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  1. I found the humor great with Tyrese making those silly one liners. I cracked at the black santa scene when he was presented with the car. The penis measuring contest between Statham and The Rock in their jail cells was hilarious. I found the action too much, redundant, and silly. The only action scenes I liked were the prison escape fight and NYC car chase.
  2. In the US/Canada, they report the official gross with the service fees. China just started reporting it this year. I don't know about the other film markets.
  3. FF8 had an Avenger's type opening in China. That kind of opening outside the US is incredible.
  4. Those are massive jumps.
  5. It's tracking to open with 1560m Yuan as stated by some users here. 1560 million Yuan divided by the current exchange rate 6.9= $226 million OW
  6. Yes, it's tracking for a $200 million+ OW in China. It might open higher than Avengers and JW's domestic OW. Small chance it'll be higher than TFA domestic OW.
  7. The big question is how much F8 will make in China after the massive OW. Any guesses? Could a $600 million total in China happen?
  8. I'm in. This club sounds like a lot of fun.
  9. Does anyone think FF8 will be the 2nd highest grossing film of the year worldwide with the massive amount in China? We all know SW8 will likely take the top spot worldwide. There could be surprises like BATB taking the 2nd spot.
  10. Good production values, but overall it feels like a carbon copy of the animated version. Disney played it safe by adding minor changes to the film. Before I viewed it in theaters, I watched the animated version the night before, so that could've affected my viewing experience.
  11. Marvel is continuing its golden age streak. Both the MCU and non-MCU are doing great at the box office. All that money, I hope Fox/Disney donates some of that to feed starving children in Africa or to cure cancer.