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  1. Saw free screening of this. Glad I didn't pay for it. Was just really stupid trying to be funny or something. I don't know. Didn't work for me.
  2. My 11-year-old daughter asked me if she could watch this trailer and I was astounded she'd even heard of it. Of course, I said no, but I have no idea where she picked up on there even being a movie about a killer clown out. On the adaptation front, I always thought the first two Harry Potter movies were really faithful adaptations, and yet, managed not to capture a lot of the actual feel of the books. Sometimes, you can be TOO deferential to the source material. I loved the book, but I'd rather see something that is faithful to the "spirit" of the book than necessarily recreating it scene-by-scene, line-by-line. I have to admit, I was really skeptical at first with this. Some of the early promo stuff looked pretty questionable, but dang if the teaser and trailer haven't been outstanding. If they bring that feel to the whole movie, look out. Hoping to hear good reviews for this one. I think it will make money, regardless, but it would be great to have one of King's iconic stories that really lives up to the potential (RIP Dark Tower).
  3. Saw this again today in a nearly sold out theater. Still loved it on second viewing. Still got all emotional. I'm not sure my love for Diana will make me part with actual money to see JL, but the fact that I'm even considering it says something.
  4. I liked WW a lot more than TDK. I know TDK is a classic to many, and I do see why, but I honestly could never take Bale's portrayal of Batman seriously (pun intended). It cracked me up every time he was on screen. I quite annoyed my date that night, I think. Of course, Heath's role was fantastic, but it didn't make up for how incredibly stupid Batman was (to me!). I didn't like WW more than The Avengers or IM 1, though. It's just opinion. Everyone has one. I'm thrilled to see it doing so well and hope it means we get more superhero movies, more movies directed by women and more female leads. If that's liking it for the ideological factor, then I guess I'm ok with that.
  5. I have to admit, I haven't heard of this except here on the forum. The synopsis makes it sound terrible, but it seems like maybe it is something else entirely than what the description would suggest. Good to see an original film be well received. I find most of Edgar Wright's films work better for me when I watch them on the TV rather than in the theater, where I never feel like I got my money's worth.
  6. I am willing to give Disney/Lucasfilm the benefit of the doubt here since I really liked TFA and RO. I know L&M have a certain style that the producers had to be aware of when hiring, but it isn't like directors can't mesh a style to a particular project. Russos come from Community and managed TWS and CACW. Whedon has Serenity and some TV stuff and pulls off Avengers. Jenkins had done Monster and some episodes of The Killing, etc. and we get Wonder Woman. It isn't crazy to say that someone is talented and has a vision, but we want them to graft that onto this thing we are trying to make and do it well. It isn't like L&M weren't aware that Lucasfilm was going to be all over this movie and have an active role in how it developed. I mean, if they were shocked by that, then they haven't been paying attention. If there was a fundamental difference in how the character was perceived, that's an issue. Han isn't a comedic character. He's funny and sarcastic at times, but if it was 21 Jump Street in space, then that doesn't seem like the right fit. Weird that it took so long, though. You really have to wonder why these "creative differences" didn't come to a head earlier. Will be very interesting to see how this ultimately turns out. Most people just want a good movie and don't much know or care about the background drama.
  7. Reddit seems to have a positive review up that is very spoilery. I haven't read it, just got the thumbs up from a friend who did. No clue how trustworthy the source is.
  8. Got our tickets for opening night! Really excited for this. I think it looks like a lot of fun. Haven't been a big fan of Spiderman recently, but I really liked him in CACW and since this is part of the MCU now, I'm hooked. I love RDJ and what he has done with this role. *shrug* But, I get not liking an actor or character. Most people have someone they just.don't.like.
  9. I remember being so excited when I heard about The Mummy b/c I genuinely thought it was a reboot of the one with Rick and Evie, and we would have more Mummy movies from that 'verse. Finding out Tom Cruise was in it was so disappointing. Go away, Tom. Looks to me like you're on the wrong side of the RIIIIIVEERRRRRRR. Glad to see WW doing so well. It was excellent.
  10. I'm one of the people who has hated what the DCEU has produced so far. I wasn't a fan of Gadot in what little we saw of her in BvS. She seemed bland and unappealing, probably from seeming to try too hard to be awesome or something. So...anyway, yeah, not exactly a "stan." Wonder Woman was amazing. Truly, a fantastic movie. Gadot was charming, badass and relatable all at one time. The story had layers, didn't ignore some tough subjects and the cast was stellar across the board. There were funny moments and touching moments, but none that felt cloying or unearned the way they did in BvS or Superman. I wanted to turn right around and see it again. If I do end up seeing Justice League, it will be solely because of Diana.
  11. I think Mera looks great! Right out of the comic. Someone posted a side by side on tumblr and it was perfect. Love the colors. I admit, I'm not a fan of what DC has done, movie-wise, but I'm really looking forward to this one. Kind of seems to be embracing the campiness a bit. Hope its fun.
  12. Well, I'm interested in how it is reviewed. I wasn't impressed with Gadot in BvS or Fast & Furious, which I think are the only things I've seen her in. She seems very bland. Pretty, but not much happening there. On the other hand, that could easily have been the material she was given. Everyone has to start somewhere and perhaps she has really improved. So, it will be interesting to me to see what critics make of her as a lead. I genuinely hope the movie does well. I love WW and want more female-led movies, whether superhero or not, so I'm cheering for it. I'm just...reserving judgment, let's say. Hesitant to get excited. I've hated what DC has done so far, so...but, this could be the one that breaks out. Saw a great billboard for it downtown on my way in to work this morning. Glad to see it getting promotion. My daughter definitely wants to see it, so I'm sure we'll be going.
  13. I love both Alien and Aliens. Fewer things have horrified me (in a good way) more than Alien. Aliens really just took the idea and went a totally different direction, which was very smart. What really set them apart, for me, was that the characters felt so real, you could identify with them and care about them, unlike the cardboard, forgettable morons in the more recent films. Both movies really hinted at this larger world with more stories out there. I think part of my bitterness is that it could have been such an amazing franchise and then...wow, did they just muck it all up. It is the what could have been that keeps bringing me back, even though I am inevitably disappointed.
  14. I liked it better on rewatch, too. As others said, same with TFA. I think with TFA, I was just so nervous it was going to suck. I walked out feeling like, okay, that was...good? Then the second time, it was more holy sh*t, I think I love this. Didn't have quite the same depth of reaction with GotG2, but it did work even better for me the second time around. Just a really fun, watchable movie.
  15. Is he going to be in the Pacific Rim sequel? I thought it was John Boyega. Admittedly, I have not been following that one closely (obviously).

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