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  1. I posted in 2016 that Pixar survived Dreamworks in the ‘00s, and they’ll survive Illumination in the ‘10s. Very similar to the Don Bluth films that were giving Disney a run for their money in the ‘80s.
  2. They didn’t do a theatrical sequel to the first Aladdin because they couldn’t get Robin Williams.
  3. Whaaaaat? The SNES Aladdin game is a classic. I got it for Christmas in ‘93.
  4. I really enjoyed Rocketman. I hope it legs it’s way to $100 million, the older people in my showing were really into it.
  5. You have other Disney live action remakes to even compare - Aladdin will make, what, $50 million more domestically than the original made in 1992?
  6. Aladdin was definitely bigger in the early 90s but BatB has consistently grown more popular over time.
  7. 8 Star Wars films have won the year domestically: Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Return of the Jedi The Phantom Menace Revenge of the Sith The Force Awakens Rogue One The Last Jedi 3 MCU films have won the year domestically: Avengers Black Panther Endgame Odd, considering the MCU has made so much more money.
  8. I can’t imagine that this movie will explode past every other Marvel movie in total, especially to the point of a 1 billion domestic total. I think we’ll see that a lot of people just had to run out and see it immediately.
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