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Ezen Baklattan

Survivor III - Week 8 - Houses Divided

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After an intense first seven weeks, this is where things get real. From this moment on, the teams are no more! It is every man for themselves! Who will fare the best this week?


Also note that because no numbers were reported for Phantom, the two questions regarding it will be voided. That's probably good for all of you!


Jack The Giant Slayer (Saturday) - $12.00m

Jack The Giant Slayer (3-day) - $27.20m

21 & Over (Friday) - $3.349m

21 & Over (3-day) - $8.754m

The Last Exorcism: Part II (Sunday) - $1.259m

The Last Exorcism: Part II (3-day) - $7.728m

Dark Skies (3-day) - $3.469m

Snitch (3-day) - $7.768m

Argo (3-day) - $2.103m

Silver Linings Playbook (3-day) - $5.723m

Life Of Pi (3-day) - $2.376m

Side Effects (3-day) - $1.748m

Beautiful Creatures (3-day) - $0.9513m

1. What will the sum of the openers' ranks be  (The wide releases except for Phantom)? (ex. suppose there are two movies opening and Opener 1 is #4 and Opener 2 is at #6. The answer would be 4 + 6 = 10) NINE

2. Will Jack The Giant Slayer increase by more than 25% on Saturday? YES

3. Which Oscar winner will increase the most on Saturday? LINCOLN

4. Will Stoker have a PTA of under $25k? YES

5. In the genre of Horror - Supernatural, where will The Last Exorcism 2 rank? 62ND


bigm10 - 45.42%

Iceroll - 79.90%

acsc1312 - 45.41% (placeholder)

CJohn - 45.41% (placeholder)

Goffe - 69.43%

ChD - 64.90%

chasmmi - 67.65%

The Creator - 51.31%

DoctorWho - 63.40%

Punishment - 74.04%


Hall Of Shame

acsc1312 (1)

CJohn (2)

bigm10 (1)


Congrats, Iceroll! You've won the first week of solo competition! Unfortunately, everyone else is fair game. Save yourselves with Second Immunity!


Predict the following Tuesday grosses:

21 & Over

The Last Exorcism: Part II

Jack The Giant Slayer

Identity Thief

A Good Day To Die Hard


Get predictions in by Wednesday @ 7AM ET!

Get votes in by Wednesday @ 5PM ET!

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Oh God... Such an epic fail on my part..


For some reason I thought that Jack the Giant Slayer did somewhere around 3M on Monday so I predicted a ridiculously high number. Just now I noticed that it grossed half as much as I thought it did=|


When I saw the actuals I was asking myself why Jack dropped 50% but everyone else increased... Then I checked and ... Oh god.



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Tribal Council - Week 8


It's every man (or woman) for themselves now. Let's see how all of you fared after having to take on your first round alone, creating one of the most intense tribal councils to date!


Vote 1



Vote 2



Vote 3



Vote 4



Vote 5



Vote 6



Vote 7



Vote 8



Vote 9



Vote 10 and the next person eliminated is...

Punishment got the last vote, tying him with chasmmi. Chasmmi got the lower weekend score, so he is currently in the most danger.


Did this person secure immunity?

No, unfortunately. His score placed 4th of 6 players this week. Sorry to see you go, chasmmi.


As for the rest of you, congratulations. All of you will play a major role in the sason finale. Expect a sendout for your next game momentarily.

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