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  1. 100% agree. It was a terrible Bond movie that wont stand the test of time
  2. Whats your take on this new variant Omicron @Jason? I know information is low.. But i like to hear your early thoughts
  3. Presales started at 10AM here and the site almost crashed. I waited around an hour to get tickets for a sneek on Dec 15th. its very rare this happens here. Same happend with JB25 so its on that level. But it will be much more frontloaded than JB25. But boy oh boy the first days will be huge
  4. Fuuuuuuuuuuuck. I don`t wan`t to deal with this shit again. Hearing about it very day. 1000 concerns. FUUUUUUUUUUUCK
  5. Not 100% true. I live in Denmark and Ghostbusters are Iconic here. And have been for many years. The first two are often shown on national tv and everyone over 30 knows the GB song. Why its doing poorly i have no answer too
  6. Same here in Denmark. We just heard though that everyone over 15 most likely will get a 3rd jab 6 months after the 2nd one. They will decide next week
  7. .You really think it makes a difference for anti vaxxers? They can always find another reason not to do it
  8. very sorry to hear about your wife Andy But seriously. What you wrote is my life the past 1,5-2 months.. Even the golf simulator…. Im 100% i caught it in Sep/Oct. Im still not my old self
  9. NTTD crossed 1 mill tickets in Denmark. Thats 17-18% of danish population 126 mill DKK~ 19,5 mill$ Danish article here https://ekstrabladet.dk/underholdning/filmogtv/for-foerste-gang-nogensinde/8989499
  10. Im no expert in UK but i`m pretty sure it will do more than 47 mill
  11. We have 77% full vaxx and its the same here pr 100.000. Its exploding right now in cases
  12. Ámen brother. All though here its not about politics. There`s just so many stupid and selfish idiots
  13. in Denmark there is 4 times more unvaxx infected pr 100.000 as vaxxed 5-6 times more unvaxx in hospitals pr 100.000(most vaxxed er over 60) 20 times more unvaxx deaths pr 100.000(almost zero deaths under 50 years old if you`re vaxxed) if i recall correctly. Danish primeminister Mette Frederiksen just whent on national tv and broke the bad news.. One good thing happend though. The webpage where all vaccines are booked nationally almost crashed a few minutes after
  14. After 2 months without any restrictions, covid is spreading like crazy again and restrictions are comming back. Goverment are starting small but i fear its only a matter of time before facemasks, distance ect are back too
  15. Not by next weekend. Maybe full run Avatar had 1 or 2 re-releases so no. I don`t have the number but i think its in the 150-200 mill DKK range. 25+ mill $. Impossible
  16. around 119-120 mill DKK before the weekend
  17. Ohh by far. But that is also thanks to corona. People really needed to get out and the other reason is that all Disney movies incl 20th century are basicly not released here. Local movies was also not produced much under Covid so there are`nt many movies released. That really played down in favour of movies like Ternet Ninja and JB25. Im pretty sure that under normal cercumstances they would have made less. Maybe 10-30%
  18. In the 50/60`s before they began keeping records there were a local movie called “The red horses” that estimated sold 2,2-2,6 mill tickets. Thats 50% of population back then…
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