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  1. I wasn't expecting Dune to crack even 25M in normal times, so this opening is a win in my book. Without HBO max, this would have done 55M+ WB really fucked up this year. Some of their biggest movies had potential, but they took it away with HBO max day & date nonsense.
  2. For the first time ever, I am genuinely interested in watching a Batman movie in the theater. The Chris Nolan films are overrated.
  3. The next bond movie needs to be more like the first Kingsman movie, but PG-13. Not sure if that will be as fun, but more focus on locations, stunts and crazy set pieces with some comedy thrown in.
  4. If this does only Free Guy or Jungle Cruise numbers, it will be considered a disappointment. Ghostbusters is an established franchise releasing in a period when movies are doing decently if decently reviewed.
  5. We will get only 1 75+M opener every month. Sept - shang chu Oct - v2 Nov- eternals Dec - spiderman Spiderman will set the tone for 2022 and make up for the shitty year by opening to 150+M, as it has a lot of elements to get the fans/general public excited. Sony wins this year.
  6. Shitty for both NTTD and V2. V2 will do 28-30M weekend. Massive drop. NTTD under 56M.
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