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  1. Deadpool 2 is performing like an X-Men film now. Deadpool 3 has no chance of happening now. X-force is on shaky grounds after performance of DP2. Said it a while ago in the DP2 thread that it will struggle to match original at domestic box-office, but possibly under 260M. Yikes. Fox was stupid of releasing it in may. Should have stuck with June release or pushed it to August.
  2. Told you all long time ago that this will do less than Deadpool . Start kissing my feet.
  3. Like I said ages ago, AIW will do extremely well and possibly break opening weekend record, but will fall short of Black Panther domestically.
  4. BP will do 700+ domestic after 200+ OW IW will surely do 760+ after 250+ OW. Infact, 800+ is most likely.
  5. I tried catching this in IMAX 3d, but all fucking shows are sold out till next weekend. Even normal 3d shows are almost full or sold out for th enext couple of days. Got lucky today and got 2 seats for normal showing. Never witnessed something like this for a hollywood film in Noida/NCR.
  6. Watched the movie. The acting in this movie was kinda weak barring Josh Brolin's oscar caliber acting. Mark Ruffalo has become a buffoon in these films. His acting is awful. Still the imagery, visuals, action and some key moments were brilliantly done. It went places where I didn't expect it to. Cannot wait for the final chapter.
  7. Rampage is kind of a flop at the domestic boxoffice. The rock is not really a draw as the media makes him out to be. Hit and miss guy. Just look at gi Joe 2, hercules and baywatch. I think he got lucky with San Andreas and Jumanji 2. Let's see how Skyscraper will do. Hobbs and Shaw should do fine as it based on a hugely popular brand.
  8. So basically it's this year's Kong Skull Island. Good for it. Might check it out if it releases and I get time. Tbh Rampage and Avengers are only flicks I am willing to shell out bucks in April.
  9. Animation to live action transition is VERY tough. I don't count MI4 because anyone could have directed that script well.
  10. They should call this "The New Mutants" and that "The darkest minds". Seriously both look like they belong in xmen universe.

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