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  1. We have tickets for Thursday night and Saturday. With AMC, you can get a refund by clicking a button, so I'd rather buy the tickets now and have good seats. If something comes up, we'll cancel and get our money back. No harm, no foul. Just makes sense to me! Plus, I love being at these event movies opening night. There's such a great atmosphere.
  2. Saw this last night. I didn’t think it was particularly good, but it was entertaining enough and Momoa is very likeable, even if Heard was meh. My daughter (12) did not like it. She said there was too much going on with the cgi and the story was dumb, which I can’t argue with, though I think I could overlook that and just sort of sit back and be like, “shiny! Pretty! Him big.” Eh. It was a resounding okay from us, I guess, which is a step in the right direction.
  3. I enjoyed it. Got to take my almost 13 year old and she loved it. The funniest bit was with Fred Savage, but that one segment alone was worth my ticket price.
  4. I'm excited for this one and so is my 12 year old. We both loved the original. I don't really have any interest in Bumblebee or Aquaman. Wish them well, but not my kind of movie. I'd love to see Spiderman, but the animation style in the trailer really bothered my eyes. I don't think I could take a whole movie like that. We'll be seeing this one Christmas Day.
  5. This isn't my usual thing, but that looks really fun. I remember my brother watching those old movies over and over. I'm sold.
  6. The animation style here is really hard for my eyes for some reason. Kind of like that sequence in Incredibles 2 with the flashing lights. It's just really hard for me to watch even the trailers. I have no idea why. The motion is so jerky, it feels like my vision keeps trying to catch up with it or something. It looks like a cute movie, but I don't think I could sit through it. I wear glasses, but it isn't like my prescription is Coke bottle kind of lenses. I don't know.
  7. I admit that this holds zero appeal for me personally, but I really hope it does well. I'm glad DC is trying some different things. I like the leads. It looks bonkers, but maybe that kind of creative fuel is what the 'verse needs. Between this, Shazam and WW2 (both of which I do want to see), DC seems to be course correcting.
  8. I'm very excited for this. I'll be there at the first showing. But, I also think the delivery of her lines and the way she holds herself comes off as flat and stilted in the trailers. Now, we have only see like a minute's worth of her in the film. And there is probably a story reason why that is the case (maybe she's been brainwashed and this is her in that mode, I don't know). I'm definitely reserving judgment because I've heard good things about Brie's acting, though I haven't seen her in anything else. I liked everything else about the trailer. Fury, the cat, the sci-fi look of it, her kicking ass, the helmet, all very cool. I just thought the she didn't pull off the cheesy one-liner about ending a war and the other scenes where she was speaking were kind of meh. Might work great in context and make total sense, I don't know. I'm still really looking forward to it, but I can see where some of the criticism is coming from. I just think we need to reserve judgment until we get the actual movie because there could be lots of reasons her delivery in those scenes is a bit off.
  9. I saw that the first issue of the prelude comic for A4 is supposed to be released 12/5, so we have to get a trailer and name by then, right?
  10. I know it isn’t the exciting weekend story, but I took my daughter and some friends to that BTS concert movie and the theater was packed at $15 a seat. She loved it and wants to go again.
  11. I'm interested. Not chomping at the bit, but it looks intriguing. I actually just watched First Class and DoFP again for the first time since theaters the other day and they were entertaining enough. I don't think it can sit through Apocalypse again, but I still like the characters and the whole concept. Good to see Charles and Eric back to their usual relationship squabbles.
  12. I thought it looked great, and I'm super excited for it. Loving the 90's vibe and the memory loss angle is kind of a cool way to approach an origin without doing a literal origin. Very much looking forward to this one, way more so than AM&TW or Thor 3.
  13. Basically, my entire family, from youngest to oldest, wants to see this Christmas Day. Pretty sure it is going to make bank.
  14. I never liked Cavill's Superman, but I don't think he was my problem with the portrayal. I think he was doing the best with what he was given and what he was given just didn't work for me, so I'll kind of miss that he didn't get the chance to really do something with such an iconic character. I do agree that they just need to let the DCEU breathe for a bit other than what they have in the works and the one thing that is working (WW). Just get some distance then come back strong. Such great characters and stories to tell there, but I think they just blew their chance this time and need to step back for a bit.
  15. And he looks good for 56, like I said, but I haven't seen him in anything in probably 15 years or more, so it was weird to see him look so much older than I remembered in my head. Just a bit jarring. Like I said? Not knocking him. It just threw me. Bit like seeing someone from college that you haven't seen in ages and wow, they got old, just like the rest of us.

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