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  1. Maze Runner: The Death Cure | Jan 26 2018

    This was a successful mini franchise in the Resident Evil vein but much much better in terms of quality. I hope they don't start doing prequels and shit though...end it here. Find something else and replicate the formula of making 25-35M first movie, then if success 55+M budget..so on and so forth. I think the Percy Jackson movies under Wes Ball could have been more successful. Those same movies could have been delivered on a 50M budget easily under him.

    wow...iinternationally it is tearing up. Could end up out grossing first one in many markets...good for it. It has to make up for the domestic disappointment. IT hype is too strong to counter it. Maybe Fox should have released Kingsman 2 in August. I think it would have managed 45+ even 50+ and done 140+ domestically.
  3. I know. If I tell you the other one, you may not like it. Will save that till November.
  4. boooooo. will miss 40M. Meh. 100M is in jeopardy. I am in mood....so making a prediction. Blade Runner 2 will disappoint big time at the boxoffice. It will FLOP compared to it budget.
  5. Lord and Miller's franchise has run its course already. It's done. Lego movie 2 won't do any better. Guaranteed to see a drop from first one...HTTYD style.
  6. Dreamwork takes most of the cut. Moreover, DW is going to universal. Fox was just distributor.
  7. NO. I want him for Flash Gordon. His style might work for that...then again it might become too much like GOTG. So.....he should to go back to his roots and do some indie British crime caper movie. After that some big hollywood project.
  8. Meh....will end up with a little over 100M domestically. Fox has had a bad year minus Logan.
  9. Kingsman is based on a comic book, but no one goes into it thinking it is a comic book movie. That's the advantage it has.
  10. That comes out in December??!! LMAO. In that case we have 2 candidates for December!
  11. Ya...anyone expecting Deadpool 2 to repeat the magic of Deadpool is setting themselves up for disappointment. I think even commercially I feel it will end up atleast 30M less than first one domestically. DP was a simple love story with outrageously cool shit. That's all. Now, they are going the bigger and better route by adding big characters to get to x-force....you know damn well critics will complain...now if it was a MARVEL studios film...they would have still rated it highly irrespective of the problems. Btw DP2 is my most anticipated film of next summer.
  12. So basically, Kingsman 2 is following the Maze Runner franchise trajectory. I called it LOOOOOOOOONG time ago. Now what should I predict next...what big movie will disappoint.....i wanna say a little movie coming in December but the fanbase of that is fucking obnoxious. Before they jump go check out my reviews for previous 2 movies in that franchise.
  13. Bottomline Matthew Vaughn can make 1 good movie in a franchise and then his style doesn't work for 2nd movie cuz it's mere repetition but lacking magic. Kick ass 2 suffered same.
  14. I find it funny that some guy in the China thread was saying that this is waaaay better than first one. LMAO. Maybe it will do well only there.
  15. The Equalizer 2 | August 3 2018

    Boms away. This and Predator sequel will be huge casualties. MEG will gobble up entire August.

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