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3.11 "The Crossroads of Dawn"

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With the Christmas and New Year Holidays approaching, this will quite possibly be our last game for the 2012 year, with a week break between this game and Game 12, which will follow in the beginning of January. So let's make this a good one and end 2012 with our 42nd episode of Box Office Alliance. (that means only 10 weeks out of this whole year did not have a Box Office Alliance episode)

Season 3, Game 11

Deadline: Friday, December 21, 2012 (the Apocalypse) at 5:00 P.M. Eastern (4:00 P.M. Central)

Predict the following:

1. Jack Reacher's Saturday and Sunday combined gross (do not include Friday gross)

2. This is 40's combined Friday and Sunday grosses (do not include Saturday gross)

3. Monsters, Inc. (3D)'s Friday percent increase from Thursday

4. The Impossible's Opening Weekend gross

5. The Hobbit's percent drop and rank

Special bonuses will also be PMed to each user. If you've played Box Office Alliance before, then you'll know what these bonuses are like.

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I promise that this will be continuing soon. The Holidays are coming to a close, and we're going to advance on to the last remaining games of the season. Hard to believe that another season's about to come to an end. As soon as I'm finished up with all my essays and work assignments (I'll wrap up this week), I will get this back rolling. Hopefully you'll all be energized after the good break. Sorry for the delay.

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Oh shit....this season is unrelenting in its brutality. A legendary player leaves us tonight. :mellow:

Why would someone leave tonight O.o, may I ask?

The challenge results have already been posted... Have I missed something?

"Legendary Player" ... That surely ain't me anyways, so I'm calm right now.

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"The Crossroads of Dawn" - Season 3, Game 11

A twist of fate leaves a legend slain.

Welcome back to "Box Office Alliance." The Holidays have wrapped up, and the elite season returns after a brief interruption. The last game of the 2012 year is finally up, and we will find out the Top Ten rankings shortly. I hope you had a good Holiday and that the break gave you time to anticipate the awesome final few weeks of this star-studded season. Things will be tense from here on out, as they have been for most of the season. We have seen some tremendous changes, surprises, and victories this season, as well as some hurtful losses, but now things must come to a head.

This week, a terrible blow befalls us. One of the most legendary players of the game is forced to bow out in a most unexpected manner, and one not suited to his status. Already this season has seen the early downfall of such veteran greats like Xeno, who was eliminated in a Challenge, and CEDAR, who surprisingly stepped down before the Top Ten games began. Both eliminations were startling, but this one just furthers that terrible sense of loss and also adds a great deal of intrigue. I never had a chance to finish my Top Ten rankings over the Holidays, but if I had, this player would have placed at number one. The subtle hints have surely revealed the identity of our fallen hero...one of the greyest characters the game has ever seen (I say that because he is both a great protagonist of the series but also one of the greatest foes to the other characters) has tumbled from his throne. Totem has fallen.

It is a crushing blow, no doubt. "The Overlords" were poised to win the season. Already, in their brief time together, champions Totem and Goffe had racked up a huge sum of points and had dominated the week before the Holiday break. Totem's final act in the game was to send RichWS to his elimination a couple weeks ago before the break. Together with his loyal partner Goffe, Totem decreed that ChD, Rich's partner, would be reassigned to "The Predators" to partner with newcomer Baumer and veteran JackO. Totem surely could have gone much farther, and along with Goffe, could have vied for the top spot of the season, a status he just missed out on last season. Yet Totem doesn't face his end by means of a Challenge (and it is highly unlikely that he would have, as Totem has proven to be the greatest living player in the Challenges and one of the greatest of all time in the game). Instead, Totem was eliminated on a technicality...what a crushing blow! Totem had two strikes already this season, and unfortunately he missed out once more. As a fairness to the other few players who, throughout Box Office Alliance's three-season hsitory, were eliminated because they racked up three strikes, I must also eliminate you Totem in compliance with the rules. It is a terrible way to go, no doubt.

But we must now look ahead at the remainder of the season. Things will get very heated from here. With one Overlord dead, another lives on, yet he is challenged without his fearful partner. Goffe stands alone now, pitted against Predators, Elites, and "The A-Team". And this week, it was an unlikely alliance that won...ChD, the rookie player who has gone unnoticed most of the season, posted a stunning victory...with a score that was more than 20% higher than second place! ChD drew his new team "The Predators" to a great victory this weekend. Which means...the fate of everyone else lies in "The Predators'" hands. No one is safe...not even you, Goffe, not even you.

Eight players are left standing, and this week, one more will be eliminated. Who will it be? And who will live to see the Final Five games?


Acsc1312: 54.17% +12 (+1 3rd team, +1 highest Question 2, +10 won Challenge 10)

Alfred: 54.17% +2 (+1 3rd team, +1 highest Question 2)

AVG: 54.17% +14


DoctorWho: 59.28% +3 (+1 3rd individual, +2 2nd team)

Riczhang: 54.22% +2 (+2 2nd team)

AVG: 56.75% +5


Goffe: 52.12%

Totem: 0.00%

AVG: 52.12% (unweighted), 26.06% (weighted)


Baumer: 51.96% +3 (+3 1st team)

ChD: 82.26% +18 (+5 highest individual, +3 1st team, +1 80%+, +5 star lead, +1 highest question 1, +1 highest Question 3, +1 highest Question 4, +3 only player not to get a zero percent on any given question)

JackO: 60.47% +6 (+2 2nd highest individual, +3 1st team, +1 highest Question 5)

AVG: 64.90% +27 (IMMUNE)

Another surprise is still to come. We must reveal the winners of the two bonus questions, and what their prizes will be.

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Oh damn, I was excited to keep playing, it's a busy time during the year, I had to much going on. Oh well, thanks guys and Greator, wish I didn't have to leave this way.

Sorry to see you go... You would've won this season if it wouldn't have been for this.

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And now to reveal the winners of the two bonus questions. Four members answered the bonus question 1 on Not Fade Away's weekend gross, and the other four members answered the bonus question 2 on Zero Dark Thirty's opening weekend per theater average.

Bonus Question 1

This was a close call. Two players scored nearly perfect on this question. But in the end, only one could receive the special deal, and that player is...

Alfred! Alfred received a 99.61% score, just beating Goffe's 98.89%.

Bonus Question 2

This one was a more ambiguous question with larger room for error. The winning score was significantly lower than that for the other question. The player who will receive the special deal attached to this question is...

ChD! ChD received a score of 78.35% on this question.

Special "deal-or-no-deals" will be PMed to the two winners soon.

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My head is spinning now. This game is intense. Totem is a ridiculously talented player both here and in the Summer Game. I'm thrilled to see you go, as you are just so much better than me and probably the rest of us. I won't speak for others because there are a lot of relaly good players here, but comparing my box office acumen to yours is a joke. Good riddance to you sir. :P

On that note I'm glad to have made it this far. I still feel like I'm learning this game. It's intense, intricate, involving and introspective. It is a great challenge and I want to commend Creator for creating and running a beautiful game.

This week should be fun.

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Top Ten Rankings

This list recognizes the final ten players on their current placement and win-probability. The final ten candidates are: Acsc1312, Alfred, Baumer, ChD, DoctorWho, Goffe, JackO, RichWS, riczhang, and Totem. RichWS and Totem have already been eliminated before the completion of this list. At the start of the Top Ten games, RichWS would have ranked 8th on the chart, and Totem would have listed 1st. Now revisions must be made. Players ranking below these numbers have been shifted up a position. So the new standings for the two players already discussed (this effects points):

8th: Acsc1312

7th: ChD

Now I will continue with the Top Ten Rankings, until we can determine who the new frontrunner is.

6th place:

DOCTORWHO! The good Doctor is in. And he's gone a long way, as he did last season. But he hasn't stood out as much as he did last season, when, through this same point, he was listed as the frontrunner. Then again, the competition has been fierce this season, with the top dogs of Box Office Alliance all gathered together for a savage match. Still, Doc has been consistent, but if he doesn't do anything to break out, he may not make it many more rounds. He is a powerful player, no doubt, but he is just one of many powerful players left standing. He is good at staying unthreatening. In that, he excels, and that could save him for his competitors will be less likely to single him out. Perhaps that is part of his strategy. He remains a friendly force and is often seen only behind the scenes, where he does most of his work in the game. Here are his seasonal statistics:

W1: 90.87%

W2: 53.37%

W3: 60.04%

W4: 72.67%

W5: 86.81%

W6: 91.73%

W7: 90.59%


W9: +5 (5th)

W10: 83.92%

avg: 78.75%

5th place:

JACKO! Another goodie from last season, JackO went as far as the semi-final. But will he get there, or farther, again? He is up against many of the same foes, and some new ones, and it isn't an easy playing ground. But JackO is pretty quick at adapting. He is a dynamic character who weaves through many allies and foes, although he is rarely targeted as a threat. He is a weaver of great skill, for in hopping from many different teams throughout a season, he gains more allies. This may help him at some point in the near future. Then again, it always makes his alliances less permanent, which could damage him. Still, JackO is a great player and has been very consistent all season. He can make it as far as he did last season, only this time he's not the underdog anymore. Here are his seasonal statistics:

W1: 85.72%

W2: 0.00%

W3: 74.11%

W4: 75.51%

W5: 66.62%

W6: 92.64%

W7: 94.72%


W9: +8 (4th)

W10: 89.18%

avg: 72.31%

4th place:

BAUMER! You can't argue with Baumer. He's not the greatest predictor here, but he is arguably one of the most famous, and perhaps liked, players in the game. This is Baumer's first season, so he's a newbie, and that gives most of the other players an advantage in experience. However, Box Office Alliance is a game that favors the rookie player. Every season sees at least one new player make it to the Final Five. Baumer can be that player...the only other rookie is ChD, so it's an even match. Baumer has been the more powerful of the two for the most part, but now they have secured an alliance and may be able to triumph together. Given a face-to-face competition, however, Baumer's skills are superior, so he stands the better chance. And yet, Baumer is also a threat because of his status on the forum. Although he isn't the best predictor left standing (but he's still a damn fine one), he is one of the most recognizable players, and that may cause others to call for his elimination. He is a very vocal player, often out in the open, and that makes him an easy target. But his likability could help him, and he has a good number of allies with him...for now. Here are his seasonal statistics:

W1: 84.14%

W2: 78.50%

W3: 47.41%

W4: 78.25%

W5: 85.85%

W6: 91.53%

W7: 87.57%


W9: 0 (6th)

W10: 82.56%

avg: 79.48%

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