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  1. Could still happen. 3,5 mill in 20 min. No controlling Elsa... that 20 min was a fluke. RR is down again and any dream of a flat sunday and 200 mill+ is gone IMO RATINGS also down to 9,0
  2. 9 mill pr hour. 4 good hours to go. Should die after 9,30pm My guess is 150mill ish for sunday. Haven`t seen any big pops from 6-9pm the last days. Saturday is down to 166 so around 10% drop. Very good
  3. Sunday PS is a little higher than i thought a few hours ago so sunday could be higher. Like 145-150. if it does 171 mill like @POTUS 2020 thinks we are in for a great and fun ride
  4. What indicates that sunday will do 171 mill? I dont see it Ps been poping so around 38*4=150mill ish at best IMO I have sat PS at 48 by 3pm. Sunday will be 20% lower at minimum. I doubt that PS multiplier will increase that much with 9,1 rating
  5. Maybe. But it does`ent matter that much. Toons after 10pm makes peanuts. The big money is made as we speak
  6. I highly doubt sunday will be close to flat. PS looks to come no where near sat, rating is 9,1 and it lost 3% screens since yesterday Im on the 125-150 mill train atp
  7. OD number was overestimated so maybe thats why it froze around 10pm Maoyan has 72,8 mill Friday Today is 107 at 3,30pm and its only a question of how much over 100% increase it will get
  8. Saturday PS will reach almost 50 mill by 3pm. Up almost 100% from OD Tomorrow is going to EXPLODE
  9. Number is frozen😉 on maoyan OD has 36% of all screens in China. On sunday it could be over 50% of all screens
  10. OD has been sitting on 75 mill for a while. Either its correcting it self or no shows after 10pm disapointing OD number and Maoyan score. On the bright side we could be in for a huge saturday. Presales allready 50% + over OD screens will also increase big and will be OD+40% during the weekend
  11. Depends on the type of movie. I usually dont track animated movies that close but i would say 3pm today. Looks like around 80 mill OD +/- 5mill yeah. A breakout does`ent look to be in the cards
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