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  1. Looks good, but nothing mindblowing or anything. Won't match the original quality wise and not sure of BO prospect unless it releases on the 4th of July weekend.
  2. Jesus Christ. WHAT WAS THAT?!!!!! Anyone who says with a straight face that looks good and is not freaky as hell is on drugs. Looks waaaaaaayy too weird than the big eyes of Alita that everyone was bitching about. Also, seems to me like filmmakers overestimated the appeal of Cats because it has total 2.8M views in 19 hours on universal channel on YouTube.
  3. It would be extremely stupid to release any footage so far out. No way they will be able to sustain that hype/buzz. December would be best time to start marketing else they can expect a bomb worse than Godzilla king of monsters.
  4. JC might be a great filmmaker, but he has a weak penis or really low stamina while performing sex.
  5. Tom Rothman employing already rich folks. Kudos. What about the lower rung ex fox employees
  6. Um....isn't it too soon to release a teaser for something that is not all that big? Still have 7+ months. Could have waited until end August or 1st week sept. Oh well...i dig the trailer. Not all that sure about its boxoffice prospects though. Don't see how it will top 2nd one at boxoffice unless reviews are great and it manages 35+ over the long weekend. Has no popular faces in it. Really hope the budget is not more than 70M else this is toast and Kingsman 3 will be dead.
  7. Brilliant uptick for all movies really...if super30 can manage 120+ core that would be solid and can only help HrVsTi film. I am sick the khan trio. Need some folks to give them takkar.
  8. Tony stark got the only reaction from my audience during the memorium scene...captain america none whatsoever. Indians love Tony Stark, but not Cap. They find him boring. In terms of popularity... 1. Tony Stark 2. Thor & spiderman 3. Rest all bunched together
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