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CAYOM 2.0: A Five Year Retrospective

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With the first five years of the new CAYOM done and Year 6 not beginning until the new year, it's time to look back over those first five years of the new era and reminisce about the highs, the lows, the shocks, the obvious, and the fun.Man, Year 1 actuals were kinda super crazy.

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Looking back at Spark, it probably would have been higher than I ranked it. It strikes me as something like HTTYD as an animated epic that pretty much everyone loved. However, I think that David Faustino was a bad choice to voice Alex. I should have gone with Paul Dano or Andrew Garfield for the role. (Blank, don't you dare suggest that I should have casted David Henrie. :P)

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So for my upcoming Top 50 list, I am not sure whether I should include my own films or not, since unlike Yearly lists where it's bad form to rank your own film #1 I would feel tempted to do that with the 5-year Top 50. I might err on the side of caution and exclude all my films.

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Okay...just saying let others try to get nominated. ;)(I still never can forget how Billy be so upset if his film was not liked when he got nominated so many times. And accused others if they had too many noms even if he had more :P)

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I'm a newbie, too. Will do my top 50 as well. Creator should look away, it's ridiculous how many films he's having in my top 10.

I won't include my films in the top 50, so here's the top 10 of my films:

10. Giant Spiders

9. Vast Dark: The Sacrament

8. Celia, A Slave

7. Comedians

6. Miracle Kids

5. Hindenburg

4. The Seventh Seal

3. The Triple Nickels

2. The Few

...and my favorite film of CAYOM so far

1. Flowers of Arvika

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