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  1. Disney is evil IMHO. Ton of monopolistic behavior with the movie business over the last 10-20 years. This monopolistic tendency can also be seen with ESPN, which has thrown its weight around too damn much in college football. I would not mind if the Mouse House completely implodes.
  2. Being brutally honest here. The people visiting movie theaters right now are probably pretty desperate for the “movie outing” stuff after all the shutdown issues this year. I would guess their standards are not very high.
  3. Numbers probably are not very good. I think they would be pretty excited to brag about strong numbers if that was the case.
  4. 30-40 minutes is not bad for movie theater. I am curious to see what happens to them as a result of the pandemic and the studios putting more & more emphasis on streaming.
  5. Yep. He has the best villains. Gotham City itself is a cool storytelling aspect when handled the right way.
  6. How far is the closest movie theater from your dad’s house? In terms of rural Internet, there is hope for the future. Both satellite Internet (Amazon/Tesla) and fixed wireless 5G should provide a pretty huge upgrade for rural folks in the next 5 years.
  7. Not sure I would describe this as light and hopeful. Seemed pretty serious for a huge chunk of the movie.
  8. Kinda silly that they have not figured out how to launch HBO Max in all the markets so far. But I guess they will eventually figure it out.
  9. Makes you wonder how many of the films have this type of language in the contracts.
  10. You make some good points and I agree, it will be very interesting to see how it all plays out. I hope you are right about the classic movies getting more showings in theaters. In recent years I've gone to some of those special TCM events for films like Wayne's World, Jaws, The Godfather, and Singing in the Rain. I wish we had more of those showings.
  11. Long term it's not a very good investment for the typical banker type of people who might do that. COVID has sped up the inevitable reality that was probably gonna happen in 10 years. Movie theaters might end up more like the current market for Blu-ray or vinyl music. Drop in the bucket compared to the streaming market.
  12. It's true. Disney is the one I don't understand out of all of them. They had a movie with $2.8 billion by itself at the box office in 2019. You would think this particular studio would very much like to keep the old box office system in place instead of allowing it to be quickly dismantled. Even if people believe the population might want to go back to movie theaters in say 12-18 months, the question is will theaters be there to help meet this surge in demand? Many of them will be shutting down permanently due to the COVID situation. Who is going to take the risk to invest the mone
  13. Good points about Paramount and Nolan. That is a very possible landing spot for him if he's done with Warner. I am very curious to see what happens with all the movie studios as a result of the rough times with COVID. I think the only safe ones in the long run are Disney, Warner, Universal. The others are vulnerable enough to end up getting bought out by the Big 3. Sony is "safe" from a buyout due to the fact Sony itself is a massive corporation outside the movies. But I could easily see Sony dumping their movie business entirely and selling it to someone else. Paramoun
  14. I think he will have to significantly adjust his budget expectations after the COVID flop with Tenet and the possible death of traditional box office moving forward. Disney still releases non-safe stuff that ends up flopping. I'm sure they would like to replace that type of content with Nolan instead. Here are examples: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Nutcracker_and_the_Four_Realms https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Wrinkle_in_Time_(2018_film)
  15. I think they would give it to him, but would need a much lower budget than Tenet. Maybe $80-100M budget range, similar to Dunkirk.
  16. Disney seems like the most likely spot for him. Disney is the studio with the most to gain from keeping theaters afloat. They are the company with the strongest properties at the box office, whether it's Marvel or Star Wars or Avatar, etc. Disney also has Alan Horn, a former executive at Warner who was in charge of greenlighting a huge chunk of Nolan's filmography at WB.
  17. Pretty good prediction. I'm not against it if they do a great job, but do you trust them to actually pull it off in a great way? My instinct says nope!
  18. I just think it's a shame there are 3 sequels to the original Matrix film, which was legitimately great. Now that it appears Nolan and Warner have burned bridges with each other, it would not surprise me to see AT&T push for some Inception sequels. Hopefully Nolan got some ironclad language to block that shit if he's not involved in the production.
  19. Agreed 100%. There are many folks out there who rarely went to theaters even before the pandemic. I'm one of them, despite my interest in tracking box office and such. There are certain movies you want to see on the big screen if you can, but there are many other movies that don't need to be seen in a theater. You and me have very similar view on that. Now another big question here is that beyond consumer choice, the COVID pandemic itself might just kill the movie theater companies. So even if we wanted to go back to theaters in safer/healthier times for the population, we might n
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