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  1. Disney cares about Avatar than xmen They will make a spot for Camiron to be in business with him.
  2. To save their skins, fox has decided to get this out in the media...with Disney's approval. Shane black will not be working on a Disney film anytime soon..someone check if he was in iron man r. The first role he landed after his release was in Black’s 2013 film, “Iron Man 3.” Lmao....Disney...a company full of double standards...he was in IRon Man 3..don't tell me they didn't know.
  3. Disaster. Feel bad for the lead guy as he will be relegated to indies/tv/Netflix
  4. Alien covenant was tracking 50 and opened to 35....even with solid reviews
  5. You must have liked it a lot as you are posting on superherohype too... @grim22
  6. He assembles a great cast here, but gets a shetty cast for IDR...idiot.
  7. It's the latter. The thing autoplayed a few times whenever i would go on youtube.
  8. Delivered a dud with 200M budget...not sure how he will do better with 100M. IDR is the worst 200M budget movie ever...everything was fucking weak. Even the action/destruction sucked balls. He has lost his mojo. Blew it on 2012.
  9. Still butt hurt about that..are't you? And to top it off, the director is a sexual predator. What a broken soul.
  10. marveldcfox

    Onward | Dan Scanlon directing | March 6, 2020

    pixar is so boring nowadays. I miss the 1990s and 2000s pixar. Disney animation is WAAAAAY better now.

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