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  1. This will eventually move to December to take advantage of Christmas legs.
  2. This makes Roland Emmerich and Michael Bay WW2 movies look more authentic!! Remove Tom Hanks and you have nothing but a CGI popcorn fest.
  3. Alita battle angel is wayyyy better than the overrated birds of prey which is trying to be a bad ass action comic movie with females but fails on every other level.
  4. This is going to be the year of debut filmmakers.
  5. I can totally see him doing Deadpool 3. Hell any MCU movie. Something tells me he is going to be flooded with offers after this.
  6. Protege beats the master who delivered a giant box office turkey last November.
  7. Could Sonic end up doing as much as Detective Pikachu or more at domestic and ww boxoffice?! Impressive. The release date really hurt pikachu else could have done much much more.
  8. David Lowery is one talented filmmaker. Can do any genre well. Give him a marvel comic book. He will knock it outta the park.
  9. Thanks to the director of John Wick and John Wick 2 who reshot all the action scenes.
  10. I hate to say this, but so far this year all female led movies seem to be flopping. In my country India, two local films starring A list female actors flopped at box office even after getting good reviews. The rhythm section and now BOP in Hollywood seem to be the new casualties. Makes you wonder...
  11. @Jedi Jat is the only Indian who doesn't like the Fast franchise. Surprised as Indians love their cars and bikes. This will absolutely annihilate Radhe and Laxmi Bomb in India if universal manages to secure good number of screens and shows. Those two bufoon actors will try their best to sabotage this movie's chances.
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