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  1. Crazy Rich Asians is going to have crazy good legs. Quote me. The book is so much fun, I see another Help situation.
  2. MM2 will have a healthy multiplier. Its audience will trickle in eventually.
  3. I know, and a song doesn’t necessarily have to be a Pop hit to be a popular seller. “This Is Me” is very well known but has not been a radio hit. It has sold quite a few albums.
  4. Well, the Hot 100 doesn’t necessarily tell the whole story. The Greatest Showman soundtrack has been huge this year on the album charts.
  5. TDK was a fun weekend at the old forums.
  6. Harrison Ford as John Thornton? Perfection. I teach this novel every year to my eighth graders.
  7. That version was panned at release by critics due to the abysmal edit made to the film by the studio. 17 minutes of footage that was cut was restored in the ‘60s, resulting in the film that most of us know today. It has its problems, but Judy Garland is sensational. It is one of the all-time upsets that she lost the Best Actress Oscar for her greatest on-screen performance.
  8. Too bad the closest AMC to me is four hours away.
  9. TLK has sold more movie tickets than any animated movie of the last 50 years. Of course the remake will be huge.
  10. Pixar always has those great opening days and then falls on Saturday, deflating opening weekend projections. They have an older fan base that rushes out to see their movies.
  11. The last WDAS film released in the summer was Lilo and Stitch in 2002. (Winnie the Pooh released in 2011, though). The following year, they released their first summer Pixar film: Finding Nemo.
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