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  1. All the big genre action/cgi heavy/comic book escapist movies barring black widow and Dune.
  2. Extremely disappointing. You would think that with both monsters, 80+ is easy peasy. Piracy + hbo max is really hurting it badly. Maybe wom isn't all that good in China. I don't know.
  3. Under 80M OW is a possibility. Should have done 90+ if not 100. Kinda disappointing. To think this could have been much bigger pre covid times. They should have released Kong skull island in 2016/17, KOTM in 2017/18 and this in 2018/19.
  4. Tom Holland is nothing without the spiderman gig. At least Ansel Elgort proved himself with Baby Driver.
  5. This and GvK would have done big numbers worldwide. The trailers for both have been hugely appreciated. Genuine hype and buzz surrounding these movies.
  6. It's so sad that we will never find out how it would have done at box office. A potenial franchise high was here for the taking. Overseas would have been HUGE. Sigh. WB & Legendary can delay this if they want till July. I am sure by then theaters will start operating at decent capacity.
  7. Cuz desert is boring. Fight in a jungle would be best option, but you have to render CGI forest, which is more expensive than city.
  8. Funny that they keep showing footage from one scene only. Rest must be pretty bad.
  9. So what if he is a cannibal? He isn't murdering people to eat them. Just likes to purchase human meat. That's it. No different than folks purchasing animal meat. Of course, now there will be some false rape allegations because of leaked messages. If he was really a rapist then someone would have come clean against him during Metoo and later. But no woman or guy did. I think these are just messages in poor taste and that's all. Shall I remind everyone here that James Gunn also tweeted a lot of questionable things back in the day, but the double standard fanboys still supported him and got him back in the Disney fold. If you are going to villify Hammer then Gunn should be painted with the same stroke. Frankly, I am not a fan of either person, but people have become too fucking sensitive nowadays. Get a grip, you weaklings. This whole PC culture is bullshit and ruining the world.
  10. Cuz many big movies will slowly be pushed towards the latter end of the year, as theatres are still not running as per the capacity, studios would like them to run. Also, it doesn't make sense for Sony to release Venom 2 before Spiderman 3 with Morbius in between. Morbius and Venom 2 have some shared universe thing going on.
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