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  1. This is seeing a major drop from previous one. Expected. First one had unreal buzz and nostalgia going for it. This one has adult actors which is waaaaaay less interesting in a horror movie.
  2. https://forums.wdwmagic.com/threads/rise-of-the-resistance-thread.954046/page-49#post-8882162 In a thread on Rise of the Resistance delays, its claimed the STAR9 reshoots are at Disney exec request Rian Johnson is done.
  3. Looks fine for what it is. I will never forgive Emmerich for what he did to Independence Day franchise. The sequel tarnished the first one's legacy.
  4. Doom is now definitely doomed unless the script is super amazing. Fiege might use elements of it or do a Disney+ show becuase Noah clearly is a better storyteller in the longer format.
  5. It was obvious that this was never going to beat the first one. First one had stranger things vibe and had lot of buzz. This one was never going to get that. That movie overperformed like crazy, hence leaving no room for further growth.
  6. Yikes..2020 screams uneventful. Movies which i will think 10 times before watching even if they get great reviews.
  7. Should i bother watching it in the theatre? The trailers looked fine vfx and action wise...or wait till it hits television. I watched both Bahubali 1&2, 2.0 on TV. Liked B1&2, but hated 2.0.
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