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Water Bottle

WB's Top Films of 2016

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In 2016, I saw 51 movies. Out of the Golden Globe movies that were nominated for Best Drama and Best Comedy, I've seen all but Sing Street-I do plan on watching it tonight. I also haven't seen Jackie and a whole bunch of other movies. So among the movies I've seen of 2016, these are the best of the best.


I'll start my list once I know if and where Sing Street makes it. But I can already do two honorable mentions that won't be making the list by a hair:





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Okay saw Sing Street. Ready to begin my Top 25 list!






This has been a banner year for movies about boys having adventures. The Jungle Book is probably the least of them all but still good enough to make the list, if barely.






The Wave is exciting and intense filled with a pretty realistic disaster scenario that's totally going to happen. While it does stretch plausibility in some areas, it's a fantastic disaster movie.






The only comic-book movie on this list. Fact is despite releasing more movies this year than any other year, CBM quality this year was down and while I loved Civil War, the lack of any real stakes keeps it down.






Funny as heck and a great time I spent at the theater, Ghostbusters is the best use of Chris Hemsworth yet. The all-female Ghostbusters team is comedy gold and frankly it's a shame they never got a real shot.






It could have been more subtle but Hidden Figures is a great true story about 3 amazing American women. It's also loads of fun.






This has been a really good year for Ryan Gosling and he might get an Oscar nomination for his work in La La Land. But more importantly he was in a movie I really loved, the Nice Guys. Sure, it was funny but it's great production value was also very well done. Great movie from Shane Black.

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1 hour ago, AndyLL said:

I had started the wave a while back but hadn't gotten very far into it.  I finished it last night since both @Telemachos and @Water Bottle had it on their lists.


It was 'ok'.  12 hours later what sticks out the most is that the ending was the same as San Andreas. 




I haven't seen San Andreas. But I'm confident that while San Andreas had the budget for production value, The Wave had the cast to surpass it.

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The main plot of Sully having to prove he did the right thing might be a bit silly (it's so obvious he did) but that doesn't make the story any less impactful. It's exciting, great, and Tom Hanks continues to prove why he's one of the industry's best actors of all time.






Oh, look, another movie about a kid going through an adventure. Midnight Special gives few answers but that doesn't stop it from being a fulfilling, exciting ride. Beautifully shot with great editing and acting, Midnight Special truly is...well...special.






Fences is basically an actor's showcase. It could have been adapted into being an ACTUAL film even if the play is good but it's still worth seeing it for Denzel Washington and Viola Davis, who is one of the greatest actresses right now.






I didn't love it as much as some people but Hell or High Water is still pretty fantastic with good acting, thrilling scenes, and a great capture of rural Texas. Hell, if you want to know why Trump won, just watch this movie. The poverty in those areas, the hopelessness of the characters, the values of the community all show exactly why people voted for him.






Puts the "wars" in Star Wars. Rogue One is fantastic on every level: great characters, amazing acting, and a strong, engaging story with some truly compelling and captivating scenes. The main saga will have to try hard to capture the tension during the scene where Cassian's mission is to assassinate Jyn Erso's father.

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So 19 - 15 is 4 films I haven't seen and 1 that was pretty decent to be fair :) 


Also the more this list goes on the happier I get that a charming little film that many people didn't really notice is assumedly inching its way up the list.

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20th Century Women is smart, funny, and has some great acting. It's really a character piece of 3 different women but the men are equally developed as they are. Elle Fanning and Annette Bening deserve as much acclaim as they can get. I expect great things from Lucas Jade Zumann in the future.






Nobody dare tell my dad I put Star Trek higher than Star Wars on a top list. Anyways, this year, Star Trek Beyond was a light of pure joy in a summer filled with dark and at times even tedious blockbusters (Tarzan, Warcraft, Independence Day: Resurgence, and to a point even Civil War). Now I'm not saying those movies were bad, I found something to like in most of them and one of them made this list, but it was a movie that simply had fun and it really did capture the original series in a way Abrams never could. Star Trek Beyond proves you don't need to go Into Darkness* to have a great time.


*Although that too was a fantastic Star Trek film. Oh, no, have I become a trekkie?






Speaking of JJ Abrams, the movie he produced made it into the list! 10 Cloverfield Lane is a film that practically came out of nowhere and to great quality. Seriously, this film was very good. It was tense, has a great dark sense of humor, and while the very ending might or might not work for you the character arc succeeds in spades. 10 Cloverfield is not just smart, it's a joy to experience.






When I skipped the Girl on the Train because it was obvious it wasn't going to be this year's Gone Girl, I hoped Nocturnal Animals was going to be it based on the marketing. Boy, was I wrong, but it was still a splendid little thriller with a unique structure and a ballsy ending that just made me laugh out loud. From the now infamous opening credits to the very last shot, Nocturnal Animals had me captivated.

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Moonlight is a pretty nifty little movie that has a great, if arguably tragic, character arc for the protagonist. I don't want to spoil this special little movie for anyone but what really makes it special is the unique perspective it offers.

It can also serve as a secret origin story for Omar from the Wire.


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1 hour ago, baumer said:

Looks like I really need to see the Wave and 10CL.


That statement is half correct. You need to see John Goodman we the best he has ever been for certain. 


Anything else mentioned in that quote is eminently missable :) 

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Fantastic. This foreign film is very fascinating with a complex plot. I don't want to spoil it since I assume most people here haven't seen it but I can tell you that Elle is a great character work on a very intriguing character.

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Drone usage is pretty controversial and the debate is ongoing today which makes Eye in the Sky, a question that basically debates whether or not to undertake a drone strike, particularly relevant. It's intense, brings up great points from all sides, and compelling. I can only assume it's lack of awards and recognition is because it came out in April rather than November/December.

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