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  1. Thursday is the same than 2 weeks ago! (which was December 24...) But the same than Thursday December 17! It's very good! Some students still in vacation to explain this?
  2. Friday was down around 33% from previous Friday But Saturday is up around 25% from previous Saturday?? Anything to explain that? Weekend will be flat or even higher than last weekend?
  3. Tenet has been released here in Canada (at least in Quebec, not sure in the others provinces) this past week-end. To my surprise, we were around 15 in the cinema. Maybe the sunny day explains it, maybe there was more people on Saturday (it was raining). So this morning I was eager to know the grosses... Then I saw New Mutants at number 1... WTF?!? No Tenet in the top 10! According to, WB asked to the medias to not release the gross of the movie... Anobody knows why?
  4. That exciting Chinese Boxoffice to track is back!! Yeah! Love You Forever, after a 39 M$ Day 1 had a 3.94 M$ Day 3! Only very bad WOM explains this?!? Or a Holyday or something like this??
  5. 2006 was the beginning of a string of great successes for Fox Searchlight with Little Miss Sunshine (Juno, Slumdog Millionnaire, 127 Hours, Black Swan followed) Pan's Labyrinth, the best movie of the 00's in my opinion.
  6. Any comparison of 2020 with any years in 70s or 80s is meaningless. The only possible comparison is with 1918 or 1919... which is still meaningless
  7. 2002... what a great year I still remember the shock of the opening day of Spiderman I didn't know Deadline at that moment On Saturday morning (around 12h00), I went to.... Showbizdata to get some numbers Then I saw that 39 M$ numbers... WTF? Really? Besides SM, MBFGW and The Ring were the most impressive boxoffice runs. Good Old Days when there was diversity, not just the Disney franchises filling the boxoffice...
  8. "It was always you Helen" is amazing, a classic. In my Top 10 of the best music in films
  9. Really happy for Parasite, in my Top 3 of best movies of the year. But someone will have to explain me what's the point to have a Best International movie and a Best Picture categorie if a movie can win both
  10. I still can't understand those insane predictions for Detective Pikachu I remember having said I was surprised by those predictions, and people were telling me "On which planet are you living? It's such a big social phenomenon"...
  11. Saying TROS will come close or beat the 10 days cume of TLJ is kind of misinformation. TLJ has been released December 15, had a couple of days before the holidays All of TROS days has been either weekend or holidays. Comparing them after 3 weeks would be more accurate
  12. The good legs of the first movie had the "silent movie gimmick" curiosity to draw people into the theater I can hardly believe it can be duplicate a second time. I don't think it's going to open to 50M$ like the first one, and we can absolutely forget the sequel to have legs. So a drop of 50% will not be shocking at all.
  13. Apparently the budget of this movie is 1.2 M$ ?? Quite surprised I know that Blumhouse make cheap movies, but I had the feeling that this one would be budgeted higher than the usual 5-10 M$ of Blumhouse
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