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  1. Shawn Levy has grown leaps and bounds as a filmmaker. I like filmmakers that keep innovating or grow with time rather than those who start with a bang and then peter out.
  2. Nothing in the new trailer makes me want to go to a theater and watch it. Just doesn't seem like my type of SciFi action adventure fantasy movie.
  3. This strategy reminds me of the marketing fox did for Avatar in August 2009. IMAX shows sold out then as well. There was lot of doom and gloom back then too. It survived and became a behemoth. Can Dune do it? It doesn't has the vfx, color and story that connects with all.
  4. Trailer bombed. 1.8M views in 19 hours. Sub 40M. Mortal Kombat had more views and hype and still flopped after a solid OW. I can see this doing much better overseas. As for the trailer, it looks loads of fun. My kinda martial arts/action movie. R rated would have been great, but oh well.
  5. The reception is in line with most 2nd tier MCU films. Neither truly great nor bad. Just fun times. Still not interested in watching. Saving my hard earned money for bigger and more interesting looking films.
  6. I cannot wait for the headlines that weekend. You know sonic the hedgehog and now bullet train...someone will be faster than the other
  7. Old men doing swashbuckling action adventure stuff is not my cup of tea. America needs to grow.
  8. I want a foursome of female Thor, Valkyrie, Nebula and Kat Dennings character. I want what the title implies. LOVE & THUNDER.
  9. @Ethan Hunt we can all say the same for Tom Cruise. Immensely talented actor, but wasting his talent on just Mission Impossible and mi type movies. As for boxoffice, AQP 2 has done extremely well and Cruella did fine too. I think we need a blockbuster MCU movie with excellent reviews and no same day streaming nonsense to shake things up. F9 seems like a lost cause. Not feeling it now.
  10. How I wish John Krasinski was directing Fantastic Four rather than Jon Watts. He has directed these films like some seasoned filmmaker.
  11. Revisionist history going on. I liked The Happening when it came out and still do. Highly underrated. People were too critical back in the day.
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