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  1. It has the marketing of a Netflix movie i.e. none at all.
  2. hahaha oh shit i didn't realize TF5 dropped 50% WW... awesome!
  3. Those 2 shots are admittedly awesomesauce, it kinda reminds me of some 1st age of Middle Earth shit. Like, the Valar coming to Middle Earth to defeat Melkor once and for all.
  4. lol wow at Valerian and The City of Bomb Never expected it to do well but I thought it do about 30-35m at least on OW and then fall of a cliff from there.
  5. The Classic Conversation Thread: The Sequel

    it sounds like a far less interesting version of The Man in the High Castle
  6. Still hoping for that Maginot Line prequel.
  7. The Classic Conversation Thread: The Sequel

    I've reacted to this post.
  8. The Classic Conversation Thread: The Sequel

    um this new like system is weird
  9. The Classic Conversation Thread: The Sequel

    oh wow wtf must've been crawling in his skin

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