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  1. I dont see how any other action movie will surpass this for years. Having seen both the first and the third mad max movies and being somewhat dissapointed in both i wasnt sure what to expect with this. But this blew every other action movie out of the water. The sandstorm sequence especially stands out. I was particularly surprised by the amount of narrative heft the film possessed and i did not expect to see the Nicholas Hoult character evolve into such a central sidekick. Tom hardy was strong in this although like others have said he does sound a lot like Bane. This is the type of movie i
  2. Dialogue was stilted at points and it engages itself in a few to many cliches for my liking. But for what its worth it was an enjoyable movie with likeable performances from Giamatti and the Rock. Plus Daddario has a nice pair of eyes
  3. This is going to suck, blow, lick and everything in between all at the same time and i mean that in the worst way possible
  4. It suffers from an uneveness but when it works it knocks it out of the park. The mountain and the abu dhabi action scenes are some of the best in the series but also of movies in general in the last decade. We get a lot more of the enjoyable same old same old with Kurt Russell to spice things up. The villains seem wasted though, and having 2 was definitely an unecassary complication and a waste of Stathams skills. I must say that Wan seems to be able to handle emotional/dramatic scenes better than Lin though and the Paul walker tribute was truly great. Overall I'd put it below Fast 5 and 6
  5. Worst movie of 2014, and it will probably go down as my most hated movie ever. I could tell 5 minutes in that this movie was going to be terrible just from all the random stock nature footage. But I had no idea it was going to be so deplorable. Literally the only thing in this movie worth taking a look at is Scarlett Johansson in her bra. We are subjected to random animal mating footage, disasters and a whole host of other maladies. Somehow a pill can make one defy gravity, give you knowledge you in no way possess and allow you to travel through time. Not to mention our heroin doesn't mind kil
  6. Lucy was by far the worst movie i saw last year, after the first 15 minutes i could just tell how bad it was going to be
  7. In retrospect of this weeks box office how about taken? It made 145m off a 24m OW in January on 25m dollar budget.
  8. Beat me to it, its a success that has no one has ever been able to come close to replicating
  9. Surprised this isnt coming out this year but I see it doing improved numbers based on the second ones reception 40/97/60/157
  10. 23/52 Comedy about a dumb tour guide who gets lost in his own museum The kardashians suck
  11. 21/65 Comedy about a man who hires a lawyer to for the right to throw up on people Pointless movie
  12. 22/68 Comedy about a guy who trolls people through the radio The guy who predicted the boxoffice
  13. 13/44 Musical about a witch who makes a love potion to get the prince to fall in love with her fails miserably. He stole my lunch
  14. 11/37 A hard working man works a double shift to keep his mortgage afloat and feed his family. Nominated for best actor Guess who decided to stop by
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