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  • Disney Update: STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI Estimated for $220.05M Domestic Weekend

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  1. lmao. Some folks here were saying 2 years ago that the old star wARS movies actually were popular in india at the time of release. But even boxoffice trade sites say that they were huge flops. Star wars is considered tenth rate franchise in India. I remember star warS had a re-release in 1996. They had tie-ins with lays chips. Only I seemed interested in it. My first star wars experience was Return of the Jedi in Mayfair theatre of Hazrat Ganj lucknow. The only theatre in entire city that played all three original star wars films for 2 weeks each I believe. The owner was a huge hollywood buff. Now that theatre has closed down. How times fly.
  2. Termination fee is $ 2.5B (i.e. if feds block it, Disney pays Fox 2.5B).
  3. Fox just went with whatever Singer's mind came up with...you know his mind...
  4. More like James Cameron has the mouse by its balls. Disney would hate to piss him off if he doesn't get the required money to deliver those jaw dropping effects.
  5. As if the U.S regulatory is clean...Disney will pay them to get the approval.
  6. Fox being fox, duped disney into believing that they get Fan 4. HAHAHA. Disney will have to co-work with Constantin or outright purchase the damn studio. LOL
  7. But it can't be just better OR similar to what we have gotten from MCU films. It has to be GRAND.
  8. WW is loads of fun with a great performance by the lead, but it is not deserving of that 90+% RT rating. More like 60-70% RT. So ya other factors were at play for that movie to achieve what it did, which I won't get into.
  9. for that, they will have to buy Sony. Tom Rothman ain't gonna give up without a fight. He won't let Disney have it all unless there is something for him in it....like CEO of Disney after 2021!!!
  10. Marvel willains have been lame as hell....maybe thanos will be good...so if Doom is anything like those, I would be super pissed. I am hoping the fan 4 will be treated well and that Dr. Doom will be one of the best movie villains ever. Kevin has to do it to make up for the shit show fan 4 / doom fans have endured since 1994.
  11. Columbia should go to WB just for shits and giggles because that way WB gets Spiderman! Paramount to comcast. The question is what happens to that Terminator movie now??? Fox was handling overseas distribution on that...

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