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  1. Big monkey and big lizard went BOOM. It was ridiculous and fun. Less humans next time, please. Good to be back at the movies.
  2. Pfizer's trial of 12-15 year olds showed 100% effectiveness. Link to Bloomberg article Seems like they will apply to the FDA to expand its authorization to include that age group, though not clear when that might happen. As the parent of a 15 year old, I hope it is soon!
  3. Bought an IMAX ticket to see it this afternoon. I think my last movie theater experience was...maybe Jumanji 2? Wow. Very excited. I'm fully vaccinated, and based on the CDC's latest statement, it seems highly unlikely I can either catch or transmit the virus. That was what I was waiting to hear. Ready to see some movies.
  4. This looks ridiculous. I'm seeing it this afternoon on IMAX. I can't wait. Hope it is every stupid thing I want it to be. Please have no plot. Just let the big ape and giant lizard fight.
  5. “Vaccinated people do not carry the virus — they don’t get sick,” Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the CDC, told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Tuesday. That’s “not just in the clinical trials, but it’s also in real-world data.” Here is the link to the study: Seems like good news from the CDC?
  6. $30 directly to Disney vs. sharing with theaters in an uncertain marketplace...I get that theaters are hurting, but I'm having a hard time seeing how there is a huge downside for Disney doing this? I'm hoping to be in the theater by then, but I get that a lot of people will not feel comfortable by that point (or won't have access to a vaccine, particularly in non-US parts of the world). There are a lot of unknowns with various variants of the virus floating around. I'm just excited to see it, however I watch it.
  7. The AZ debate appears to be a good illustration of just how bad we humans are at weighing and understanding risks.
  8. Here in Texas, we are supposedly going to hit herd immunity sometime around June or July, but I will tell you that people are chomping at the bit to get out and get back to normal. The mask mandate on the state level is lifted as of today, as are capacity rules (though businesses can do their own thing). By May, I suspect that, herd immunity or not, there will be enough people vaccinated who are in the target audience for this that it will do pretty well in theaters. I haven't been to the theater in over a year, but I am vaccinated now and would definitely go see this in the theater. I'm all for masking, distancing, etc., but I do believe by May 7, there is going to be a lot of vaccinated people who are ready to be back at the movies. I hope so, anyway!
  9. I would never pay actual money to see this, but since I get HBO Max free, I'm looking forward to popping open a bottle of wine and watching the big ape punch the fat ass lizard. I hope there is basically zero plot or character moments.
  10. I was deeply, deeply uncomfortable with the body-switching aspect of this, and that neither Diana nor Steve seemed as profoundly disturbed by that as they should have been? It was played for laughs, but like...that's some guy's body they are using. He's someone's son, who they are taking away from his family and friends. Not to mention the consent issues with the sex, like...all of that just really bothered me so much that it overshadowed a lot of the good things about Pine and Gadot's chemistry. It was just very icky for me. I also wondered about all of the people who made "good" wishes. We seemed to just see people who wished for things like power or money, but what about the parent who wished their child didn't have cancer? What about the person who wished AIDS away? There was a prominent "No Nukes" sign, but not one person wished away nuclear weapons? In the 80's???? Easy to say people should renounce their wishes if you are only going to show people asking for money/fame/weapons, etc. Seemed to dodge the harder questions pretty readily. So, basically, a mess. A pretty mess, but one that got more disturbing and nonsensical the more I thought about it. I loved the first movie. LOVED it. I cried, more than once, watching it. WW is my favorite superhero from childhood. I dressed up like her for two Halloweens as a kid, had a WW lunchbox, the whole works. I am definitey the audience for this, but it did not work for me and really left me cold on the whole thing. Felt like they wanted to bring Steve back and just made up a story to do that. Things I did like: The Linda Carter cameo was great, the Amazons were neat, Wiig and Pascal were really good, Gadot and Pine are adorable together, the invisibile jet thing was cool, and the armor was beautiful. It's sad b/c it really wasn't all bad by any means, but the bad just really blotted out the good for me.
  11. A couple of the reviews do mention how the smaller scale on TV seemed to impact their enjoyment of the movie, which makes sense to me. It is what it is, but something like that probably does suffer a lot from being examined from your sofa instead of in a darkened theater with a huge screen and excited audience. The vibe is very much not the same. I know I've loved things in theaters and then watched them at home and wondered what I had been smoking to make me think the movie was good. Maybe that's one reason they're a little forgiving on things?
  12. Got free passes from AMC for a Dec. 15th screening of this. Good way to try to get people to come try the theater again, I guess? I don't know if we will go, but we'll see. Glad it seems to be a crowd pleaser!
  13. Seems like perhaps Tenet not doing well gave them an excuse to do this, but the real issue has more to do with HBOMax swirling the drain. Buy into it or not, it seems that a lot of studios (or the corporations behind them, anyway) think streaming is the way to go in the long-term. This strategy still seems bonkers to me as an outsider, though. I get HBOMax free b/c I'm an AT&T internet subscriber so it has been free, and I watched one thing on it. I would definitely not pay actual money to have HBOMax, but I can see subscribing for long enough to watch a movie I wanted to see.
  14. Did no one in their marketing department take a second look at that title???? LOL, that's great.
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