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Baumer's Summer 2014 Game: Top 7 Domestic Opening Weekends / Top 5 Worldwide Weekends

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In the vain of LAGuy's infamous thread, I thought it might be of interest to put together a thread which tracks the top opening weekends (domestically) for the game.  I've compiled the data and will be posting TASM 2 shortly. Note - I will eventually add the worldwide weekends to this, but it's a little more time consuming than i have right now.


Here are the original details for reference:


Top 7 Weekends (Domestic)



Opening weekends this year will be from the time the film opens until the end of Sunday night.  This takes the pressure off of me from figuring out if it opened on a Tues, Wed and so on.

Tell me what films will finish with the 7 best opening weekends domestically. 


Midnights will now be from the night it opens.  Again, I'm taking the guess work out of this.


Scoring for best opening weekends:

For every film you call correctly in the top seven, regardless of order, you will receive 10,000 points. For every film you call in the exact spot it opens, you will get 15,000 points. If you are able to call 5 of the 7 correctly, you will receive a 75,000 point bonus. Call all seven correctly, you get a 150,000 point bonus. For every film you call incorrectly in the top 7, you lose 7,000 points.


Gross wise:  If you call the opening weekend within 5M, get 20,000

Call the opening weekend within 5.01M-10M, get 15,000

Call it withink 10.01-20M, get 10,000

Miss it by 20-30mill and lose no points.

Miss it by more than 30.01 mill, lose 10,000pts.



Wordwide Weekends Question:


International Flair #2:

What five films will have the best weekends World Wide? I realize some films open day and date, and others do not. This is why it is now just best weekend.

For every film in the top 5 you call correctly, you get 25,000 points.
For every film you call incorrectly, you lose 10,000 points.
If you call 3 of the top 5 correctly, regardless of order, you get a 20,000 point bonus.
If you call all 5 correctly, regardless of order, you get a 75,000 point bonus


For the gross, predict what the films gross for the weekend.  Here is the point structure.


Guess within 50-60 million:  10,000

Guess within 40-49.99 million:  20,000

Guess within 30-39.999 million:  30,000

Guess within 20-29.999 million:  40,000

Guess within 10-19.999 million:  75,000

Guess within 0-9.999 mill:  100,000 


There will be no point deductions for missing the gross by more than 60 million.



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    [*]A total of 62 users submitted answers to the game. [*]All predictions are spread across a total of 10 films only.

The following users failed to either submit answers for this part of the game or their answer was incomplete:

(Baumer - how are you going to score those that failed to answer this question - do they lose points ?)

    [*]3 users failed to predict the top 7 opening weekends - MGS ; The Winter Soldier ; Mulder   [*]1 user listed 1 film with any $ (7th spot) - Jesus of Suburbia  (listed 22 Jump Street in 7th without a $ amount) [*]1 user only listed the top 5 films - Damien Roc  [*]1 user listed HTTYD2 twice - Kitik (we know this is an error and i'll let Baumer resolve this one) [*]1 user submitted the top 7 without any $ - Junkshop

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Current Opening Weekend Domestic Top 7 Standings


As of May 12,th, 2014:

(Must be an opening > 40m)


1. The Amazing Spider-man 2 - 91.608m

2. Neighbours - 49.033m



If your prediction is in GOLD, then you are within $5 MILLION and get 20,000 points!
If your prediction is in BLUE then you are within $10 MILLION and get 15,000 points! 
If your prediction is in GREEN then you are within $20 MILLION and get 10,000 points! 
If your prediction is in BLACK then you are SAFE!
If your prediction is in RED then you are over the film's actual OW by at least $30 MILLION and lose 10,000 points! 




Neo - 130m
Mattrek - 115m
Gokai Red - 115m
Gizmo - 112m
bcf26 - 108m
Jay Hollywood - 108m
Rhyne0h1040 - 108m
24 Lost - 105.98m
Jandrew - 105m
narniadis - 105m
AndyLL - 105m
Za Rukaio - 104m
grey ghost - 104m
Kitik - 103m
spaghetti - 103m
Simionski - 103m
Numbers - 102m
The Stingray - 101m
Film - 100m
Jesus of Suburbia - 100m
Claire Hol7 - 97.75m
darkelf - 97m
Schumacher - 97m
JohnnY - 97m
cmaster - 95m
Grim22 - 95m
Tylerdurden - 95m
A song of iceroll and fire - 95m
druv10 - 95m
Goffe - 95m
Blankments - 94m
Olive - 94m
kayumanggi - 93m
chasmmi - 93m
nerdygeek - 93m
Fern - 93m
cjohn - 93m
mahnamahma - 92.87m
Ed - 92.6m
Damien Roc - 92.5m
Jake Gittes - 92.3m
Telemachos - 92.1m
Movieman89 - 92m
Actual OW - 91.608m
Cedar - 91m
Alfredstellar - 91m
Chewy - 90.6m
glassfairy - 90m
VanAuger - 90m
Dipper - 89.2m
Moviegeek - 89m
Empire - 88m
punishment - 88m
The Panda - 87m
LAGuy - 87m
Dar - 85m
jajang - 83.6m
MeanGirlsFilms - 83.4m
Baumer - 82m
Actual OW - 49.033m
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If Neighbors gets into the top 7 I will lol because nobody put it there.

ASMXmenGodzillaTF4are 100% beating it, Then there'sGuardiansApesMalificentDragontwo of those need to miss 50Mil too plus every other potential breakout. Unlikely :)
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ASMXmenGodzillaTF4are 100% beating it, Then there'sGuardiansApesMalificentDragontwo of those need to miss 50Mil too plus every other potential breakout. Unlikely :)


TFiOS is going to have a large opening as well, it's been getting TONS of hype (much more than Divergent) and is Young Adult centered, that alone should cement a 55m+ opening.  I'm betting in the high 60s to mid 70 range, similar to the first Twilight.

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where's my prediction for Spidy? I'm pretty sure I had it at $93m

yeah I thought that weird. Just checked your pre game predictions. U didn't include the top 7 domestic OW list at all. The entire list is missing.
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Dammit! I thought I was going to be able to nail the Spidey opening!

No worries, according to deadline you did.Previews don't count according to deadline. :P
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