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  1. https://www.indiewire.com/2020/07/tenet-release-many-bad-options-this-one-is-best-1234573136/ $800M break-even point? Good luck to WB lol
  2. I was thinking that smaller releases like New Mutants to give successfully reopening countries something to watch could be worthwhile.
  3. I think the audience for novelty re-releases in theatres is too small to justify the costs of reopening. The theaters are going to have to reopen with some big blockbuster like Tenet or Mulan to get butts back into seats.
  4. Hearing Hyper Potions in the opening was awesome. Hope they lean more into using tunes from the games
  5. I wrote in another forum that Nolan may have let WB put the trailer in Fortnite since theaters are closed so Fortnite is the next closest thing to a big screen. I'm basically in his mind!
  6. WW84 will be the next overpredicted DC movie. It will do well but I'm not sure if it will do "1 billion" well.
  7. Another one bites the dust And no Disney is not dumping an MCU movie on D+ lol
  8. Ha Fr though I'm sure she and Bob Iger had discussions about the potential impact of coronavirus Iger clearly decided to retire early to leave the new Bob to deal with the mess
  9. I'm glad Sonic released just in time to beat Pikachu domestic so I could win my bet. If it released in March it would have been screwed over.
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