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Ron's Gone Wrong | October 22nd, 2021 | 20th Century/Locksmith

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Twentieth Century Fox and Locksmith Animation, the UK’s new high-end CG feature animation studio, have today revealed their inaugural project together, Ron’s Gone Wrong. Co-Directors Alessandro Carloni (Kung Fu Panda 3) and Pixar Story vet J.P. Vine (Inside OutThe Good Dinosaur) will helm the film for a November 2020 release.



Locksmith – led by former Aardman executives Julie Lockhart (Shaun the SheepPirates! Band of Misfits) and Sarah Smith (Arthur Christmas), who co-founded the company with Elisabeth Murdoch – has assembled a multi-award winning creative team, including production designer Nathan Crowley (Dunkirk, Interstellar, The Dark Knight) with Aurelien Predal (Mune, The Little Prince), character designer Carter Goodritch (Ratatouille,  Despicable Me), editor David Burrows (The Lego Movie), cinematographer David Peers (Happy Feet), and VFX supervisor Philippe Denis (Trolls).

The story was written by Peter Baynham (BoratHotel Transylvania) and Smith, who will both produce alongside Lockhart and Lara Breay (MegamindPenguins of Madagascar). Murdoch exec produces.

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Ron’s Gone Wrong tells the story of the wonderful walking, talking, digitally connected bot that sweeps the world becoming every kid’s new Best Friend. But when an eleven-year-old boy ends up with one that doesn’t work, his attempts to teach it become a hilarious, heart-warming exploration of what real friendship means in a world of algorithms and social media.


Sounds cute I guess.

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2 minutes ago, MCKillswitch123 said:

Sounds cute, yeah. The team that they've assembled behind this new studio is quite dreamy, so let's hope for the best.

Could be Fox's Pixar/Dreamworks to Blue Sky's WDAS/Illumination. Hope it works out well but 2020 seems like a do or die year for animation, 16 major animated movies are being released.

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So, Regal's summer movie program has gone all in hyping this movie and Boss Baby #2 (I've seen 2 summer movies and those 2 trailers have been shown both times)...and this movie's trailer is hilarious to me, the 40 something parent.


It's also something fresh and new...I told my kids that the best and funniest moments may be in the trailer, but dang, they are funny.  I also think this should be a Nov/Dec movie (since it's a "get a gift" movie), but I'm hoping this does well, b/c it's NEW...can I say I enjoy watching new stuff enough!


EDIT TO ADD: And maybe this completely speaks to me personally b/c my mom got me a fake cabbage patch kid when I was a wee one (b/c she wouldn't fight the crowds or pay the exorbitant fees), so I totally understand getting the "not as cool" knock off:)...

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