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  1. Super8/stranger things/fant4stic teaser vibe. Not sure if ghostbuster fans really want to see young generation or kids in these. Seems very small scale i.e. set in a small town and not much spectacle. Here is hoping the budget is not more than 60M else this is screwed.
  2. Wait.....this comes out this Friday?!?! Jesus. Looks like Sony fucked up the marketing. It was always going to do less than the first, but still 750+ should be happening. Anything less would be disappointing and kill the franchise. WB will have 2nd thoughts about black Adam releasing during same time as Avatar2.
  3. Disappointing first trailer. Not sure what I was expecting. Looks fun though. I think my favourite among all the new trailers that have come out is Free Guys. Pretty sure that will be the movie most likely to tank at bo.
  4. Spiderman 2 I feel WW maxed out is potential at the domestic box office. However, there is room for growth in international markets. WW deserved to do as much if not more than CM.
  5. Movie has lots of cool visuals, action and fun dialogues, but does not tell anything about the story or plot. That's a recipe for audience rejection irrespective of reviews. Hoping it somehow ends up doing very well. Looks way cooler than most of your standard fare. Wish it had the marvel logo, the hype and buzz would be through the roof.
  6. Looks like an awesome action packed visual ride. Malik is doing his own thing, which so no surprise since he has the license to do so after the Oscar win. Gonna be a fun time at the theaters. Better than the Black Widow trailer. However, that will get better reviews than this for the obvious reasons.
  7. This is the 2nd time they have made joke about being FAT. Disney believes in clean films without taking an aim at anyone or making jokes that might offend someone, but has allowed to pass this by. What a bunch of hypocrites disney, movie fan sites, media etc.
  8. Looks better than Captain Marvel, but going to be another highly overrated and overhyped movie which does very well at box office. Also, I never bought Scarlett Johanson as Natasha. She is supposed to be a Russian assassin, but she couldn't do the accent. The other actress is at least putting effort to be a Russian.
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