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The Dark Alfred

Alfred's Year 6 TOP 25

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I read 70% of the films. I will post when I'm ready and the fun can begin.


The top 25 will be revealed the following way:


You guys will post a number between 2-24 and I will reveal who does that film belong to. The film title will remain secret.


When the top 25 is completed, it should look something like this:


2 Alfred

3 Blank

4 Andrew

5 Creator

6 Numbers


20 Riczhang

21 CJohn

22 Riczhang

23 Numbers

24 Creator



Then the named players will post, which number they'd like me to reveal. 


It's up to you which order you'd like the films to be revealed. The only option you can't choose is 1 and 25.


As the Giant said: The owls are not what they seem.

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Very well.

Honorable mentions:


Mr. Rogers Goes To Washington - Cameron Crowe gem, just missed the cut

Murder At The Superbowl - for Creator stepping intro horror territory

Cyber - for locating it in Seattle ;)

Book of 4 Chan - crazy documentary

Best Friends - Feelgood Reitman

Top 25 fun begins on Monday.

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