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  1. So what if he is a cannibal? He isn't murdering people to eat them. Just likes to purchase human meat. That's it. No different than folks purchasing animal meat. Of course, now there will be some false rape allegations because of leaked messages. If he was really a rapist then someone would have come clean against him during Metoo and later. But no woman or guy did. I think these are just messages in poor taste and that's all. Shall I remind everyone here that James Gunn also tweeted a lot of questionable things back in the day, but the double standard fanboys still supported him and got him back in the Disney fold. If you are going to villify Hammer then Gunn should be painted with the same stroke. Frankly, I am not a fan of either person, but people have become too fucking sensitive nowadays. Get a grip, you weaklings. This whole PC culture is bullshit and ruining the world.
  2. Cuz many big movies will slowly be pushed towards the latter end of the year, as theatres are still not running as per the capacity, studios would like them to run. Also, it doesn't make sense for Sony to release Venom 2 before Spiderman 3 with Morbius in between. Morbius and Venom 2 have some shared universe thing going on.
  3. Yup, this was always on the cards. Skydance has made too many genre films that have tanked at the boxoffice even if good. That and the current situation doesn't help matters.
  4. There were some choices I didn't like, but still had a good time with it.
  5. Tim who? The auteur here is the director of this film. Had a huge smile on my face after I was done watching it.
  6. The first one was surprisingly great. It had many epic moments. This one paled in every possible way. The story, acting, action, score, cinematography...everything is just so pedestrian. Actually, the only decent thing in this movie is "handsome man", which is telling. Now we know why this movie was delayed twice before coming to HBO max. 200M budget is definitely not on the screen. It feels like a 100M studio film directed by a first timer. 3/10. 1 point each for handsome man, Chinese kid and invisible fighter crossing through fireworks at night. That's all.
  7. Wtf. Joker has a 68% ?!?!? I thought it had like 85+... Fuck off critics and your blind love for marvel / woke nonsense. I mean you are telling me with a straight face that Ant Man 2 is better than Joker??? Seriously? Birds of Prey is the worst shit ever with hardly any redeeming qualities. Mulan is another overrated trash that somehow is certified fresh. Both rotten tomatoes and critics need to just go to hell. So furious with these entitled fuck faces.
  8. I have said this before and I will say this again, critic is the most nonsense profession ever. I have zero respect for this scumbag group.
  9. Why is Legendary and WB being so stupid? Just to satisfy the ego of Dennis? Dune is the one that should be going to HBO max, as it won't make money at all in theaters. It would have bombed badly even if things were normal. GvK has some potential at the box office especially overseas territories. That and it is the type of movie made for the big screen aka IMAX. I know KOTM flopped, but this has Kong. There is some value to this. If things normalize, this can do 120M domestic and 300+ OS. Even if things don't normalize, it can do 200M WW. There I potential depending on when things get back to track. Can't say the same about Dune. In normal conditions it would have struggled to crack 250M WW. Now, eveb 100M WW will be a tall task. It is simple not appealing movie at all to the wider public. Just the the worst kind of big budget movie.
  10. Lame. Any list that doesn't include Bad Boys 3 is a joke. Easily the best theatrical experience this year.
  11. Thanks. I have watched only the first trailer that came out last year, so I don't remember much. Maybe that's a good thing.
  12. I just want to know one thing. Does this movie have enough action scenes to enjoy? If yes, how many action scenes in total? Are they as good as the first movie? @Gavin Feng
  13. If you don't get that from a 200M comic book/superhero movie than what's the point?
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