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  1. Street Dancer 3 PVR: ₹1.76cr Inox: ₹1.25cr Cinepolis: ₹0.80cr Carnival: ₹0.59cr Total: ₹4.4cr All India should be ₹7.5cr.
  2. BOI has it at 10-11cr, if so INOX has really underindexed as it was just ₹1.2cr at 11PM.
  3. Tanhaji Day 15 will be around 80-85% of Street Dancer 3. Tanhaji ₹4.75-5cr Day 15 // ₹197cr cume (Expecting ₹23.5cr 3rd weekend ₹216cr by Sunday) Street Dancer 3 ₹6cr Opening Day. Expecting ₹23cr weekend.
  4. 300 possible? Edit: So I checked my projection which I didn't update from 15 days, they had Post MLK weekend at $6mn and closing at $293mn. So I guess unlikely. But also if its $297mn, don't think Sony will miss it.
  5. Real PTA was $80. Not all theatres given in theatre count play film during weekdays. Yday roughly 1400 theatres played it.
  6. 2020 will be shit at Worldwide box office. Two biggest markets will drop like a stone.
  7. Well it's a movie forum and all that but I was wondering that we know about it just because of cancellation of CNY boxoffice otherwise there isn't any coverage around me about it on SM or News.
  8. They are getting $100mn for that while Theatrical MG was $86mn. So I guess that suffices. But then I am wondering that is $100mn for Digital release feasible. If it is, they could have got $30-35mn for post Theatrical release, digital release.
  9. Yeah on paper right now but Sooryavanshi could blast like The Avengers and there is 83 as well.
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