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  1. I haven't managed to sit through a Scorsese film yet, so I think we just have different tastes, lol. Glad to see more options for entertainment, but it is a business, ultimately, before it is an Art Form or whatever. Marvel can dry their tears with all their billions.
  2. It's too bad so many of these 80s franchises seem to have fizzled. I still think there is an interesting story to tell here, especially nowadays with AI and lack of privacy becoming a real thing. Could have been relevant in a different way than just a rehash. It does seem crazy to spend that much money without Cameron actually directing, because after the last few, if you are going to go big, you really had to hit it out of the ballpark with this. A shame, really. I like Arnold and Hamilton a lot, but they can only do so much with the material. Too bad Cameron is so Avatar obsessed. If he was going to really get into one of his properties, I wish it had been something like Terminator instead of that, but alas, he seems to only be truly interested in that at the moment.
  3. Tickets bought for opening night and Thanksgiving Day. Very excited for this!
  4. I absolutely loved the first one, but bringing Pine back and the 80s setting just really do not appeal to be at all. WW is hard enough to make not look silly, and the stills they released so far are really close to camp. I don't know. I wish it well, but I'm surprisingly (to me) very meh about it.
  5. I love RDJ, I really do, he is so talented, but even my Tony Stark love can't get me to spend money on this. Also, someone please tell him to stop doing accents. He is Not Good at them and it is very distracting.
  6. My mom and aunt saw DA twice this weekend and want to go again. They loved it. Definitely a movie that gets its target audience.
  7. I enjoyed this, though it was a bit overlong and took some time to get going. But, some great performances. Hader was fantastic. McAvoy was actually the weak link, I thought? He didn't seem to have Bill's presence, the way it is described in the book. The scenes with the kids still were the highlights, but that was true of the book, too. It was actually funnier than really scary to me, but I'm okay with that b/c I haven't really seen a horror movie that is actually scary (other than jumpscares, I guess). Most are unintentionally funny, at least to me, so the fact that this one seemed to understand a bit of its own ridiculousness was good. Like, one of the better scenes was with the Pomerainian, I thought, and that really worked well for me b/c the characters reacted like people who were just *done* with this BS, which I think at that point you would be. Anyway, I liked it. It wasn't great, and there were some missteps, but overall, I enjoyed it quite a lot. Looking forward to the 6 hour director's cut, lol.
  8. Looks great! I'm so excited. I know JJ doesn't make exactly the deepest movies, but they usually end up pretty darn entertaining, and that's all I want. I think he knows how to satisfy his audience.
  9. Having McGillis back would have actually been really cool, but it seems like she wasn't really in a place to want to be a part of all this again. I think she looks great in that second picture (God, please don't take a picture of me when I'm running to the grocery store and use it to shame me), and it would have been nice to see a woman still get the guy looking like a regular woman, tbh. Happy for her, though, and hope she's doing well. At least I can save my money and skip this.
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