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  1. Just like 30M South Korea? It collapsed completely in South Korea. Will struggle to do even 1.5M this weekend.
  2. Such a good film yet it won't crack 100M domestically. Blah numbers honestly. Frontloaded as hell.
  3. marveldcfox

    Russia Box Office

    Knew it. Front loader as hell.
  4. I can understand the feeling...tough times. Atleast it's doing better than valerian....though won't match it in France and Germany.
  5. Definitely frontloaded if overseas numbers are any indication.
  6. It has added only 1.5 million since it's 10.8M opening. Won't do more than 2-2.5M this weekend. Final run around 16M.
  7. Poor opening in Germany as well even after it got great reviews from German press. Similar fate in France. Poor holds in UK and SK. Tight slap on the face of JC fans. PS: JC is still my favourite blockbuster filmmaker.
  8. Frontloaded as hell, losing screens and competition killing it. Supposed good wom ain't gonna save it if theatres are removing shows. Sub 8M in UK, sub 17M in SK...pathetic.
  9. Alita has collapsed completely. So much for good wom. Even 20M will be hard now.
  10. Nope. 2B is also not a guarantee. The landscape(movies, exhance rate etc) has changed dramatically since 2009. Infact, I feel Alita in 2009 or 2010 would have been a big hit with 3d craze and what not. Frankly, anything close to 2B or slightly above would be good result. It will come down to China. Many markets won't be as big this time.
  11. ironjimbo and jamescameronscholar were trolling about the Billie thing. All energy now diverted to T6, and Avatar 2. They have made peace with Alita being a failure both critically and commercially.
  12. marveldcfox

    Russia Box Office

  13. nothing can stop it from outright bombing. John Carter numbers at best. Sorry, JC fans. JC the director and JC the producer are poles apart at the box-office.
  14. Looks like Alita will flop badly in Mexico. Barely beat green book in previews and got trounced by escape room.
  15. I believe it did 1 million first two days and then 3 in the remaining 3. That's how we get 4+ million for 5 days. Generally opening of an action/sci-fi/effects heavy movie in USA is 7-10 times higher than 3 day weekend of UK. There are exceptions but generally that's what it is. For comparison Pacific rim and edge of tomorrow respectively made 3.3M ow in UK and 36M USA 3.1M in UK and 28M USA Many more examples...just look it up.

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