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  1. Tuesday estimates. The Fate of The Furious is up to 1375 mln RUB. $24.35 mln in 13 days. So many movies this holiday weekend but nothing really strong. But next week Guardians of the Galaxy 2 should have very strong opening.
  2. Official weekend estimates. $23.4 mln The Fate of The Furious. $26 mln The Boss Baby.
  3. Saturday estimates. Nearly $2 mln for The Fate of the Furious. 305-307 mln RUB or $5.4 mln second weekend. 1320 mln RUB or $23.4 mln total including projection for Sunday. The Boss Baby already passed 1.5 bln RUB according to Rentrak. Official numbers are a bit less.
  4. Friday estimates. Almost $1 mln for F8
  5. After the first weekend there was a hope that it will catch up. No such luck. Will finish with 1.55-1.6 bln RUB or $27-28 mln. As for Guardians of the Galaxy it may increase from 1.34 bln RUB to 1.6-1.7 bln RUB. But holiday May weekends are always tough. If the weather is fine major cities sometimes are nearly empty.
  6. Thursday grosses. The Fate of the Furious dropped by 74%. A little bit worse than F7 (-72.5%).
  7. Wednesday estimates. $18 mln opening week F8.
  8. Tuesday estimates F8 grossed 952 mln RUB or $16.85 mln. Will pass billion RUB today
  9. Weekend estimates (actuals for some movies) 801.1 mln RUB or $14.18 mln The Fate of The Furios. Only 6% below Furious 7
  10. Looks like Sunday drop will not be that big. Already around $193.5 mln. Opening weekend will be close to $200 mln.
  11. Saturday estimates 795-800 mln RUB or $14.1-14.2 mln OW
  12. Strange. With 468.9 Friday should be 958.9 mln in 2 days.
  13. Currently 468.9 mln OD with midnights on