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Crunching the Numbers: Lucky Number Slevin

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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe


A riczhang Production


It's TCoN: TLtWatW



Let me put it like this. The 2005 Narnia film was enjoyable, well-produced, but nothing stood out. This re-adaptation, while changing up the cast, pretty much covers the same ground, with maybe a little extra time devoted to the England stuff. So really, there isn't much to say or add beyond that it's equal to the 2005 outing.



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Category Update:
The Box Office Category

1. Spark 2: Ignition: B+
2. Amulet: B+
3. Blank: B+
4. Unbalanced 4: B+
5. Justice League: B

6. The Chronicles of Narnia...: B
7. Call of Duty: Eye of the Storm: B
9. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer: B-
9. The Wanders: Prometheus
10. Journey: C+
11. The Academy: D+
12. The Martian Chronicles: D

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A Spaghetti Production


A Wrinkle in Time



Now this was interesting, if a bit incomplete. It really felt like the film was finally taking off for the meat of the action and climax, but it instead short-cuts to a very different ending/theme than I expected. Now, about halfway through I predicted that Patterson would have "Extrasensory" abilities as well, but I didn't think he'd actually be Kyle and that the entire set of interrogation room scenes were him travelling back into the recesses of his own mind to confront his younger self over his failings and traumas.


Kodi Smitt-McPhee is excellent, brooding, and dark as Kyle and Michael Sheen provides a slight air of artificial, manipulative sincerity as he tries to coax the truth and feelings out of Kyle. The flashback style works well with the film, especially when it turns out that the flasbacks take place within a temporal/self-reflective confrontation. I'm still a bit unclear on a couple minor details but the ending is definitely something that while it throws you at first, it makes sense upon further thought.


So yeah, at the 85-minute mark I figure the film was revving up for a final 30-40 minutes of glory and dramatic showdowns and reckonings but instead we get our five minutes of sudden swerve. I'm disappointed and pleased at the same time, since I expected was looking forward to something bigger, but the payoff was still strong in its own right. I would have liked a little more juice and detail to that end but it worked well with what we got.



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Category Update:
The Prestige Category
1. The Rise and Fall of Julius Caesar
2. Extrasensory
3. Innocense
4. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
5. The Three Month Funeral
6. The Rich & Famous
7. Le Plasir, Faux
8. The Fall of Boss Tweed

Spaghetti (100 Points to start)
The Rich & Famous will have a better grade than Extrasensory (Type 1, Betting 50 points)

FAILED (Other way around)

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I guess that you could say that I'm*puts on sunglasses*" the inspiration."YEAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!


You should go read Celluloid Heroes ASAP in order to fully capitalize on using that.  :ph34r:

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