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  1. The debate shouldn't be "is TFA a good movie?" The debate should be "why is Star Wars, a franchise not exceedingly more remarkable than many others like it, so much more popular?" If you say "because people grew up with it," then you're basically implying the only reason people like it as much as they do is nostalgia. The original trilogy's popularity can be distilled down to the fact there was nothing like it at the time. But today there are plenty of things like it.
  2. Rogue One and Force Awakens are also opposites in that TFA has a good first half and a rote second half, and Rogue One is kinda boring until the epic finale.
  3. Yeah...unless you're a senior citizen I don't know what that means.
  4. Sure, if all you care about are blockbusters. I'm looking forward to Lost City of Z. Reviews are pretty great.
  5. Critics are way too soft on these movies. I prefer Transformers or Pirates for my dumb action movie fix.
  6. I could see 75m opening though. It's not unprecedented for the genre. Signs opened to 60mil+ back in 02.
  7. 3/4 of the movie was good. When it became an actual Power Rangers action flick it turned to shit. Terrible finale, but everything else was well done.
  8. Awful trailer. No gravitas. Trying too hard to look "fun." Bad CGI or not, that was a weak trailer. Nothing stood out except for "I'm rich"
  9. Good point. Man, the cinema is so fucked.
  10. Problem is they're not real film critics with an education. They're geek critics and they talk like it. You can tell theyre faking it. Most of them anyhow.
  11. Curious why King Kong movies have such trouble truly breaking out? Godzilla more of a draw I guess.
  12. My god...I just read a quote from Hugh basically stating that Logan is a standalone and not beholden to either timeline (which explains why everything is so fucked up in 2029 despite the rosy end of DOFP in 2023). It's clear FOX still doesn't give a shit about continuity, otherwise they would've mandated such things.
  13. The continuity makes sense....if you remove The Last Stand, Origins, The Wolverine, and Apocalypse. LOL. I'll just own everything else and pretend that's it.
  14. Apocalypse cost 180mil and made over 500mil worldwide. There are plans for a sequel. I know you guys here like to get caught up in all of this convoluted math when it comes to domestic vs overseas grosses, but really we know nothing. We do know they're making more. That means it made them a profit.
  15. What sucks is I really don't know how you top these versions of Xavier, Magneto, or Wolverine. There's really nothing left to explore. A reboot would have to focus on the characters who haven't been explored as much: Cyclops, Storm, Gambit, etc.