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  1. Eh not really. 800-850 is pretty mediocre for a movie with all this hype plus the lead in to Endgame. Feige literally gave Marvel every advantage to destroy the box office with this 200 million dollar marketing campaign plus forcing Marvel fanatics to watch it in hopes of getting a little appetizer for Endgame. Every time Brie opens her dumb mouth, the opening estimates start sliding into Solo territory lol.
  2. Have to agree with those that think this movie is just too expensive to be profitable. This shouldve gotten Bumblebee's 130 mil budget, not Marvel budget. 130 million production budget x 3 = 400 million to break even for Fox. With the 170 million production budget, this thing will need 500 million worldwide to break even which is gonna be awfully difficult with a 130 million worldwide opening weekend. Can this thing do 4x worldwide opening?
  3. Why? I thought Japan generally has much better multipliers than the US. I remember Frozen had some crazy 20x multiplier from OW.
  4. Wow Hailee and the Bee really kicked the crap out of Emily Blunt and the mouse. I'm glad for Paramount. I was hoping for 4x production budget but 3.7x is almost as nice.
  5. lol nice try troll. Aren't you the genius that was waxing poetic about the also ran known as Mary Floppins? Aquaboy ran that garbage over real fast lol. Aquaman is on track to challenge Civil War and has already conquered Christopher Nolan. It's spectacular for sure, and groundbreaking for DC. As a solo superhero origin movie, only Black Panther outclasses it in terms of box office performance.
  6. lol sorry Aquaboy is gonna defeat the Avengers all by himself...1.15 billion Civil War going down in flames to the Trident!
  7. It's on track to hit 330 million domestic and 1.12 billion worldwide. Not including Japan of course. If it has a mini breakout of 30 million in Japan, it can defeat Civil War.
  8. Not sure home video is gonna make up for the costs of MPR - it is dangerously close from going from a disappointment to a flop. 130 million budget plus 100 million for marketing = 230 million costs. 320 million total gross multiplied by 0.5 = 160 million in studio revenue. Losing 70 million on a 230 million investment qualifies it as a box office flop for sure, if not an outright bomb. ETA: Or are there other markets that havent opened yet for MPR? If so, they could salvage the movie. It needs to make over 400 million to break even.
  9. lol nice troll post. AQM is going to approach Civil War. Just crazy. NO ONE, except me, predicted it would do this well. I had it pegged to beat TDKR to become DC's biggest grosser ever.
  10. Those people predicting 400 million are going to end up closer to the actual (330) than people like him who were predicting 240 million.
  11. I dunno about the 1 billion figure but this guy has consistently underestimated Aquaman's domestic take. He was predicting 280 million as recently as last Sunday when it was clear to anyone with a brain that this would go over 300. Even before then he was predicting 220-240 after Aquaman's opening weekend, as if he completely forgot about Holiday legs. Even now, he's lowballing Aquaman's domestic total, predicting 315 when the take will be closer to 335 million.
  12. lol, you said it would finish 100 million behind WW, which is 312. This thing is passing 312 in SIXTEEN DAYS or so and will still have the rest of January and February before the Captain comes calling in March. This thing is LOCKED for 325 at minimum and will probably make at least 335 with a small shot at 350, and you're saying 312. That's what i'm laughing at.
  13. I'm happy for this movie. It had its weak spots (the storyline, the sidekick dude) but the characters, the visuals, the Bee, and of course Hailee mfing Steinfeld more than made up for it. I actually cared about both the Bee and Hailee. Das huge for a TF movie.
  14. WOW. The rule of thumb was just stuff i read here and on the Net, you're supposed to add 50-100 percent of a movie's production budget to get actual total costs. I went with 50% just to be conservative. I never imagined the marketing budget would be 200% the production budget. Damn. Is there any chance that studios have ways to reduce the total cost of movies that aren't accounted for here? For example, even though Sony spent 19 billion on non production budget costs as stated here, are there any items like film production tax credits that would help offset this ginormous amount?
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