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  1. Evaluating an offer agains the money you've already spent is like Intro to Business wk 2 stupidity. Sunk. Cost. Fallacy. You’ve got to compare it to what you can realistically profit going forward, and if they think they’re getting a 1B+ WW gross in April seems like they’re in fantasyland. Obviously without knowing many of the particulars of the deal and behind the scenes financial situation we can’t say what a reasonable break even is, but 400 for a year seems like it’s got to be getting at least close.
  2. If it roughly matches Corpse’s forecast there through day 19, it would need just 25% weekly avg drops for SA. I think given the lack of competition and level of cultural phenomenon it’s achieving it has a pretty good chance.
  3. The long term projection is jut 1M short of my 3rd wknd goal, and on track for my 20B in 25 days goal 🤞🏻
  4. Gottem This makes 150M 17 day a lot easier. And 20B 25 days as well 👀
  5. If it can get BB4L, 800 could be in reach. Will depend on those Chinese anime fans
  6. Call it 5B for this week, 20% drop next week, then just ¥600M short on day 24. Then Monday can’t quite get there but it would happen on 26. That would be a strong scenario but not too outlandish imo.
  7. Yeah, was hyperbole for humor. Running actual numbers I get more like 147ish in USD. Missing ¥15B would be a bummer. ¥20B can perhaps be done in 25 days if it holds well, matching previous speed record for ¥10B. That is a tad optimistic though I’d say.
  8. Not sure how big this will be in China and ROW, but may be able to take down all HW 2020 WW.
  9. Ignoring your own problems often doesn’t end well, but being able to deemphasize other people’s problems is a key skill in the modern informational environment.
  10. Truly shocking. Who could have seen this coming. If only there was a very similar pandemic 100 years ago, whose seasonal progression could have been used as a predictive guide...
  11. It won’t make covid numbers any better, but it won’t make them worse either. Probably good for personal mental health.
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