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  1. Good numbers for Belfast under these circumstances. I don't see why it should miss $1.8 million unless the previews were inflated by the holiday.
  2. Anything on Belfast ? Are they going ahead with the 500+ theaters release ?
  3. Wes Anderson's last live action movie did $60 million. Larrain's last English language movie made less than a quarter of that. $2.5 million from 1000 theaters isn't terrible for an arthouse movie in today's market.
  4. Thanks. It seems a bit high for a movie like this but I guess no one is platforming movie in 5 theaters these days.
  5. Larrain is a brilliant director. There is no fucking way that the guy who directed movies like The Club and Neruda will direct an episode of The Crown. That's a very deceptive trailer.
  6. Godzilla vs Kong is going to be a good test at the end of the month. It should clear $20 million.
  7. Don't read too much into the fast-track decision. Hollywood is completely shutdown for holidays and ,in all likelihood, this was decided even before the movie opened. At any rate, a 3rd WW was always going to be greenlighted. The biggest question will be whether Jenkins returns and on which terms. WB had a much tighter reins on Jenkins for the first movie and it turned out to be good. They mostly let her do what she wanted to and the reception is more mixed this time so I am not sure if WB will go the same route this time.
  8. I know it will make money if they don't spend anything on CGI like they didn't for this one but the billion dollar potential is likely no longer there.
  9. If they are smart they'll keep the follow-ups on HBO Max. Maybe make a WW TV show because the quality of the movie and the release strategy may have killed the mega-blockbuster potential of the franchise. The sequel to this movie is not going to come close to WW's $400 million domestic gross and the CBM audience in the rest of the world is probably watching it for free after it leaked yesterday. How much will the sequel to this movie make worldwide in 2023 ? $500 million ?
  10. That's not the only movie Legendary is making for WB so they also have leverage. Legendary's concerns are valid. If Netflix or another streamer is willing to pay $250 million then that's the market price. Why should they settle for less from HBO max ? WB benefits from any gains in HBO Max subscriptions not legendary and they shouldn't settle for any less.
  11. WB fucked up and it isn't even debatable. A lot of directors and actors go to studios like WB only for their theatrical promise. It made sense to send some movies to streaming. It makes no sense to antagonize some fairly important people in the process. HBO Max has nothing on Netflix. It doesn't have the budget and it doesn't have the reach. If they are lucky then by the end of the year they'll have half the number of subscribers that Hulu has.
  12. If they completely get rid of theatrical in 2021 then they will have to lay off thousands of employees and shut down entire divisions within the studio so I don't see them sticking to their HBO MAX plans. I am expecting them to revisit it in six months max. Edited to Add : HBO Max had 12.6 million active subscribers as of early December. I'm guessing that they must be hoping for 20 million at the end of the quarter to justify the Wonder Woman sacrifice.
  13. I'm certain they are doing this to boost HBO MAX in the short term and they'll revisit this decision in 6 months. It makes no sense to leave so much revenue on the table permanently.
  14. They can also move it to November if one of Black Widow or James Bond gets moved to next year.
  15. Trailer is fine but they need to keep the December date for international territories. Holiday time-frame is more crucial for something like Dune. Move WW84 to february/march where it will do great.
  16. Yeah, I agree. New York is on the same timeline as most Western European countries and they all have cinemas open. They could've tried opening some theaters just like California.
  17. They have two options if they are keeping it in 2020 - either Thanksgiving or Christmas. I'm not sure if they'd want to open against Bond and a couple of weeks removed from Black Widow. Christmas makes more sense but it will fuck up Dune's release strategy.
  18. Sony announced a bunch of low budget movie releases in the next couple of months. Other studios could have done it as well.
  19. Looks like that both Disney and WB are going to lose money on their blockbusters. Even if Disney made $50-60 million from Mulan's VOD , that's not good enough for a movie like this.
  20. Lead actors also come in close contact with other crew members so they'll have to make sure that no hair, make-up and other crew got infected as well. The production will probably stay shuttered for the next 2-3 weeks.
  21. Portrait of a Lady on Fire is a great movie so I'll take a version 2.0 any day of the week. The issue is that it doesn't look anything like that except for the beach walking part. Portrait's first trailer was very intense and cinematic. This looks drab in comparison.
  22. The magic number is 112 million views across all platforms. Does it have a chance ? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_most-viewed_online_videos_in_the_first_24_hours#Top_trailers
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