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  1. Things are getting noticeably better... this week. The only silly move is AQP2, since it was in late April. Feb and March really are dead and the only studio mistake there was not vacating them sooner.
  2. Yeah, having hybrid Premier Access is a real boon for them. Can just keep the dates, and make a decision about hybrid vs pure theatrical fairly close to release when they have better info.
  3. The prevailing mood here is too pessimistic for sure. I might personally be too optimistic but I’m very far away from the prevailing mood — I just post a whole lot 😛
  4. And AQP goes to Sep 17. This is getting pretty silly at this point, Apr 16 could have been a fine date and it’s not like they were going to have to start marketing soon. Might as well wait and see how things are looking a month from now (hint — will be very different from now). More of a herd mentality going on than good business sense. I am still optimistic that Disney will hope the line.
  5. More likely it’s like Black Widow where it’s an indication that Disney is correctly expecting to able to release movies theatrically in May.
  6. I hope Disney has some epidemiologically smart analysts in their scheduling department. All their movies are on good dates with good release plans atm, and are slightly better off than they were 24 hours ago with the competition moving. Making any big moves in the next 6 weeks would be lunacy.
  7. So it is. Sat PS at 31k, ~ tripling from Fri is pretty typical but still like to see it. Going to guess PSm dips to about 1.9 for a 115k day or so. 5-day looking at roughly 60+43+47+115+115 for 380. Not very big, but maybe about as big as you can get under these conditions? The big question will be how it and Demon Slayer share grosses over the next couple weekends.
  8. Smart WandaLegion Dumb WandaLegion How is Soul doing?
  9. How in the world has this “become clear?” If anything, the opposite has become clear — business will bounce back very fast once the pandemic has calmed down.
  10. Cineworld now waiting on AQP/BW. This is one of the better fall dates, should prove final. Curious whether MI7 moves or stays.
  11. Oh yeah, very much should have been 2021. Releasing movies in May of 2020 would have been a complete disaster, iirc the market was like 3% open or something 😂
  12. Yes, there would be. The pitiful releases from Aug 2020-April 2020 aren’t really keeping anything afloat. Blockbusters from other studios starting in May 2020 are what will actually rescue the industry.
  13. The problem with the max plan was never the Jan-May movies. It’s the Aug-Dec movies.
  14. If they decide to delay BW, it’s very easy to do without disturbing the dates of any series or of any movie from Eternals forward. It would just go to late May or June of July or something, and then Shang-Chi has space in Aug/Sep.
  15. If F9 moves I wouldn’t be surprised to see this Move to May 14/21/28 though, just to be safe.
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