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4.8 "Legendary"

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The. Biggest. Episode. Ever.


...and here are your questions:


1. Predict The Internship's opening weekend gross as a percentage of The Purge's opening weekend gross (e.g. if Internship makes 10 million and Purge makes 5 million, your answer would be 200%)


2. Predict Much Ado About Nothing's weekend per theater average


3. Predict The Purge's Saturday gross as a percent of its Friday gross (e.g. 4 million would be 80% of 5 million)


4. Predict the difference in weekend grosses between Star Trek: Into Darkness and The Hangover III


5. Predict Now You See Me's weekend percent drop




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I start to think that maybe, JUST MAYBE, you don't like me... at all.


I do. You remind me of CEDAR kinda, him and Acsc. I used to fuck around with them...but they're too high class for that now, those pretentious snobs (jk). So now I like fucking with you!

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Much Ado About Nothing screwed me over big time. I predicted a 4 digit per theater average... It ended up being a 5 digit one.


Shit... I'm looking at a <60% score this week.

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4.8 "Legendary"


6 Legends. 1 Survivor.


Totem has done his toll on the series for three long seasons. He managed to wiggle into the Top Ten of each season before, and would have won Season 2 were it not for a slip-up. He was Player of the Season that season, thanks mostly to his frightening success on "The Crimson Knights" at the start of the season. We never expected that, two seasons later, Totem would be finished at the start of the season. But he was a Legend, and his status has been seen. Totem's death gave birth to a power chip, which he was granted at the end of last season. His chip was cast as a Team Creation chip...in so, it resurrected the sensational "Shadowkillers" and brought together three other legends onto one powerful team, the only team that ever defeated Totem two seasons ago. Ironically, former "Crimson Knight" Riczhang helmed the team, as he cast Totem's chip after eliminating his glorious former partner and "Knight"'s slayer, EmpireStrikesBack, a few weeks back. Totem would have been able to surmount to a much more powerful Legend this season had he stuck around, but now he may never venture back.


One Legend down. 


But the power chip resurrected two of the strongest Box Office Alliance Legends of all time: CEDAR and Acsc1312. And the two "Shadowkillers" possessed their own chips, chips that shall be cashed in. Although "The Shadowkillers" - joined now by fellow Legend and former enemy Riczhang, winner of Season 3 - have yet to win a game in the five weeks they've been active this season, they're always fierce competitors, ones to be feared. And now there's more reason than ever to fear them, because at least one of them will activate his power chip, and with it, he may bring about the end of the teams as we know them."The Shadowkillers" are poised to strike, and their gamble may make them, or it may break them...this will be their defining moment, and perhaps one of the most shocking twists in "Box Office Alliance" history. 


There is a Legend who stands in their way. It's a splendid twist of fate, for this one Legend, the one with the most likely chance of breaking them, is a former "Shadowkiller." He is now "The Shadowkillers'" greatest threat, because this Legend has joined forces with the season's current top dog team: "The Equation Sensation." Goffe, who returned two weeks ago, is now enlisted on the most powerful team this season, one composed, surprisingly, of rookie players...rookies who may unseat the greatest Legends of Box Office Alliance. Goffe helped lead "The Shadowkillers" to victory two seasons ago, but now he stands in their way of reliving that victory.


Tonight, at least one Legend will fall...and it may not be the one you'd expect. This is not merely Goffe versus "The Shadowkillers". Oh no, this goes even deeper. There are six Legends on the board, and they each have a power chip to cash in. For the most part, they have all competed against each other for two, in some cases three, seasons, and they know typically where they stand in relation to each other. CEDAR is the known top dog in box office skill, Acsc the known master of longevity, and Alfred the mastermind of strategy and resurrection. But when the chips are cast, the strings will be cut loose, and outside forces may change the order of the strength of our six Legends of Box Office Alliance. 


This will be Legendary.





Below are the results for the first phase of "Legendary" - the weekend questions:


The Destroyers of Evil

ALFRED59.80% +4 (+2 2nd team, +2 2nd Legend)

Chasmmi: 57.70% +2 (+2 2nd team)

Spaghetti: 63.01% +2 (+2 2nd team)

AVG: 60.17% +8


The Earth Shakers

24Lost: 65.17% +2 (+1 3rd team, +1 highest Question 1)

DOCTORWHO: 57.18% +2 (+1 3rd team, +1 3rd Legend)

SchumacherFTW: 57.18% +1 (+1 3rd team)

AVG: 59.84% +5


The Equation Sensation

4815162342: 71.89% +8 (+2 2nd individual, +3 1st team, +3 3 week streak)

GOFFE: 68.35% +11 (+1 3rd individual, +3 1st team, +1 highest Question 2, +3 3 week streak, +3 highest Legend)

Jim Shorts: 74.74% +17 (+5 highest individual, +3 1st team, +3 3 week streak, +1 highest Question 3, +1 highest Question 4, +1 highest Question 5, +3 won 60% of the questions)

AVG: 71.66% +36


The Gold Seekers

ChD: 55.27%

Jay Salahi: 47.33%

AVG: 51.30%


The Shadowkillers

ACSC1312: 52.46%

CEDAR: 52.14%

RICZHANG: 56.59%

AVG: 53.73%



"The Equation Sensation" has remarkably accomplished a feat that hasn't been seen since the end of Season 2, when "The Shadowkillers" won 3 consecutive weeks in a row. The feat has only been seen three times now in the history of Box Office Alliance. Goffe, you have chosen a strong team indeed...and now you will be the one to defend it.

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4.8 "Legendary" (cont.)


Each of the six standing Legends is in possession of a chip. Some benefit the Legend individually, others benefit all those who are allied to that Legend. Some of the chips are ready to be cashed in, but they're not all ripe yet. However, when they're cashed in, great damage may be done to others. And so, each Legend may wish to acquire the other Legends' chips, perhaps before they are used. So now, all six Legends will be fighting against each other in more ways than just the weekend game. All six Legends are going to enter a series of Challenges. At any point, they may choose to opt out by purchasing immunity from that round only (the price of immunity goes up with each round). The Legend that loses in each round forfeits his power chip to another Legend. If, however, the Legend wants to move on to the next round to regain his chip, he may do so. Should he finish last in that round, however, he will be eliminated from the season. 


But what if a Legend cashes in his chip before a round is over? Although the Legends are fighting against each other, they still must focus on the game. They can cash in their chips already, but there are others up for grabs. They can choose to remain a Legend, with the status it grants them and the potential it gives them, by staying in the Challenges and taking chips from other Legends, or by unearthing other power chips that are waiting to be used, dormant and locked away until someone unlocks them. 


There are, however, three Legends who are currently allied to each other: Acsc, CEDAR, and Riczhang. They would surely not wish to steal each other's chips when they can benefit them all, and so, they may continue their alliance within the Challenges. Any Legend may choose to ally to another legend while in these Challenges, although they will not be officialized like the one "The Shadowkillers" own. The alliances will help you survive. In the instance that one Shadowkiller wins and another comes in last place, it is up to their discretion how the case shall be handled. We will only need explain those circumstances should we arrive at those circumstances. But mind you, though they may be allied, they're also fighting for their own benefit, as it is the Legend who comes in first place in these Challenges who reaps the benefits the most...and it's the Legend who finishes last who has the most to lose.


The Legends are:

-Acsc (of "The Shadowkillers")

-Alfred (of "The Destroyers of Evil")

-CEDAR (of "The Shadowkillers")

-DoctorWho (of "The Earth Shakers")

-Goffe (of "The Equation Sensation")

-Riczhang (of "The Shadowkillers")


You may choose now to purchase an immunity from Round 1 of The Legend Challenges. The price of immunity for Round 1 is 5 points, and you need to buy only one immunity. Should all 6 of you purchase immunity, or 5 of you, then we will move on to Round 2 and you'd be up to purchase immunity again. Do any of you wish to purchase immunity?


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CEDAR, Goffe...I seem to have looked over your two special rewards from the Iron Man Special. Goffe, you were supposed to receive a +2.0% to your overall score for week 4.6, and CEDAR you were supposed to receive a +5.0% to the lowest individual question score on Week 4.6. So I'll go ahead and regive you that offer, so now Goffe and CEDAR get those benefits next week instead.

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The Equation Sensation






Jim Shorts


The Destroyers of Evil








The Gold Seekers




Jay Salahi


The Shadowkillers








The Earth Shakers








Updated as of Game 4.8


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