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  1. marveldcfox

    Alita: Battle Angel

    Pacific rim 2 says "hi"
  2. marveldcfox

    Alita: Battle Angel

    Says the person who said it is going to do a Billie and then changed to 500 and now will barely cross 400. Lmao. Bombs away.
  3. First marvel movie I found to be so underwhelming in terms of story telling, visuals, action and even performances..like everything was so bland. God knows how this got 80+ on RT.
  4. marveldcfox

    Monday (2/25/2019) Numbers - HTTYD 3 $2.33mn #1.

    Good movie, but strictly for manga/anime fans. Hence, frontloaded as hell. Box-office wise, sadly a flop.
  5. marveldcfox

    Monday (2/25/2019) Numbers - HTTYD 3 $2.33mn #1.

    Lol at Alita. Another 50 drop?
  6. marveldcfox


  7. marveldcfox


    Terrible. So much for doing big numbers in japan. Even Dragonball evolution did waaaaay better
  8. All you needed to look at was SK and UK 2nd weekend numbers to gauge performance in US. Frontloaded. Looks like only anime/manga fans are watching the movie. The general public doesn't give a fuck.
  9. Told you that it will be frontloaded as hell. Not going to crack 80M dom. China 120, Japan 8 .. So much for good wom. Rip Alita.
  10. Just like 30M South Korea? It collapsed completely in South Korea. Will struggle to do even 1.5M this weekend.
  11. Such a good film yet it won't crack 100M domestically. Blah numbers honestly. Frontloaded as hell.
  12. marveldcfox

    Russia Box Office

    Knew it. Front loader as hell.

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