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Bet Thread. Please post all ongoing bets or completed bets in this thread.

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BETS 20121. fmpro vs crusaderTopic: TASM over/under TDKR OSfmpro on TASM, crusader on TDKRStakes: Name change for a month2. rockNrollaDIM vs fmpro WINNERTopic: Ghost Rider over/under 55 mill DOMRock under , fmpro overStakes: Title change for a month(maybe multiple)3. vc2002 vs fmproTopic: TASM over/under 50 mill in China totalvc2002 on under , fmpro on overStakes: Name change for a week(if not possible, Sigs)4. rockNrollaDIM vs fmpro WINNERTopic: Avengers over/under 115 mill OWRock under , fm overStakes: title change for a month5. fmpro vs rockNrollaDIM WINNERTopic: Avengers over/under 300 mill total DOMfm over , rock underStakes: title change for a month6. fmpro vs biggestgeekeverTDKR WW over/under Hobbit WWfm on Hobbit , geek on TDKRstakes: picture change for a month7. Infamous vs fmpro WINNERBattleship DOM OW over/under MIB3 DOM OWInfamous on Battleship , fmpro on MIB3stakes: signature change for a month. winners choice8. Baumer vs fmproTASM over/under 225/250 mill DOMfmpro on over 250 mill , baumer under 225 mill.. Inbetween both goes freestakes: title/signature change for a month9. Fake vs MovieMan89TASM over/under 225/250 mill DOMFake on over 250 mill , MovieMan89 under 225 mill.. Inbetween both goes freestakes: title/signature change for a month10. Townzy89 vs acsc1312SW&TH over/under AIW DOMTownzy89 on SW&TH , acsc1312 on AIWstakes:name change for a month(post 145)11. Townzy89 vs acsc1312SW&TH over/under AIW WWTownzy89 on SW&TH , acsc1312 on AIWstakes:Name change for a week(post 145)12. darthdevidem01 vs InFamousPrometheus OVER Star Trek (worldwide)darth on Prometheus , InFamous on STstakes: signature and avatar for a month13. InFamous vs The Dark AlfredTDKR first week over/under TASM totalInFamous on TASM , TDA on TDKRStakes: Signature change and if he plays Survivor, one vote for the winner during the elimination process will automatically go to the loser in each round.14. BK007 vs InFamous$1 b from Brave, GI Joe 2, Snow White and Prometheus totalBK over , InFamous underStakes: Signature change for a month15. iJackSparrow vs DexterThe Amazing Spider-Man will make more than $164m in its 6-days opening.Jack over , Dex UnderStakes: the loser will have to change his name, avatar and signature for one month for whatever the winner chooses plus go see a movie who the winner picks16. InFamous vs The Dark AlfredAbe vampire hunter over/under 75 mill DOMInFamous over , TDA underStakes: Name change and sig change for a month17. AA vs BaumerTASM O/U 260 mill DOMAA over , Baumer underStakes: A BR of winners choice( single disc)18. iJackSparrow vs BaumerTASM O/U 400(freakin!) mill DOMJack over , Baumer underStakes: 100$ worth of BR/DVD.. winners choice19. iJackSparrow vs TDATASM O/U 300 mill DOMJack over , TDA underStakes: 50$ worth of BR/DVD.. winners choice

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Use this thread to find your battle buddies also...If you have a bold prediction... Post it here and see if anyone wants to be your nemesis..If u have the guts...


Bets 2013

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