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  1. Gotta admit, Trevor coming back is disappointing to me personally. The 80's setting...yikes, that's ugly. I loved the first, and I'll definitely see this, but I'm wildly less excited about it now.
  2. Beautiful teaser! Made me tear up. I wasn't really excited for this. Kind of thought Burton would make it too weird. But now, I'm really looking forward to it.
  3. My 12-year old said she really loved it. I enjoyed it, too, but I do think she liked it more. She liked Quira a lot. Says she wants to be her for Halloween.
  4. I enjoyed it. Wasn't blown away, but was consistently entertained. I felt the same way about Glover's Lando. I know he got a ton of praise from critics, but I actually thought it was a bit over the top and lacked BDW's smoothness, though I guess you could argue that came with age. I liked Alden just fine, and it was probably a good choice for him NOT to try to mimic Harrison, since it wasn't going to happen. Emilia was surprisingly good and had an interesting character arc where she wasn't evil, just a survivor, but was ultimately out to protect herself and you kind of got why. I did like some of the little shoutouts, like Lando mispronouncing Han and Chewie pulling people's arms off. That was funny. Also, Han just shooting Tobias at the end was a big meta FU to the whole Greedo thing, and I loved that. That was the part that got the biggest reaction at our showing last night. I'll probably see it again, but I'm not ready to rush out and do it right now like I was with IW or TFA. It's just sort of sitting over there being a perfectly fine movie, but nothing exceedingly special.
  5. Ooomph, just checked online and our AMC here is no where near the presales of other SW or MCU movies. We are going tonight and there are plenty of good seats left at our 8pm showing. The 3D showings are really looking empty. I'm excited, though. My expectations are firmly in check, but I think it will be entertaining.
  6. Predator and Aliens franchises have so disappointed me. *sigh* This looks lame, sorry. Shane Black is hit or miss for me, but this doesn't do it for me at all. I'll just pull out my original Predator DVD and watch that.
  7. I just bought our seats for the 8pm showing Thursday night. 7pm showing, all the good seats were gone already. Dang, Star Wars fans buy early!
  8. My 12:30 show that day was almost totally sold out and it was playing on a bunch of screens. Amazing on a Sunday. I haven’t seen that even with TFA.
  9. I'll definitely be there opening day. Cautiously optimistic? I generally find Howard's films to be competent and entertaining, if not mind-blowing. It is weird how I don't think Glover looks much like BDW, but he pulls it off instantly and screams Lando to me, whereas Alden is just sort of there. I don't know. That's a tough sell for any actor.
  10. It has been ages since I watched Thor 2, but I thought the aether wasn't so much on earth as accessible from earth at that particular moment in time b/c of some weird cosmic planetary convergence thing that like opened a portal or something? The kids were dropping shoes and bottles through it in that old warehouse...I could be wrong, though. Been a long time. Anyway, I will be disappointed if the THANOS thing doesn't work out. Tessaract, H--?, Aether, Necklace, Orb, Scepter. That was kind of a cool Easter Egg/fan theory thing. My April 26th 7pm IMAX show has a few seats up front and the wheelchair seats left. That isn't technically sold out, but looking at a few of the other screenings that night, a lot are close to that point.
  11. I like that you slipped up and called him Hawkguy. Heh. James Gunn tweeted again about his love for this movie. He does seem genuinely enthused.
  12. Other than with TFA, at least at my big city AMC, these tickets were the ones going the fastest. Nothing compared to trying to get TFA tickets, when the website crashed and then they were all gone in moments and I had to go to a theater a half hour away, but still. Looking at the opening night and even Friday night, presales are really strong here. I think there is more of a comfort with and understanding of the need for a pre-purchased ticket nowadays. One nice thing is that AMC will let you cancel your order anytime before the show, so I went ahead and bought tickets for each day of opening weekend, which I might not keep, but at least I have them. This movie feels like an event (which I know has become a bit of a joke on this site). I think the move to a worldwide release date made it feel more that way, at least to me. I don't know why they did that, maybe some big spoiler they don't want leaking early, but it did make it feel more like a big thing that Marvel fans around the world get to enjoy together, if that makes sense.
  13. I've generally liked GDT's work, and genuinely love both Hellboys, but Pacific Rim is the only movie I've walked out of that didn't involve a tired toddler (guess I'll never know how Charlotte's Web and Beverly Hills Chihuahua ended). I thought it was absolutely awful. The acting, the script, the story, just everything was really, really terrible to me. PR2 at least has an appealing lead and doesn't seem to be about a whole lot more than big robots vs. monsters, though it definitely feels like something I can watch at home. Didn't JB produce or something? I think it will be interesting how it does overseas since I think a lot of it getting a sequel in the first place was b/c of the international success of the first. Wonder if they will embrace this version. We are definitely seeing a shift in what audiences movies are aiming for, and it isn't always the US one, which is probably good in the long run, even if this isn't really my cup of tea.
  14. My feeling was that AWIT wasn't terrible, but it wasn't good, either. Just sort of there. My daughter and mom felt the same way. Daughter loved the book, which they read in school last year, and she was especially disappointed by it, I think. Too bad. I was hoping for something really special.

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