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  1. I think I'm going to start an under 200m domestic thread.......
  2. With the drawing power of Orlando Bloom this is guaranteed to break every record known to man.
  3. Well technically but they also weren't about the roman empire. A movie about something as controversial as the crusades is bound to make less money no matter how good it is than a film about Julius Caeser who is a quintessential part of pop culture. Also I forgot to mention Troy which was fairly successful and also a serious movie. Alexander and Kingdom of Heaven suffered too much from poor casting, bad directing and controversy that turned people away. A straight epic adventure action movie about the roman empire could easily make good money if it was correctly marketed and well made.
  4. Still debating to myself whether or not this or pixels will be the worst summer blockbuster of the year.
  5. After the success of Gladiator the sword and sandals genre came back with a bang but left with a whimper. Kingdom of Heaven and Alexander were both failures and while the 300 movies were succesful they were far less grounded in reality to be considered historical or even historical fiction. Since Gladiator the only movie we have gotten about the Roman empire was The Eagle, but that was too low key to really break out. Aside from what Gladiator did(which invented a character who take place in a fairly historically accurate background) there is so many other movies about Rome that could be made.The second punic war could make for an epic film where Scipio Africanus defeated the great Carthagnian general Hannibal Barca. A biographical movie about Julius Caeser would be awesome if done right and I'm honestly surprised they havent made one yet. You could even do a film about some of the more famous roman emperors like Augustus or Trajan. Even a film about the late Roman empire with Attila the Hun as an enemy would be pretty good. Thoughts?
  6. Comes in hoping for thoughtful discussion about the movie..... Sees endless back and forth accusations about sexism.... Leaves
  7. I dont see how any other action movie will surpass this for years. Having seen both the first and the third mad max movies and being somewhat dissapointed in both i wasnt sure what to expect with this. But this blew every other action movie out of the water. The sandstorm sequence especially stands out. I was particularly surprised by the amount of narrative heft the film possessed and i did not expect to see the Nicholas Hoult character evolve into such a central sidekick. Tom hardy was strong in this although like others have said he does sound a lot like Bane. This is the type of movie i want to see in theaters more than once and i will be going again on monday. A
  8. Dialogue was stilted at points and it engages itself in a few to many cliches for my liking. But for what its worth it was an enjoyable movie with likeable performances from Giamatti and the Rock. Plus Daddario has a nice pair of eyes
  9. This has an excellent chance of happening so in.
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