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Annihilation | Paramount | Feb 23 2018 | Alex Garland | Natalie Portman | Reviews Embargoed till day of release

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On 3/13/2018 at 8:25 PM, Barnack said:

Most of Netflix content is watched on big HD TV, few watch it on computer and almost none on a tablet, specially after the first month (were people are excited to try it on their cellphone but rapidly stop doing it), 70% of Netflix content is watched on TV:




For movies it must be close to 100% on the TV.


Who watch their Netflix movie on a computer or tablet ? (outside when they travel)



Me... I do. I dont have a TV just my computer monitors, so I am watching it on a small PC monitor (well relatively small compard to a TV). And netflix streaming quality always seems worse on computer though maybe that's just me...


I like having netflix but it sucked seeing this movie with it being grainy / pixelated.

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