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  1. John Campea said that only some people like this movie and that the 93% audience rating is fake and that only CinemaScore can be relied on. What a dope.
  2. I think I made my feelings on the 2014 quite clear, I'm hoping this films gives me what I thought I'd be getting with that film.
  3. I hope Cameron's ego forces him to indicate away to make a sequel. Shit, crowd fund part of it.
  4. I also know that the preorders for the Prime 1 $1000 statue and the Hot Toys $250 1/6 scale figure are doing really well. These items are up for preorder.
  5. Bishop54

    Alita: Battle Angel

    It'll cruise past $300M. $400M+ is a near lock me thinks.
  6. That will be a long time but you know what? I'll strap on a Depends and grab my walker and shuffle my way to the theater.

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