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  1. Its Okay, they will fill the 2M gap in the re-release. Maybe they aren't taking daily ER or the account-person is just lazy.
  2. Finally we know why Agent J was missing in MIB:I. Peter Parker took on task to help Asgardians, friends in desperate need. Once Agent J was taken care of, Thor & Valki easily got his job. Good Work, Peter.
  3. Reddit...most probably. Before forbes there were few other sites whose tile was same as reddit's top post 3 day ago. Though, Reddit getting it from here is 90% possibility.
  4. So, Taking an average of ₹135 and we get around 8M tickets for it, Thank you~
  5. @Charlie Jatinder @ZeeSoh Just Curious, The Avatar in India made around 1100M Rs. according to Fox. Due to dropping Footfalls, The ticket prices in 2009 in India were lowered. According to Vishal Kapur, COO, Fun Multiplex, "We have rolled back our ticket prices by 12-18 per cent in select cities like Ahmedabad, Lucknow and Gwalior to bring in more people. After the reduction, our ticket prices are between Rs 95 and Rs 115, depending on the day of the week."A spokesperson of Big Cinemas said, "We have decreased ticket prices 30-40 per cent in Delhi NCR and Maharashtra order to boost occupancy. After the drop in prices, our tickets are priced between Rs 60 and Rs 300. Our premium lounges, however, are still priced at Rs 700." But... Yes here comes the But, Avatar prices were double of normal Hindi movies-- Source for Double price of Avatar: Success for Avatar did not come easy, though. The team at Fox Star Studio, which marketed and distributed the film in India, began its spadework 10 months ahead of its release: There were only 12 digital (3D-capables) screens in India when Ice Age was released around seven months ago, but by the time Avatar was launched, the distributors had convinced others to invest in such screens. Over 60 digital screens showed the film. The dual price strategy helped as well—the ticket prices were higher on weekends and for 3D, going up to Rs 300, whereas they were lower for a normal version in tier-II towns and smaller screens. So, Exactly what ATP for Avatar should be taken? 100 is too low. 300 is high. 200 Rs.? 150 Rs?
  6. Not talking about EG overtaking JW3 at all. I am just saying Past few weeks, I have been looking at those numbers and either JW had steep drop today or maybe EG performed better and they are close. What I want to know is approx what % exactly those tickets sold represent for the total. 2790 is the number of tickets....EG sold on Fandango till 12 noon on Sunday in America.
  7. How valid these numbers are? And what percentage of sale do they show? I mean its only fandango's so exactly how much % share it has? Also, The Sunday numbers for EG and JW are so close right now. EG - 2790 vs. JW3 - 2887 I have been looking at those numbers on an almost daily basis around this time and JW3 was always ahead by at least 500+. I think this is the first day it has come so close. well, its only 12 noon.
  8. What we have here is: A true lively case of Expectations turning into Disappointment and now furthering into Hate.
  9. Charlie said, 2.2M Monday OS-China. I just calculated each and every country from various sources here till 26th Weekend. Total till Sunday comes 15.84M, If you add 2.2 to that It becomes 18M, not 17.1m. So most probably 17.1 is just till Sunday and has included few more territories whose total isn't there on BOMojo. Brazil- 1.83 (via Beelzebub) - Mon not included Japan -1.3 (via Corpse) - Mon not included UK- 1.13 (via Olive) - Mon not included SK- 1.26 (via Kofic)- Mon not included Germany -1.33 (Not sure about this one- it said from 22-26) Australia- 1.05 France- 1.029 Mexico - 843k Spain - 505.8k Taiwan -422k Argentina - 372K Hongkong- 312K Russia - 300k These all numbers similar to BOMojo numbers. Totalling these all numbers, we get 15.78M (None included Monday) If you check this: ---> total comes around 15.84M So, People who are including 2.2M Monday are being hasty and those not including can be wrong too.
  10. Endgame has finished its theatrical run with 629.1M until Disney comes ahead and says anything else. Mojo is wrong, it used the wrong ER.
  11. Man, These Hindi Versions are on par with the old movie's dub. Maybe I should go and watch it in Hindi once more.
  12. The highest Wednesday drop was 37.4% for PoTC: Deadmen tell no tales which opened on MDW in recent times. The average drop on Wed is 30% and many recent movies: Solo (-33%) Alice(-29%) X-Men TLS (-20%) X-Men DoFP (-30%) and Furious 6 (-28%). Aladdin has best WoM among them. I think with 25% drop 8.5m+ is doable.
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