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Crunching the Numbers: Lucky Number Slevin

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So since I have had to cancel writing the rest of my Year 7 films that opens up a bit of time for reading films made by others.


So here is the rule for Request Mode:


Request two films made by player other than yourself, but the films must come from two different players. Remember that I already read any film submitted to the CAYOM Festival so don't request those films.


Before I will do any reviews I want to gather all the requests first.


Then We Enter Bet Mode.

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We are now entering BET MODE!!!!!


What is Bet Mode you ask? Well, it is a competition between you all. Let's break it down step by step. First, all of the people who requested films are automatically entered into the competition, with 100 points.









So they have 100 points, but what do they do with them? Well, they bet them. Specifically, they make bets concerning the success of films. What films may they make bets on? They may place bets concerning either films they requested or films they wrote. So these are the requested films:


Amulet (Alpha) (Hiccup Request)

The Chronicles of Narnia (riczhang) (Alpha Request)

Chuck Norris and Liam Neeson vs. Santa Claus (Blank) (riczhang Request)

Extrasensory (Spaghetti) (Hiccup Request)

Justice League (Blank) (Alpha Request)

LucIId (Blank) (Alfred Request)

The Martian Chronicles (Alpha) (Blank Request)

The Rich and Famous (Spaghetti) (riczhang Request)

Risk Management (riczhang) (Spaghetti Request)

Unbalanced 4 (Hiccup) (Alfred Request)

The Vast Dark (Alfred) (Blank Request)

The Wanders (Hiccup) (Spaghetti Request)


So, for example, riczhang can place bets concerning Narnia, Risk Management, Rich and Famous, and Chuck Norris.


How do you place bets? What kind of bets do you place? Well that gets interesting, since these 12 films aren't the only films in the mix. You see, there was a thing called the CAYOM Festival which had 10 films reviewed, one of which was mine. And then I have made an additional 2 films, bringing the total number of films in the mix to 24 (I am counting The Academy's original version as a lower benchmark).


So first, we have to break these 24 films up into categories. These are those categories:


The Box Office Category

1. Blank/Spark 2: Ignition (Numbers Grade: B+)

3. Call of Duty: Eye of the Storm (Numbers Grade: B]

4. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Numbers Grade: B-)

5. Journey (Numbers Grade: C+)

6. The Academy (Numbers Grade: D+)




The Chronicles of Narnia

Chuck Norris and Liam Neeson vs. Santa Claus

Justice League


The Martian Chronicles

Unbalanced 4

The Wanders



The Prestige Category

1. The Rise and Fall of Julius Caesar (Numbers Grade: A)

2. Innocense (Numbers Grade: A-)

3. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time/The Three Month Funeral (Numbers Grade: B+)

5. Le Plasir, Faux (Numbers Grade: B]

6. The Fall of Boss Tweed (Numbers Grade: C)



The Rich and Famous

Risk Management

The Vast Dark




So, I broke the 12 previously graded films into two groups of six, and then split the 12 submitted films between the two categories. Interestingly very few prestige offerings were submitted for review compared to pure blockbuster/box office grabs. Anyways, this is how the betting will work: 


Each player has 100 points and is allowed to place bets on certain films (rules above). You can make the following kinds of bets:


1) Bet that a currently ungraded film you are allowed to bet on will be graded higher or lower than another currently ungraded film in the SAME category. EXAMPLE: Alpha bets that Amulet will be graded higher than LucIId.


Odds: 1:1. Example: If you bet 20 points and are right, you gain 20 points. If you are wrong, you lose those 20 points.



2) Bet that a currently ungraded film will either be graded HIGHER or EQUAL to the current HIGHEST-GRADED film in the SAME category, OR, bet that a currently ungraded film with either be graded LOWER or EQUAL to the current LOWEST-GRADED film in the SAME Category. Examples: Spaghetti bets that Risk Management will be receive at least an A, Blank bets that Justice League will receive at best a D+, etc.


Odds: 3:1. Example: If you bet 20 points and are right, you gain 60 points. If you are wrong, you lose only those 20 points.



3) Bet that a currently ungraded film will receive a SPECIFIC FINAL RANKING in its category. Example: There are 14 films overall in the Box Office Category. riczhang bets that Chuck Norris and Liam Neeson will have an overall ranking in the BO Category of 6th.


Odds: Doubles. Example: If you bet 20 points and are right, you gain 40 points. If you are wrong, you lose 40 points.



You can allocate your 100 points across as many bets as possible. You may also bet on the same film in one, two, or all three betting categories.


Please place all of your bets in a single post. You have until 9 PM EST tomorrow night to place your bets. Then I will start reading, and reviewing. Ask any questions you have. And good luck.

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1. LucIId will grade higher than Martian Chronicles. Betting 40 points.


2. Extrasensory will get a A. Betting 20 points.


3. The Chronicles Of Narnia will place 5th on the BO list. Betting 10 points.

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So what score each movie gets?


Is it really that hard to figure it out? It's all there in my post. You have 100 points to use for your bets. Betting means you wager those points.


For example, you wager 15 points that LucIId will have a higher grade than Martian Chronicles. Re-read my post, all the info you need is there.

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1. Risk Management gets an A (30) - Bet 22. The Rich & Famous will have a better grade than Extrasensory (50) - Bet 1


3. The Wanders ranks in 11th place (20) - Bet 3

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I think you mean an A for Risk Management Spaghetti. I accidentally put in another bet type but that's removed again.



And everyone, just to make it easier for me, specificy for each bet if it's a Type 1, Type 2, orType 3 bet.

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