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With the ever-growing success of the franchise, by request, here is its own dedicated discussion board.
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  2. Now, this is a topic that i have wanted to make when it comes to the Fast and the Furious-franchise. And here is something i would love to ask. What new casting/character would you have wanted to see in future "The Fast and the Furious"-sequels? Me, personally.....i would have loved to see Jennifer Lawrence play a new character in the series. And even someone like Mackenzie Foy. She is delightful as well. What characters would they play? Well, i would imagine Lawrence as either someone who works for the Police Force....or just be another street-racer. As for Mackenzie......i bet she would be that young character who would meet Dom & his gang. Maybe she is fascinated about what they're doing. Then again, it's just my thoughts of celebrities, that i would love to see. Which actors/actresses would you have loved to see in these films? Comment below and share your thoughts.
  3. F7 represented the perfect ending to a franchise but they hinted a while ago that it would just open a whole new world for the rest of the franchise and as Vin always says - the new trilogy.. I would love to see Nolanesque approach to the franchise/F8/ending...
  4. In the airplane where they will parachute.
  5. Furious 7 will have Heath Ledger effect.
  6. Here's what I'm thinking. If they do end it with 7, then they can have Brian retire. Because if he does, then Dom would want to retire as well. If they continue on to complete the planned trilogy, then I think it's better for Brian to die, heroically of course. That way, his spirit can live on and his actions leave a lasting legacy.
  7. They ought to stop at movie 7. No need to keep going and its a void that can not be filled
  8. I was wondering this earlier when some of one of my friends brought up Paul. They are definitely between a rock and a hard place here. They have to do something that is within respectful boundaries for Paul, but at the same time they can't just get rid of one of the main characters with no explanation. I guess it comes down to exactly how much of the film has been shot already. If they've already shot the ending as well as a lot of key parts of the film I'd say just work around the parts they haven't filmed and just end the series here.
  9. So the film faces a difficult time and must decide what to do with one of its crucial leads. It's a choice that has to be made even though we don't want to have to make it. There are other options on how to do this. I just picked ones that felt respectful to Paul. And this is contingent on whether the filmmakers want to proceed with finishing the planned trilogy.
  10. Hi will be missed! Condolences and wishs to the family
  11. Condolences and prayers to his family...and friends/fans.
  12. RIP Paul...>ALl movie fans and Fast and the furious and those that read of your kind heartedness to charity and those in poverty to sharks and in being a great role model to anew generation of actors and people period... I salute Blessings and abundance to you and your family. And I know your riding out in the sunset with God and can go as fast as you can go all over the universe!.. We will remember!!
  13. I think the 30 mile option makes the most sense. Unless the plane was going in a oval circle which wasn't the case.
  14. I thought the last scene was fantastic! It sparked new life into the series.
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