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  1. Having McGillis back would have actually been really cool, but it seems like she wasn't really in a place to want to be a part of all this again. I think she looks great in that second picture (God, please don't take a picture of me when I'm running to the grocery store and use it to shame me), and it would have been nice to see a woman still get the guy looking like a regular woman, tbh. Happy for her, though, and hope she's doing well. At least I can save my money and skip this.
  2. Wow. That’s a lot of movie. Hopefully that means a lot of flashbacks. The kids were the better part of the book for me, and I loved the first movie, so I’d definitely be up for that. Still...that’s a lot of movie.
  3. The trailer for this played in front of my showing of TLK and boy, was that not the right audience for this movie, lol.
  4. It is really fun to go back and read the Endgame opening weekend thread. Starting around page 125 or so when people get some real numbers and a feel for how big this thing was going to be, the reactions are just so fun, especially now in retrospect with it being the champ. Reading it from the beginning when people were hoping for the weekend record, then thinking maybe 275, then maybe 300, then it just sort of goes nuts. Good stuff for a rainy day.
  5. Saw this again today. It’s just so entertaining. I was surprised at how full the theater was, though it was the only showing today. About 40 people, some of whom I swear had not seen it by their reactions. I wonder how many were like me and wanted to be part of the weekend where it gets the record. Yes, I’m a dork.
  6. If you think The Lion King and BP are similar, I have some interesting news for you about the stories of Joseph and Moses from the Bible, and a couple of Shakespeare's works. These are all major tropes repeated in many stories over thousands of years. They are just done well here and told in interesting ways, but it isn't like it's a new story.
  7. Looks fun enough but definitely something to catch at home. Kind of looks like it belongs on TV, really. I loved the older ones for their stupidity with a side of self-awareness though, so maybe this will surprise and find lots of younger fans. Certainly seems aimed at that set.
  8. I thought maybe I'd read the spoilers for this and get excited, but they all just sound meh. I think I just don't care that much after EG.
  9. It was good. Still felt unnecessary. But, it was beautifully done, and quite entertaining. Just not really sure I get why this particular story just so HAD to be told. I don’t know, I don’t want to criticize a good movie because they are few and far between, but it still just didn’t quite hit me the way 3 did. Bit of an afterthought feel to it. Forky was great. Wish the original gang was together more.
  10. I liked TLJ as an individual movie. I didn't think it worked particularly well as a franchise movie. Kind of reminded me of how I feel about Alien 3. Good monster movie on its own, but a franchise killer. TLJ felt the same disconnect from the rest of the franchise. As a standalone, it was beautiful, there were some good character moments, an interesting story, etc. Not perfect, but I liked it. But, as the second part of a major franchise trilogy, all those things built up in TFA had little to no payoff (though, this can be rectified/retconned in TRoS), and the new things and characters introduced were not particularly interesting or connected to the primary story. I know SW has never been cohesively planned the way the MCU is, but it still felt disconnected in a way that I am surprised the powers that be missed. I still enjoyed TLJ. There are some great moments. It is beautifully shot in places. I loved seeing Mark again as Luke. But, I walked out sort of deflated by it all, whereas I left TFA with such incredible excitement for what was to come. I just wish a little more thought had gone into making these three movies work together instead of fighting to fit together as a singular story arc.
  11. Saw EG for probably the final time in theaters yesterday. There were around 30 people at our 3pm showing. It was such an interesting mix! Dads with kids. Me with 5 teenage girls. A single woman in her 60's. A couple of guys in their 30's. Some older teen boys. A mom, dad and their two young kids. Two older guys in probably their late 50s, one wearing a Cap shirt. It just seemed like such an interesting real life representation of why the movie was so huge. The Aladdin theater was super packed, though interestingly, the teen girls with me who had seen it declared it "just okay". On the other hand, they were all super excited for Frozen II, since they were at exactly the right age when the first one came out. It's like their first experience of nostalgia. I had two people somewhat randomly tell me that MIB:I was terrible. Like it was so bad, they felt the need to volunteer the information, lol. Poor Hems.
  12. Trust me, as a mom, let me assure you that to appeal to young girls, this just needs some minor association with Frozen, lol.
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