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  1. Inception Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Twelve Monkeys The Truman Show Brazil Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back Terminator 2: Judgment Day A Clockwork Orange Alien Aliens 2001: A Space Odyssey Minority Report
  2. why does jackson bring orlando bloom back WTF ??
  3. Iron Man 3 OS thread ($803,300,000)

    so it will pass the lord of the rings : the return of the king !!
  4. Best Actress-2013

    naomi watts
  5. Favorite villains, best scenes

    javier bardem no country for old men ian mckellen x-men heath ledger the dark knight christoph waltz inglorious bastards bill nighy pirates of the caribbean dead mans chest anthony hopkins the silence of the lambs andy serkis the lord of the rings alan rickman die hard louise fletcher one flew over the cukoo s nest geoffrey rush pirates of the caribbean the curse of black pearl hugo weaving the matrix triology
  6. Biggest Snubs (not nominated) in Oscar history

    The Dark Knight and Chris Nolan not being nominated in 2008 and chris nolan for inception 2010
  7. World War Z Lone Ranger 300: Rise of An Empire
  8. Top-10 Directors Working Today.

    1. Christopher Nolan 2.Martin Scorsese 3.Quentin Tarantino + roman polanski 4. David Fincher 5. Paul Thomas Anderson 6. peter jackson 7. Steven Spielberg 8. tim burton 9.ridley scott 10. james cameron+ sam mendes
  9. Worst Oscar-winning Performances

    Sean Connery The Untouchables
  10. P.S.H should won B.S.A and he will win the oscar
  11. actor: DDL actress: JLaw supp. actor: p.s.h supp. actress: Hathaway ensemble: Lincoln
  12. Best Oscar-host (2000-2011)

  13. Best 1 Billon Movie

    TDK LOTR 3 POTC: Dead Mans Chest Toy Story 3 Titanic

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