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  1. I am a big fan of Agatha Cristie. Poirot and Miss Marple are my favorite TV shows that I have watched many times already even I know who are the murderers.
  2. In. Feel marketing for Sing is much better than that for Moana.
  3. Checked box office mojo, Ang Lee only has 13 movies but Spielberg has 30 movies. Only 2-3 big flops for Spielberg. It is a very good record.
  4. Emma looks so small standing by her counterparts: beast or gaston.
  5. R1 will affect Moana's leg. But 300M Dom is locked.
  6. Will see it this weekend or the next weekend when I am in vacation. Nice to see Disney has a great year.
  7. Frozen WIR Zootopia Tangled No desire to watch Big Hero 6 even I am an Asian. Don't know why many people like Tangled so much. For me, it is just meh and only watched once. Watched all others more than 5 times.
  8. Out. Thinking of 280M
  9. Agree. They should have different ticket prices for different type of movies.
  10. I hope that song is not the best one they can offer. It sounds so flat. At least the summer song in Frozen is funny.