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  1. So does this open up the TAHWCCU? That would be the Trapped At Home With Creatures Cinematic Universe.
  2. This movie is an an absolute blast! Kaya Scodelario put in some work, great performance.
  3. Why didn't Paddington 2 do a lot better than the first movie? Is it because it's not a worldwide recognized brand? I can understand the first film not breaking out due to people thinking it was just another CGI kids movie, but it was amazing which should have meant a huge bump for the second film. But a decrease? What's up with that?
  4. It would be impossible to stay engaged in a movie after seeing it 116 times in 90 days. The dude is going to have health issues due to this, just wait and see.
  5. Getting the same tired excuses why G14 didn't do great. The most annoying one is "competition." If these films were better that would help stave off competition.
  6. KOTM could miss $100M. How many sequels failed to reach $100M after the first film hit $200M? I bet the list isn't too long.
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