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  1. Bishop54

    Overlord | October 26, 2018

    This tested off the charts positive during test screenings...so excited for this.
  2. He didn't say they were great, he just said that the wom isnt as toxic as some would like us to believe.
  3. Bishop54

    Thank You CJohn, May Ghost Rider Bless You

    His meltdowns were annoying.
  4. Are you new to following the box-office?
  5. Bishop54


    Yes, by a nice margin too.
  6. Bishop54

    Wednesday numbers: AM&TW $5.85M

    Ant-Man's chances at $200M....
  7. Bishop54

    Monday's Numbers

    Bringing up merchandise sales on a box-office forum is kinda dumb. It also reeks of desperation.
  8. The visual F/X in BP were awful...that Rhino was so bad. Movie kinda sucked too.
  9. Wow, FK only dropping 50% against direct competition...those legs sure are stubby aren't they?

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