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  1. Are we sure 143 Cinema isn't just giving out random numbers, bullshitting us into thinking that they have data?
  2. So.. y'all expect it to completely crash and burn after Sunday, for whatever reason?
  3. If @Gavin Feng is right and EG gets to $580M on Sunday, that would mean that another Wednesday gross ($75M) for the rest of the run would get the movie to $655M. I'm really in for $650M
  4. Hobbs & Shaw could also challenge EG for 2019's crown
  5. You're right. FF is our biggest franchise, I've completely forgotten about it. Haven't been tracking numbers when F8 came out
  6. Both SW and the MCU are the biggest franchises in Romania. Imo, EG could've taken the second spot if it didn't open on Orthodox Easter Sunday (but legs will be great). SW9 will probably fall a bit short, because TLJ wasn't very liked in Romania
  7. Romania box office update (28 April 2019): "Avengers: Endgame" scores the third highest grossing OW of all time in Romania (behind TFAs $1.35M and TLJs $1M), grossing $902K / 3.85M RON. "Avengers: Infinity War" made $822K on its OW. EG should easily surpass IWs final haul of $2.55M because of good WOM. "After" gets the second spot in the top 10, having scored $336K to date. "The Curse of La Llorona" sits at no. 3 with a cume of $150K to date. Other holdovers: Wonder Park $147K, Shazam! $694K, Dumbo $629K, Captain Marvel $1.668M. Ne
  8. How, though? Best case scenario imo would be something like 235 + 400 + 270 + 200 + 100 for this week. Thus, EG would get to $530M by Sunday
  9. I'm new here and don't quite understand Mexico's lc. Will EG beat IW in USD?
  10. I've read that IW made around $34.6M in Russia - CIS. Do you think EG could get to $50M?
  11. So, weekend going $330M+. Simply amazing! For me personally, to watch EG's run this week was more fun on the China thread than on the US/Canada thread. I'm really glad you guys are doing the good work. Thank you!
  12. Hey @Brainbug I've just read on DHD that EG has grossed $15.2M in Germany, through Friday. Isn't that opening like, much much better than IW? Also surprised that Germany is above France and Italy atm.
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