt Saturday and Sunday numbers, but it still managed to beat all but the most optimistic predictions. No one accepted Psy’s apology as the numbers showed.1. Rise of the Dead: 28,239,315 (1st week)2. Game Hunt: 10,253,368 (2nd week)3. Escalator: 8,361,557 (2nd week)4. Alesia: 6,001,302 (6th week)5. Lord Madship: 5,719,307 (5th week)6. Unfortunate Events: 3,691,307 (6th week)7. Miracle Kids: 3,219,026 (6th week)8. Shocker: 2,662,824 (3rd week)9. Road Home: 2,602,105 (8th week)10.Service: 1,598,227 (5th week)--Psy: Sorry for Gangnam Styling: 922,153 (1st week)January 30-February 1:Opening about as expected, I Love You Too held a comfortable lead over the other films. Slumber Party did about as well as a tween girl film released in January could expect to do. Due to absolutely no films for male audiences being released this week, Rise of the Dead held a lot better than most films of its genre do.1. I Love You Too: 24,809,902 (1st week)2. Rise of the Dead: 17,225,982 (2nd week)3. Game Hunt: 5,638,802 (3rd week)4. Escalator: 4,916,007 (3rd week)5. Slumber Party: 4,606,334 (1st week)6. Alesia: 3,422,105 (7th week)7. Lord Manship: 3,924,501 (6th week)8. Miracle Kids: 2,169,903 (7th week)9. Shocker: 1,624,322 (4th week)10. Road Home: 1,693,257 (9th week)--3:37 AM - LIMITED 319,245 (1st week)

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A Nicholas Sparks movie is opening that day ;)

I know, but if you see the VD of Earth, all romantic movies have big increases on that day, not just the new one. :D Edited by CJohn
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