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  1. Frozen 2 Tracking Sheet - With expectations and estimates https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1eEaG17pnLrg98zE84fWvvu_oVCucn0333xLm4QoxbEs/edit#gid=1667252758
  2. Frozen 2 Final Pre-sales Date Gross in ¥ ('000) Gross in $ Shows / Avg Gross-to-Date Nov. 21, 2019 ¥1,400 $200,000 2,300 $87 $200,000 Nov. 22, 2019 ¥25,300 $3,614,000 137,000 $26 $3,814,000 Nov. 23, 2019 ¥18,700 $2,671,000 95,000 $28 $6,485,000 Nov. 24, 2019 ¥8,400 $1,200,000 67,000 $18 $7,685,000 Total ¥53,800 $7,685,000 301,300 $26 Comps After a strong start, it kind of fizzled with very average last two days, being less than TLK. That shall also mean IM could be low, so going with 86mn OD. However Saturday PS are great, currently 25% more than OD was yesterday. If score is good, should go for 140mn Saturday but taking a normal case, I think 320mn Weekend seems about it.
  3. CGV at 129k, shall do 660-670k, which shall take 2 days total to $9.25mn. Now what's more impressive is that there is already 900k tickets sold post Friday, with Mostly Saturday around 550k easily I guess. By Tomorrow midnight, CGV shall be 350-375k range for Saturday, that gives it chance to go over 1.5mn, may be more. I think, it will easily 4mn admissions for 4 days.
  4. Frozen2 $4.25mn opening day in South Korea. Highest opening day ever for an animation film in country. Heading for $30mn plus weekend. Also grossed $2.7mn in France & $2.4mn in Germany yesterday. Overall $7mn Approx Wednesday opening.
  5. TS4 had the record? I don't think so. Pre-sales were nowhere near Incredibles 2.
  6. And this is with One full day, the biggest day of PS, to go.
  7. Frozen 2 ₹0.85cr opening day pre-sales so far, heading for ₹4.25-4.5cr opening day, second highest behind Incredibles 2 ₹5cr. Frozen in 2013 grossed ₹0.3cr on its opening day, ₹1.33cr in weekend & ₹3.8cr in full run.
  8. Frozen 2 ₹22 lakh pre-sales at INOX at 18:30 IST. At same time TLK was ₹60 lakh. Shall go for ₹4.5-4.75cr opening day gross, second highest behind Incredibles 2 ₹5cr.
  9. If there are not enough Indian films in this thread, there will be riots, so get your ass in this thread. @grim22 @marveldcfox @lorddemaxus @a2k @Nero @SURAJ @oMeriMombatti @Steven @Lordmandeep @NamakFiskKa @Premium George @Sunny Max @CoolK @druv10 @THUNDER BIRD @ZeeSoh @Arun N
  10. don't scrub salt on wounds with that awful film DP.
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