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  1. I don't actually go to the theater to see that many movies, so would personally be happy to see more streaming options available for first run movies. Like, I would never go to the theater to see Tenet or Bond. I might (maybe) pay to rent or watch things like that on streaming or just wait for them to show up on Amazon or something, especially right now. On the other hand, I love going to see things like Endgame or Star Wars in the theater and might see a big movie like that easily 5 times. I'm sure my personal movie going tastes are not the norm though. I want theaters to be viable for those movies I do want to see in theater, and I don't know if that math works if the rest of the clutter moved to streaming, but there is a whole generation growing up very comfortable watching movies on streaming. I wonder if we will eventually see more home media rooms become the norm and that's just how people get their entertainment.
  2. This is good news! I liked the first DS okay, but it was kind of paint by the numbers, all in all. Even though I don't like Spiderman all that much, Spiderman 2 still ranks as what I consider the best superhero movie. Excited to see what he brings to the table with Marvel.
  3. Interested to see how this will do. I haven't heard anyone talk about it in real life, but I guess I'm not around the audience for it very much. My daughter (14) and her friends have talked about Mulan, BW, WW, etc., but not this one, which I guess is good b/c I wouldn't let her watch it anyway. Though I would like to see it when it's on streaming or something. Looks at least mildly entertaining, though the trailers didn't really appeal to me. Anyway, should be interesting.
  4. I liked TLJ. I have quibbles with it like most anything, but overall, I enjoyed it. I don't think it worked great as a franchise movie, but that's on Lucasfilm for not having a coherent overall story mapped out. That's still just...mindblowing to me. I truly cannot fathom it. Going to see TROS again Saturday at my daughter's request. She loves it, and I quite liked it, too. It's got issues, but its really entertaining, too, and I've gotten use to the pace of the first 45 minutes now, so that doesn't bother me anymore.
  5. I didn't hate TLJ by any means, but I do feel like this would have all been so much better if the basic plotlines of TROS had been spread out over two movies instead of crammed into one. It could have been really interesting with Ben learning how he was manipulated since he was a child, how the darkness in him was a lot of Palpatine's doing, how his feeling of being rejected and having his family fear him made him such easy pickings, and I think that the audience could have bought into his redemption and keeping him alive if we'd had more time to address all of that. That could have been such an interesting parallel to Rey and how she dealt with isolation and feeling abandoned. As it was, those few minutes of Ben Solo at the end had the most interesting, charismatic character I felt like I'd seen for a while. I wanted to see him and Rey fighting Palps together. I don't really care one way or the other about Reylo, but it was really kind of weird how he got shunted off to the side (in a pit, whatever), while all the Force ghosts were like "Ben who?" I expected the ending to involve both of them having to come together to defeat the Big Bad and that...was not really what I had in mind, lol. Ah, well. I still really enjoyed the movie. Just will be forever sort of doing the What Could Have Been if they had, you know, had some sort of plan for this from the get-go.
  6. I think you are very right here. It so depends on what you have grown up with. I remember those scenes in CTHD, and I thought they were so, so stupid, but, of course, they make just as much sense as The Force and Jedi when you think about it. I've tried a few more recent Wuxia films and just can't get into them at all. I'm assuming there is some cultural divide that keeps SW niche in China and the same for Wuxia films in the US. But, you are correct that if a movie could find a way bridge that gap, it would probably be very successful. How was The Matrix received in parts of Asia? Wonder if the sequel will try to pull some more elements and more Asian characters into it.
  7. AMC's website seems to be glitching at the moment. I was trying to see about tickets for Christmas Day and it gives me an error message.
  8. Really enjoyed it. Crowd was into it. Sold out Dolby theater, so real fans willing to fork over $20+ each, lol. Had a lot of fun. People seemed happy after? My daughter loved it. We are seeing it again tomorrow!
  9. It's such a weird disconnect to talk to real life casual fans and then come online. Anyway, I'm super excited for it. Didn't hate TLJ (actually, thought it was a very good movie, just not a great franchise movie, kind of like Alien 3, and Ackbar should've been in the Holdo role, but that's minor), read the spoilers and am fine with them, and can't wait for tomorrow night. I know, controversial opinion, I'll see myself out.
  10. I think the very positive reviews of TLJ affected my expectations, and I'm probably better off keeping those in check for this one.
  11. I feel like they totally forgot what made Ghostbusters so great. It was funny and weird and a little scary, but a giant marshmallow sailor stepped on a church, you know?
  12. Yeah, I got what it was attempting to do, just didn’t think it did it well. Then they literally called it out within the movie, so it was kind of lifeless satire for me.
  13. I was honestly disappointed with this. I think my expectations were too high. The plot seemed way too obvious and Craig’s accent was distractingly terrible. Everyone other than Craig hamming it up, I liked, but it just didn’t really work for me that well. I did like the cast and the set decoration. Kudos to the costume team for putting Chris in a sweater. Otherwise just kind of okay for me. Not awful or anything, but with all the praise at the twists in the plot, I thought there would be more of those.
  14. Really loved it, as did my 13 year old daughter. She asked when we would see it again as soon as it was over. Very rewatchable, I think. Our theater was pretty full but not sold out or anything, though the theater itself had several private screenings happening for a couple of businesses, so maybe that affected the number of showtimes. Big applause at the end.
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