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Laguy's Winter Game

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Hello forum buds.  This winter, I will not run the game as I never do.  Shawn was looking into doing it but he has now declined as well.  


Olive had expressed interest in running it but I'm wondering if she would like a co-host to help her out.  I can help a bit as well, but I will not be involved in the biggest parts of it.  


So this is to Olive first of all.  Do you want to run the winter game?  And would you like someone to run it with you?



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If there is nobody better able to fill in I can probably contribute to the question side of things here but I probably won't have time to also manage the scoring as well so if somebody was happy to help out with that...


Of course if there is somebody more experienced I will happily step aside. :)

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I would like to run the game, but only if I can get someone to help me along the way. I can come up with all of the rules/guidelines, do scoring, and things like SOTMS but I would like to have someone assist with coming up with weekly questions/preseason questions.

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Like I mentioned before I am happy to help with question making.


If Laguy wants to use that then please feel free to PM me and I can come up with as many or as few Preseason Questions etc as he wants and he can run a rule over them.


But if he has a better co-host in mind I think its better that the main question and scoring threads are created and maintained by 2 or 3 people max, otherwise it can get to confused and crowded.

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Alright everyone. I will work on a thread that will get started sometime this weekend. In the meantime, start thinking about your Top 15 movies of Winter! The season will kick off in two weeks with the release of "Gravity" and  end on MLK weekend (Jan. 20 will be the final day of the game).

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