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  1. Stunt work is a dangerous profession. Anything can go wrong. For her sake, I hope she got paid well.
  2. Trailer getting a lot of hate. Poor trailer views and a lot of dislikes. Looks like it will tank everywhere.
  3. BTW the budget on this is 40M according to Scott Mendelsen. Pretty impressive that Anderson was able to pull off such a movie on that budget in today's day and age. Sounds too low. Maybe it's 50-55M. Still would be great. Has potential in the overseas markets.
  4. Replace Milla with Dwayne Johnson, everyone will be going hellz ya. Looks like fun time at the theatre. They should have gone with 3d on this.
  5. Every troubled production that underwent massive reshoots without the original director had a wig issue.
  6. Resident evil franchise made 1+ billion worldwide. Other video game wannabe franchise dream of reaching those numbers. TBf they got lucky with RE. This isn't going to spawn a new franchise. BTW neither Pokemon nor Sonic sequel are going to do as well as their predecessors. Take it in writing if you want.
  7. Doesn't matter when they release, it's going to bomb. Just that, it will bomb worse now with that date. BR2049 style.
  8. Disaster. <150M ww How can one fuck up such type of movie? Monsters+guns+action should be fairly straightforward to make if you are somewhat competent.
  9. I think they are releasing this in overseas territory in December to make as much as possible. Then give it an April release in North America. 170-250M OS in December 30-50M DOM in April 200-300M WW range
  10. More like he went to murder that girl who broke the Ms. Marvel NDA because she didn't get the part, but ended up on the wrong side. Hunter became the hunted.
  11. Well, I guess Fantastic 4 and fant4stic will make appearance in MCU someday.
  12. The move industry has collapsed completely. Frankly, if I was a studio head, I wouldn't be green lighting any movie nor allow any new film to go for shooting unless the backlog is cleared.
  13. Looks good, but frankly this will not be as big as the studio is hoping. It is very hard to make the audience interested in a sci-fi movie that's not star wars / marvel/ DC.
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