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Shazam! | April 5, 2019 | 21st Most Profitable Film of 2019

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7 minutes ago, charlie Jatinder said:

Is OTT included in TV? I thought it should go in Home Video. If so, that would make sense.

Tend to be on TV yes I think, thus it's explosion in studios annual report while Home Video going down. At least that what I saw in annual report, sony leak and so on.


If you look the netflix/starz revenue slate here:

https://wikileaks.org/sony/docs/05/5. US Distribution/Starz/NETFLIX_quarterly inst scenario (42 mos)_FY13 MPG slate (JH).xlsx


You can see The Guard making 1.761 million from Streaming for it's first 42 month (in the USA market alone)


Here if you go to Guard, The:

https://wikileaks.org/sony/docs/03_03/MKTGFIN/Kathy Binder/Film Performance/Film_Performance 201408.pdf


If you go see the line Domestic Pay TV revenue, it is almost the same amount 1,770


Same goes with Amazing Spider Man, 15.443 million, the domestic pay tv revenue is also the same exact 15,443 million numbers showing up.



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I'm impressed at this profit lol 😍 I was expecting way less and to not enter the Deadline's list. Happy for them! And hoping for another good and beautiful movie in 2022.




Joker - TBA (#TBA)

Aquaman - $260.5 million (#5)

Wonder Woman - $252.9 million (#6)

Suicide Squad - $158.5 million (#10)

Batman V Superman - $105.7 million (#13)

Shazam! - $74.0 million (#21)

Man of Steel - $42.7 million (#9)


In a better release date, it would probably beat Batman V Superman. Can't wait to see Joker's profit.

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