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  1. I imagine that if you really loved Alita, that probably gives some comfort. I didn't. I thought it was resoundingly fine, but it didn't make me think that Jim as a producer is going to give me the kind of movie that I think this property deserves. I sincerely hope I'm wrong. I truly do. I'm fully prepared to like this movie, because I loved the first 2. They are still touchstones of my childhood movie-going experiences. I just am keeping my expectations in check because I don't think having his story input is the same as having him as a writer/director, and based on what I've seen, "not the same" means of far lessor quality, at least for me personally. Not to mention that I tend to prefer his older movies, like the ones mentioned, and not the newer ones, so his...movie-making course in life has not gone the way I would have personally hoped. T1, T2, and Aliens are vastly more entertaining to me than Titanic (meh) and Avatar (which is pretty much unwatchable as a movie for me personally, though the ride is amazing). Dark Fate could surprise, and hopefully, it does. I'm genuinely a fan of the story and want a good movie.
  2. Terminator, along with Aliens and Predator, remains one of those big Could Have Been Great franchises. I think we cling to all that lost potential. I certainly hope this is good, but nothing so far really inspires a lot of realistic belief that it is going to be much better than other non-Cameron takes on it, I don't care if he is producer or not. The only one I can think of like that other than Alita is Sanctum, and neither of those movies make me exactly excited for this.
  3. sabrecmc

    Toy Story 4 | June 20, 2019

    I think it looks really sweet and kind of...I don't want to say deep, but interesting? With the whole thing with Forky and what it means to be a toy and be loved by a kid when you weren't originally created to be one and it kind of goes against your nature. That part sounded neat to me. I don't know if that's really going to be something they explore, of course, but it's kind of a cool take on things after Sid destroyed toys in TS1, we get Bonnie creating toys in TS4. I'm a sucker for these movies no matter what, but that did seem to be an interesting idea.
  4. It's weird b/c I agree with some of the criticisms of IW when I read them. I find myself nodding my head, okay, yeah, that's fair. But, watching the whole movie is an EXPERIENCE. It just works as a whole, I don't know. Its entertaining from start to finish for me (except for that one scene between Gamora and Star-Lord, which is my bathroom break, thanks Russos). I hope Endgame ends up living up to what IW set up. I think it will. I have faith, based on what this team has done so far. I think they are going to stick the landing. I've read a ton of possible spoilers and leaks, and I still have no idea what is going to happen. It's great. Glad they are doing basically a worldwide opening again b/c staying off the internet is going to be key, even though I'll see it the first chance I get Thursday night.
  5. Seems to be having a lot of free screenings in my area. I keep getting emails about them. I guess that's a sign of confidence? I don't really have any particular interest in this, but did offer to take my daughter since it was free, but she didn't know anything about it (apparently, WB is not advertising on Kpop youtube videos, lol...she's a huge BTS fan, so that's 90% of what she watches these days).
  6. I'm a huge GoT fan and will be watching it Sunday night for sure, but I will have seen Endgame probably 3 times by then. It isn't an either/or thing.
  7. Trailer was cute and had a good reaction at my CM screening. Still looks like a kids movie to me, but a good kids movie, which is harder to do than I think people really acknowledge. Not something I feel a need to rush out and see, but maybe on Vudu or something. Good to see them trying something new!
  8. We had FFH, Shazam, Dark Phoenix, Dumbo and The Lion King. Generally good reactions, but TLK was the one that people went nuts for. Someone shouted “my body is ready” and then someone else said “Mufasa dies” and another person yelled “Spoilers!” It was great. Audience was eating it up. That movie is going to print money.
  9. Loved it! Our theater was packed and totally into it. Lots of laughs and clapping. Great time. Made me like Fury for the first time, really. He’s always been so dull. Going again Saturday.
  10. Having had four decades (plus) of formulaic origin stories for guys, I'm okay with a few for the women. I think that's one difference being a woman, because I see a lot of people complaing that they've seen this same story so many times before, it doesn't do anything new or differnet, but they mean this kind of story with someone who looks like them has been done to death. I haven't gotten that much of this yet. It's still new and exciting to me to see a woman do these things. Please give me a few decades to become bored of seeing this. I'm sure I will. But, let me have that time for it to become routine, just like you got it.
  11. That stupid rumor is all over Twitter. What is wrong with people? Ugh. I'm ready for this movie to do great just to shut these people up.
  12. Finally saw this. It was fine? Kind of Aquaman level for me. Entertaining, but not great. Worth my $10, but don’t need to see it again. I don’t know. Fine. Could have been better with a better script, but it was okay. I feel like I’m struggling to say anything bad about it, except it just wasn’t great to me.
  13. I think this looks like it would be entertaining for a couple of hours. Honestly, that's all I need in a movie. I've enjoyed most of the X-men movies. I like this cast, for the most part. It doesn't look like it is going to be amazing or anything, but fun enough? I don't know, maybe low expectations are key, lol.
  14. Watched this on Vudu the other night...yikes. The pacing is just awful. I don't even know how they watched this and didn't catch the problems early on. Absolutely no excuse for that. There's an interesting story happening in the final 15 minutes or so, but the rest is just a long, exposition-y mess. The magic seems to be far less special or something in this one? Maybe because we are so immersed in the world, but nothing was really amazing or delightful or particularly clever, the way something like the phone booth the Ministry or Platform 9 3/4 was. Don't get me wrong, I'll still see the next one, but this movie is really a beating. On the positive side, I liked Grindelwald more than I thought I would. His pitch to the magic community about what was coming and how badly non-magic people were screwing things up had the kind of truth in the lie sort of fearmongering and othering that people use to manipulate, and I can see that being compelling. Jude Law was...fine. I liked Leta, but she wasn't around long enough to really care about. Queenie's journey was probably the one that was most interesting to me, but we seemed to skip over big parts of it for some random backstory about the LeStranges. *shrug*

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