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Baumer's Summer 2014 Game: Top 7 Domestic Opening Weekends / Top 5 Worldwide Weekends

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to be honest when i did my research, i never for 1 ever saw Dragon 2 making into the worldwide top 5 weekends.  even if made a big start domestically (which it didn't anyway but that is irrelevant).  it's weekends were all spread out... 


There were 3 obvious films (TASM2, Godzilla and DOFP) which were all known to be opening day and date in most countries.  and at least 2 of those films were looking for an OW (at the time) domestic of > 100m which didn't happen ;).  TF4 was also pretty obvious.  only question mark was maleficent which i had picked purely on the fact it also was opening day and date... my research on the other contenders including GOTG, Apes etc, showed a much larger spread of dates and yes i used IMDB for most of the dates.


To be honest this in my mind was a rather easy chart and the only choice which was a questionable one in the 5 i picked was maleficent.  The other 4 all made logical sense due to the fact they were opening day and date everywhere.

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TASM2 was opening day and date in most countries? Really? Because I swear most countries released it on the April 18 and April 25 weekends.

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