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  1. Ajay will pay the distributors of WB so that they are not in loss. The movie is really awesome barring a couple or CGI shots. A well done stylized action/war historical.
  2. Pretty darn poor trailer views. Even Alita's first trailer had much better views. Hell, this is struggling to do even Bloodshor numbers. Looks like a sure shot flop even with the marvel logo and MCU references. Like sub 50M domestic.Sub 150M ww.
  3. This one looks fine just like the first teaser of Venom. Infact, it looks very similar to that movie. Similar color grading, similar lab setting and a tease at the end. The next trailer will show much more Morbius action. This one needs the MCU references more than Vernon as the character is nowhere as popular. Looks like a 70-80M movie. Max 100m budget if they have had to do lots of vfx/reshoots. Will still check it out in theaters just like Venom even if it gets sub 20% on RT.
  4. These movies are supposed to be stupid fun. Whether that works or not is a different thing all together.
  5. The teaser was more effective. This one focuses on the powers and some scary scenes, but the powers stuff is so cheap looking. I guess that's the point. A 30-40M cheap pg-13 horror/SciFi/superhero movie.
  6. The smartest thing Akshay did was hiring Reshma as his agent when she was fired by Salman. Salman is struggling since then.
  7. This franchise never appealed to the vast majority of Indian audience and that includes Hollywood lovers. Extremely niche. I think the re-release of star wars in the mid 90s kinda failed even though it had a lot of marketing. It could never connect with the audience as there was always something bigger and better and more appealing. This franchise was a flop in India since the beginning I.e. original trilogy. It's just that not many here are willing to admit it because of their blind worshipping or love for the franchise.
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