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  1. It feels like a modern day version of Arnold's The 6th Day where they cloned him.
  2. Does 1B people in the world out of 7+Billion even have access to HBO / Internet service? And even if they did are all of them going to be watching GoT season 7 premiere. Seems kinda silly to me.
  3. Is it wise to wait a few weeks to binge watch GoT or watch it each week? 🤔
  4. Sounds like a re-releae or remake is on the cards for that one. 😎
  5. I get the feeling that $6.99 is going to be the starting price for this platform subscription. Other streaming services got lucky since their inception especially Netflix since no other major studio took the platform serious now with Disney getting serious with their high brand recognition IP's it's going to be a complete bloodbath in streaming competition.
  6. This service is going to overtake all other streaming services in a few years. Disney's IP are far greater than what other streaming services have to offer and they seem to be emphasizing alot on their IP's leading the way here as spinoffs on this platform.
  7. He's probably thinking it needs a sub title Godzilla v Kong - Dawn of ?
  8. A joker, lex and black adam stanalone villain movies are enough. The Squad will handle the rest of the villains.
  9. A Black Adam movie has the potential to make more than Shazam? With the Rock starring not to mention most likely having bigger action / spectacle, I think it's a very good possibiliy.
  10. This is gonna do what Venom failed to do. Reach 1B WW.
  11. How can the director fire someone from a sequel tho? Aren't people working on movies hired from movie to movie and don't have a contract or permanent employment? When the movie is done they are done unless the studio decides to rehire them again if they choose to. PS: Yes I know actors have contracts but I don't think the crew behind the movie has one and they are hired on a per movie basis.
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